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    A Day at Brighton
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    66 Western Road
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    23-24 St. James's Street
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    3 London Road
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    55 London Road
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    The Little Common Community Centre
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    The Old Vic
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    J.S. Veterans
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  • A Day at Brighton 03

    BEFORE Brighton became Brighton it was Brighthelmston.
    The Saxons spelt the name in 45 different ways, but by
    about 1800 everyone had settled for the present spelling. The
    town, by then, was popular and prosperous. Since the...

  • 66 Western Road 08

    66 Western Rd
    This branch in Brighton's
    main shopping street was
    opened in 1903. The all-glass front is
    a recent change.
    Manager (right) is Mr. B. W. Morris
    who took over in 1952. Inside the branch A general view of the...

  • 23-24 St. James's Street 10

    23-24 St. James's St
    The first J.S. branch in St. James's
    Street was at No. 24 and was opened
    in 1922. Six years later we opened
    the shop next door No. 23.
    Manage r a t 23-24 is Mr. G.Lintott
    who took over in 1946.

  • 3 London Road 12

    3 London Rd
    When we visited the
    branch we found it packed
    with customers and
    Manager Mr. N. Brayne
    busy at the butter
    counter. He has been
    manager at 3 London Road
    since 1944, with him is
    Miss H. Fowler.
    is at one of...

  • 55 London Road 14

    55 London Rd is just a short way from No. 3.
    It was opened in 1925.
    Canteen at No. 55 caters for both London Road branches. From I. to r. are Mrs. D. Whittington,
    Messrs. R. Bristow, F. Wilkinson and R. Elliott, all of No. 3,...

  • The Little Common Community Centre 16

    Mrs. R. J. Sainsbury
    was presented
    with a bouquet
    of flowers
    at the opening
    ceremony of the
    new Community
    Centre at
    Little Common,
    Bexhill-on-Sea. The Little Common Community Centre
    ON March 27th, Little Common's...

  • The Old Vic 18

    The Royal Coburg This is how the Old Vic looked when it opened
    in 1818. The show was a melodramatic spectacle called "Trial by Battle." The
    public, as can be seen, took only a limited interest in the performance.
    The Old...

  • J.S. Veterans 26

    Mr. R. J. Sainsbury was present at
    the Reunion and is seen here
    talking with two guests,
    Summer Outing
    The keenest interest was taken
    in the Veterans' Summer Outing
    plans which were displayed on
    the board. The new...

  • Which? 28

    An account of
    The Association for Consumer Research Ltd.,
    an independent organisation which has
    had a spectacular growth in the
    past six months.
    WE called the other day at the offices of the Association for

  • People on Holiday 32

    9 prizes
    are offered by J.S. journal in a
    competition open to all members
    of the staff or of the S.S.A.
    a FIRST PRIZE of £ 1 0 . 0 . 0 ,
    a SECOND PRIZE of £ 5 . 0 . 0
    and seven prizes each of £ 3 . 0 . 0.
    They wili be...

  • J.S. Jobs 33

    J.S. Jobs
    Sewing Seams
    Mrs. E. Minness.
    EVERY year some 13,000 yards
    of material are cut and made up
    into curtains, divan covers,
    cushions and chair covers,
    towels and tea-towels by Mrs.
    E. Minness and...

  • Edgware 34

    Edgware held a very well attended dance
    on March 22nd
    at the
    White Lion.
    The S.S.A. Section officers, I. to r,
    Mr. Burtenshaw, Chairman;
    Mr. Buttons, Treasurer;
    Mr. Pearce, Secretary.

  • Skiffle at Worthing 36

    Worthing Town Hall on March llth. Over 150 guests were
    present at a very successful dance. Above are the party from Goring Road and
    below 21 Worthing, in high spirits, pose for their picture. Bognor's
    Skiffle group
    High spot...

  • Bournemouth 38

    When Bournemouth section
    held their dance on March
    22nd at the Grand Hotel
    they had about 250
    guests. Everyone
    enjoyed the dance and
    Bournemouth section's own
    band took over during the
    interval with great...

  • Union Street Staff Dinner 39

    Union Street
    at "The Ring"
    Union Street staff held their Second Annual
    Dinner at " The Ring " in Blackfriars Road on
    April 18th. Above are some of the party. From
    I. to r., Messrs. J. Culham, C. King, J. Turner,
    H. Rich and...

  • 1958 Darts Finals 40

    All eyes on the board.
    1958 Darts Finals
    The end of the season saw darts teams from many areas at the Griffin
    Finals held at Blackfriars on May 4th. There the finals of the Gurr Cup
    and the Arcady Trophy were played off and...

  • 1958 Table Tennis Finals 42

    1958 Table Tennis Finals
    On April 27th, the Symon's
    Cup was won for the second
    year running by Peter Long
    of "V" section (Maintenance),
    who defeated T. Harris of
    Collier Row in a hard-fought
    match in the finals....

  • Movements and Promotions 44

    Movements and Promotions
    The following transfers may be of interest to many members of the staff:-
    W. H. Reading
    N. E. Harding
    A. G. Booth
    P. A. C. Snow
    J. B. Fallon
    P. F. Cross
    G. Rand

  • Retirements 44

    We send our very best wishes to the following colleagues who have just retired:—
    W. ANSELL, who joined the firm as a Receptionist in the Personnel Department
    in November, 1946, and who remained in this position...

  • Brides and Grooms 45

    Brides and Grooms
    Mr. D. Maxted and Miss L. Holder,
    both of the Factory
    married on March 29th, 1958.
    Mr. W. A. White and
    Miss P. Eastwood, both of the Factory
    married on March 29th, 1958.

  • They Went to Brighton 47

    They Went to Brighton About 30 S.S.A. members and friends
    from the Garage spent a very pleasant week-end on May 17th and 18th at the
    Ocean Hotel, Brighton. Herethey are in the grounds. "Best week-end for years"
    was one verdict.

  • Arsenic and Old Lace 48

    Arsenic and Old Lace Stamford Players put on this wonderfully
    crazy farce about dear old ladies and bodies in the basement, to a full house
    at Toynbee Hall on Wednesday, April 30th. In the picture, a scene from the
    first act,...

  • News of J.S. Staff on National Service 49

    News of J.S. Staff on National Service
    The follomng notes are based on a few of the letters we have received from our
    National Servicemen.
    N. D. BAY, Dagenham. Germany (Army). Has now been promoted to
    Lance Corporal and is...

  • Rennie Street 49

    The new warehouse building in Rennie Street
    Rennie Street is beginning to take shape now. The section on
    the left (it lies behind 13/15 Stamford Street)
    is nearly complete. The right-hand half, which
    could not be begun until...

  • Corrections 51

    Corrections The caption to the photograph on page 3 of our May number should read:
    "On the right Mr. R. j . Sainsbury welcomes Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Giblin," and the photographs
    on pajje 9 of the same issue were, in fact, taken by...

  • Stevenage 52

    At the new town of Stevenage a
    J.S. self-service shop is nearing completion.
    tevenage It is due to open en July 10th.
    The tall construction in the foreground will
    be the Stevenage clock tower.