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    Fishing and Freezing
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    Russian Round-up
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    Bournemouth S.S.A. Section
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    ? What
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    Down Memory Lane
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    Shoppe Signes
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    Cricket at Dulwich, 1958
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    How to Improve...

  • Fishing and Freezing 03

    and Freezing
    Now that some J.S. branches are
    selling fish, the Journal felt
    this would be an appropriate
    moment to give an outline
    account of the fishing industry.
    The catch that British fishermen
    bring in for sale...

  • Russian Round-up 13

    Russian Round-up
    "THE Cossacks of the Urals have a singular way of catching
    sturgeon and it is a method, I believe, unknown in any other
    part of Europe. At certain times in the winter the men assemble
    in large numbers by the...

  • Bournemouth S.S.A. Section 14

    The Committee From I. tor.
    Mr. D. Cole,
    Miss E. Tollerfield,
    Miss Gardner,
    Mr. Coldham, Bournemouth " . r
    Miss A. Newbury, S.S.A. Section Mr. C. Smith,
    Mr. R. Farrell,
    Mr. G. Milne,
    Mr. D. Whittall
    Mr. I. Rose.

  • ? What 21

    Can you identify the object in the picture below? For the
    first correct identification to be opened J.S. Journal offers
    prize of a
    £1 • O • O Premium Bond
    Entries should be sent to J.S. Journal, Stamford House,

  • Cashmanship 22

    The Cash Register Story
    by B. T. Ramm
    THE cash register was a product of America's industrial revolution
    during the second half of the 19th century, an era which
    saw the invention of the telephone, electric light...

  • Down Memory Lane 31

    This handsome window, photographed after a visit by Mr. John
    to our Victoria branch, dates from 1934. Real butter was used in it
    under cellophane covers—an innovation. The eggs are in chip baskets
    which were normally used to...

  • Shoppe Signes 32

    Shoppe Signes
    THOUGH few trade signs—
    apart from the Barber's
    Pole and the Pawnbroker's
    Three Golden Balls—are to be seen on shops today, they have,
    in the past, rendered useful service to both shopkeepers...

  • Cricket at Dulwich, 1958 34

    "J.S. Journal " reports on
    the 1958 cricket season at
    the Griffin Athletic Club.
    Cricket at
    Dulwich, 1958
    THE most significant feature of
    cricket within the Griffin Club in the
    past two years has been the number of

  • How to Improve your Tennis 41

    How to Improve Your Tennis
    No. 3 of a series of short articles by
    Tony M o t t r a m
    Volleying Wins Matches
    In modern tennis all great players seek the net position
    frequently. There they aim to cut oft' and kill the loose...

  • Bacon Saves Ship 43

    THE old saw "saved his bacon" has recently been turned upside
    clown by a resourceful Dutchman, according to a Reuter message
    from Eindhoven. A small Dutch vessel began to leak after a
    collision—and after the shops had closed...

  • The Griffin Growing 44

    The Griffin
    room with individual lockers,
    This "House and Garden" photograph shows
    work during the early stages of the new singlestorey
    extension to the changing rooms.
    The new wing will replace the changing

  • Boreham Wood's Trip to Calais 46

    Boreham Wood
    takes a t r ip
    to Calais
    Left to right:
    Mrs. Webb,
    Mr. Batute, treasurer,
    and his wife and
    Mr. Tanner, secretary,
    and his wife.
    Boreham Wood set off early on their trip to Calais on July 27th. First...

  • Congratulations 47

    The following passed the Preliminary examination of the Institute of Certificated
    J /Salesman G. E. Vilton of Winchmore 1 lill.
    The following have gained certificates in the Institute of Meat...

  • Movements and Promotions 47

    Movements and Promotions
    We are very pleased to record the following promotions:
    j . W. Airey Dcbden
    J. A. White from Weybridgc to Hsher
    The following transfers may be of interest to...

  • Obituaries 48

    Miss S. Bortoft.
    - • • " ~%
    Mr. A. J. Cullen.
    We very much regret to record the deaths of the following
    colleagues and extend our deepest sympathy to all relatives.

  • Obituaries 48

    We very much regret to record the deaths of the following
    colleagues and extend our deepest sympathy to all relatives.
    MISS S. BORTOFT, who was engaged as a Saleswoman
    at Eastcote in 1941. She went two years...

  • Marriage 49

    J.S. STAFF)
    We send our very best wishes for
    their future happiness to:
    Mr. C. S. Wright and
    Mrs. L. Cowling, both of
    Bournemouth, who were
    married on August 2nd, 1958.

  • News of J.S. Staff on National Service 49

    News of J.S. Staff on National Service
    The following notes are based on a few of the letters we have received from our
    National Servicemen:
    A. J. HUNT, Bast Sheen. Bahrein (Army). He is attached to the R.A.F.
    helping with the...

  • ? What 49

    ? What
    Last month's puzzle
    picture was a
    Savouree sausage.
    First correct solution
    to be opened came
    from S/L/Salesman
    A. R. Tuck
    158 Ballards Lane.

  • a new shape next month 51

    a new
    B B ^I^^Bk B0 B B B ^ ^ B B B0 B B
    The October number of "J.S. Journal" will
    look different. Its pages will be about
    twice the area of the present one and
    their number will be halved.
    You will still be getting...