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    5,500 Years of Service
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    Snow at Haverhill and Kinermonv
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    A Century Ago
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    The S.S.A. Spring Ball
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    The House Beautiful
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    99 and 101 Golders Green
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    71 Club, Ladies' Night

  • 5,500 Years of Service 03

    For the 40 years' service party, Mr. Harry Robson of the Blackfriars Canteen Staff made and decorated this cake. THERE are over 150 people, some retired and some still active, who have completed 40 or more years' service with...

  • Snow at Haverhill and Kinermony 10

    Haverhill in Winter Two pictures from Mr. B. Scott of the Abattoir staff, show Haverhill cold and snowed up. The snow plough above is from Stradishall R.A.F. and is clearing the Haverhill Little Wratting Road. Those little ...

  • A Century Ago 12

    John Enfield writes about shops as they were when our great-grandparents went shopping [NE hundred years ago multiple shops and department stores were almost unknown in Britain though changes were beginning which were to...

  • The S.S.A. Spring Ball 17

    On April 12th the S.S.A. held their Spring Ball at the Empress Hall. The Ball was the great success we all had hoped for. From early in the evening parties came rolling in from all quarters of the firm and spent a sociable ...

  • The House Beautiful 26

    This would be a simple matter to put right, providing I had the right tools and the right materials handy which, of course, I haven't and, I think smugly to myself, the shops are closed. I should, of course, have known better...

  • 99 and 101 Golders Green 31

    Refitted during the past few months our two shops at Golders Green Road are looking very smart after their face lift. Above are both the frontages remade in the new all-glass style. The new cutting room behind the shop....

  • 71 Club, Ladies' Night 34

    at Pimm's, Bishopsgate on March 22nd. Top: Mr. F. W. Salisbury, Mr. McGregor, Mr. McManus. Right: Mr. Davis (Treasurer), Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. North, Mr. North, Mrs. Davis. Mrs. Stanley, Mrs. Cox, Mrs. Pearson. ...

  • West End Cup Final 36

    An A l l - G r i f f i n Final. When the West End A.F.A. Intermediate Challenge Cup Final was played at Dulwich on March 22nd the Warehouse team met the Factory team in the first final in this competition ever to have been ...

  • 6-a-side at Dulwich 38

    This popular football event was held on April 4th at the G.A.C. sports ground. Supporters turned up to see the fun which was fast and furious but watching was pretty chilly. They Won! Winners of the 6-a-side cup ...

  • Cricklewood 40

    are winners in mid-week knockout The mid-week knockout cup this year was won by 'Y' section (Cricklewood) who defeated 'J' section in a closely fought game, which ended with a 3 2 score. Y Cricklewood's team. Looking...

  • Ipswich Dinner 42

    At Ipswich on March 15th the local S.S.A. Section held a dinner and dance at the Great White Horse Hotel. On the left are some of the guests in the bar. On the left: Mr. and Mrs. Juby, Mr. and Mrs. Fry, Mr. and Mrs....

  • The Firm's Smallest Manager 43

    Mr. A. McCarthy. IT was with great interest that I read the story "A Prophet on the Bench" in the February issue of the Journal, and I wondered whether that magistrate lived •long enough to see at least a part of his ...

  • J.S. People 44

    S k a t e r . Jennifer Cage (left) of Cambridge branch won the cup she is holding at Coventry on March 10th in the Roller Skating competitions there. This is the second year she has won the award. W a l k e r . Recently...

  • Movements and Promotions 46

    Movements and Promotions
    We are very pleased to record the Jo!hiving promotions:—
    A. E. Buddin Chelsea
    J. B. Fallon 14 Hove
    R. J. Garrett Gloucester Road
    G. L. Gibson 1 /4 Ealing
    R. II....

  • Obituaries 46

    We regret to record the deaths of the following colleagues and extend our deepest
    sympathy to all relatives:—
    F. W. BRISCOE who joined the staff of the Depot in 1903, and during his
    time with the firm was a...

  • Bride and Groom 48

    Bride and Groom
    Mr. D. Gatland and
    Miss R. Fullwood,
    both of Reigate, who
    were married on
    February 22nd.

  • Down Memory Lane 49

    Down Memory Lane
    This Office football team took the field in 1923. In the back row on the left is
    Mr. Goss, office manager at the time and 'O' section secretary. From left to right
    the rest are: standing, Messrs. Woodward,...

  • News of J.S. Staff on National Service 50

    News of J.S. Staff on National Service
    The following are extracts from a few of the letters we have received from our
    National Servicemen:
    B. A. BENSON, East Grinstead. Singapore (Army). He is in the Motor
    Transport section of...

  • Prizewinner 51

    The prize of £1. 1. 0 for the first correct solution of "J.S. journal " Crossword Puzzle No. 7 to be opened has been won by Miss J. Barrett of Laboratory ...

  • Two Lucky People 52

    Miss J. Slater of Boreham Wood goes off with the Lambretta she won at the S.S.A. Spring Ball on April 12th.