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    A New Director of J.S.
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    Earl's Court Road
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    About "Advertising J.S."
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    What to ask for
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    Wrapping it up
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    50 Years a Customer
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    It's the Law
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    ' N '...

  • A New Director 03

    MR. J. D. SA.INSBURY ON March 21st Mr. J. D. Sainsbury, eldest son of Mr. Alan, was appointed a Director of the firm. He thus becomes the first member of the fourth generation to serve on the Board. In his new capacity he...

  • Earl's Court Road 04

    «« Something Old, Something New" Open Day at our latest branch to open was held on March 10th. This is our first new counter-service shop since Putney was wholly reconstructed in 1955. The new shop is opposite our former...

  • About "Advertising J.S." 10

    DEPARTMENT OF AMPLIFICATION CORRECTION AND RED FACES LAST February's feature, in J.S. JOURNAL, on the firm's advertising drove a lot of readers to their pens. Taking first things first, there's that "customer" on the cover...

  • Anyone for Cricket? 11

    Anyone for Cricket? The cricket season is getting under way so here,
    from Memory Lane, is a picture of a team which took
    the field at Dulwich in 1938. From left to right they are,
    Back row: Miss I. Cousins, Miss D. Dix, Miss...

  • What to ask for 12

    On February 12th, Mr. Drury, of J.S. Training Centre, broadcast a talk on meat in the Home Service. We believe it will interest many of our readers. It was, in part, reproduced in The Listener. To the young housewife...

  • Scoop 16

    The Battle of Beef IN pre-war days it was the practice for a consignment of eighteen fat catde to be drafted from Balmoral Casde to the Aberdeen Christmas fat stock sales. One or two London traders with an eye to advertising...

  • Wrapping it up 18

    Second Step First of all paper is made in reels and is run swiftly through a bath of concentrated sulphuric acid. Here you see the parchmentised paper going on to the first of the drying cylinders after its...

  • 50 Years a Customer 23

    J U B I L E E Mrs. Smith (on the right) being served at Colchester by Miss Radford. LIKE many other branches, we at Colchester can boast quite a number of customers who have been dealing at this branch for a good many...

  • It's the Law 24

    There are many laws and regulations which affect the sale of grocery and provisions. This survey of them as they stand in 1958 is by Mrs. H. Roberts, who recently retired from the firm. I WONDER if it is realised just how...

  • 'N' Section (Warehouse) Dance 28

    held a St. Valentine's dance at the canteen on February 15th to which nearly four hundred members and guests came. Mr. Frank White was M.C. and Stanley Blomfield's band kept everyone dancing. Mrs. Kettley presented the...

  • 'V' Section (Maintenance) Dance 30

    held a dance at Blackfriars on February 22nd with plenty of colour in the band a big turn out from the section and friends. Playing in the wind section of Ken Turner's band was Bert Fuller of J.S. Maintenance Dept. The...

  • March Hare Nite 32

    The Garage and the Drivers came up with something quite different from the usual dance on March 1st when they put on a grand evening's entertainment at the Canteen. Besides dancing there was a first-rate display of Judo and a...

  • Leicester Dine and Dance 35

    The third annual dinner of Leicester S.S.A. section was held on February 1st at the Empire Hotel. Mrs. M. Haigh. Mr. A. Dolman. Some Guests Back row: Mrs. J. Collins, wife of the late manager, Mrs. B. Gorham, wife of ...

  • Oxford Dance 36

    held their dance on January 30th and send us these pictures to prove there's plenty of life in their section. Above are some of the ladies who came to the dance and on the right are some more, this time with partners....

  • Collier Row and Derby Dinners 37

    Collier Row At the White Hart Hotel on January 22nd Collier Row held a New Year Dinner and Social. Guests included Mr. and Mrs. Hedges and Mr. and Mrs. Dyer. Manager, Mr. Harding (right) and Mr. Dyer. Derby Dinner...

  • The New Boy 38

    A Short Story by J. F. Gardiner of Amersham Branch "COULD you possibly lend me a screwdriver and a hammer?" asked my new neighbour, politely. He seemed a cheerful and genuine young man. So, that lovely summer's morning, I...

  • New Shape for the Mermaid 43

    Work is going ahead on the City's new theatre just over the river from Stamford Street. The design has been modified and the latest version looks like this. The firm has made a contribution to the cost of building the...

  • Wine and Cheese 43

    At Chelsea's Wine Fair on February 18th the firm provided the cheese which was eaten with the Clarets, Hocks, Burgundies, and other wines which were being sampled, Above: the Lord Mayor of the City of London tries a piece...

  • Bliss at Battersea 44

    Mr. and Mrs. Taylor judged to be the happiest married couple in Battersea are seen here with the judge and the flitch of bacon they won at the trial. (The flitch is lying down in front.) RECENTLY Battersea Borough...

  • J.S. Drivers Dine at Blackfriars 46

    J.S. Drivers' Club held another dinner at the Blackfriars Canteen on February 8th. In the top left hand picture Mr. J. Keen, Union Secretary, is replying to Mr. F. W. Salisbury's toast of "The J.S. Drivers." Mr. Salisbury...

  • Congratulations 47

    We send our congratulations to Mr. R. Dooge of Private
    Office who has recently passed the final examination of
    the Chartered Institute of Secretaries.
    Mr. R. Dooge.

  • Marriages 47

    Very best wishes for their future happiness to :
    Mr. W. J. Field and Miss M. M. Bedborough both of Morden who were
    married on March 1st, 1958.
    Mr. M. A. Rhodes of Forty Avenue and Miss...

  • Movements 47

    The following transfers will be of interest to many members of our staff :
    J. Bush
    G. Hunt
    J. Nanzer
    L: A. Lewis
    S. C. Sherman
    J. F. Charles
    C. S. Lundy
    S. S. Inkpen
    A. Buddm

  • Obituaries 48

    We regret to record the deaths of the following colleagues
    and extend our deepest sympathy to all relatives.
    W. HEMMINGS who was engaged in August 1952,
    as a Porter at Tonbridge, and who was still at this
    branch at...

  • Retirements 48

    We send our very best wishes to H. T. Matthews
    who has just retired from the Warehouse. He was
    engaged in September 1941 as a Warehouseman,
    and after transfer to the Stores Department in 1942,
    became a Stock...

  • News of J.S. Staff on National Service 49

    News of J.S. Staff on National Service
    The following notes are based on letters we have received from our National
    Servicemen :
    0. J. CURCHER, Goring Road. St. Eval (R.A.F.). Has now been moved
    from Newhaven to St. Eval in...

  • "J.S. Journal" Crossword No. 7 50

    A prize of £1 , 1 , 0 is offered for the first correct solution to be opened. Entries marked X-WORD should be sent to j.S- journal to arrive not later than April 30th, 1958. Across 1. Where vou might be on the ...

  • People on Holiday 52

    9 prizes are offered by J.S. Journal in a competition open to all members of the staff or of the S.S.A. There will be a FIRST PRIZE of £10.0.0, a SECOND PRIZE of £ 5 . 0 . 0 and seven prizes each of £ 3 . 0 . 0 . They...