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    Supreme Champion 1958
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    Smithfield Show 1958
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    Beef and its Production
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    Eggs from a million hens
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    Letter; Francis Meynell
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  • Diana Supreme Champion 1958 02

    Photograph by Central Press Photos.
    On December 11th the Queen Mother visited
    Smithfield Show and at the parade of champions
    inspected Diana, the Supreme Champion of the
    Show. With her is Mr. Charles Edward, Manager

  • Smithfield Show 1958 04

    There is no Text

  • Beef and its Production 06

    THE LANCASHIRE ox. "They are well suited to a cold
    climate and grow fat on indifferent pastures."
    From Bewick's Quadrupeds, 1824
    Beef and its Production
    by Mr. F. W. Salisbury
    Assistant General Manager Beef is traditionally...

  • Eggs from a million hens 10

    Eggs from a million hens Early last month a new J.S. egg-packing station
    opened at Kenninghall. Generally speaking, eggpacking
    stations are no great novelty, but at this one
    the firm has taken pioneering strides forward in...

  • Norwich City of Contrasts 15

    of Contrasts The spire of Norwich Cathedral
    soars above the town.
    Right: one of the heraldic lions at the
    entrance of the new City Hall built in 1938.
    Guide books to Norwich talk about the...

  • Holidays 20

    Holidays are on the family agenda this month Here are ideas about Places in the Sun
    SWEDEN One of the curiously eroded rock pillars on
    the island of Gotland off the east coast. JUDGING by travel agency brochures,...

  • Anniversaries 23

    In 1899, 60 years ago, the firm opened seven new
    branches. It was a year of excitement in which the
    Boer War began after months of increasing friction
    in South Africa. At home Cambridge won the Boat
    Race for the first...

  • Letter; Francis Meynell 23

    December 11th, 1958
    The Editor,
    J.S. Journal.
    Dear Sir,
    I feel that you would wish to have your attention drawn to
    an article about grocery multiples which carries the heading
    across two pages—"THE FABULOUS 16 %." After...

  • Dances 24

    Bexhill girls
    Come out to
    Dance. . .
    . . . and here on the left is the prettiest pair
    of ankles at the Bexhill S.S.A. section
    dance on December 3rd. Parties came
    from Eastbourne and Hastings.
    Everyone enjoyed a very...

  • Transfers and Promotions 27

    Transfers and Promotions
    Head Butcher
    D. A. BAXTER from Aveley
    to Drury Lane
    We are pleased to record the following promotion :
    To Head Butcher
    v. HOLLIDGE from Hemel Hempstead
    to Aveley
    We send our best...

  • Marriages 28

    We send very best wishes for their future happiness to :
    Mr. I. Kingman and Miss M. Quinn, both of
    Marble Arch, who were married on December
    13th, 1958.
    Mr. I. McKenzie and Miss A....

  • News from our National Servicemen 28

    News from our National Servicemen
    D. T. CORNETT, Fulham. Cyprus (R.A.F.). Stationed
    at Episkopi and is now employed in the Sergeants' Mess
    doing everything from stores to butchery. Has just
    bought a camera and hopes to get...

  • ? What 28

    Can you identify the object in the picture above?
    For the first correct identification to be opened
    "J.S. Journal" offers a prize of a
    £ 1 - 0 - 0 Premium Bond
    Entries should be sent to "J.S. Journal," Stamfofd