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    Swiss Cottage
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    Continental Sausages
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    Continentally Cut
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    All we want is the facts!
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    Les Belles Alpes Francaises
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    Musa Sapientum
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    Socials and Dinner
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  • Swiss Cottage 02

    A general view of the new shop at Swiss Cottage.
    Swiss Cottage Swiss Cottage is one of those London districts that
    have no real boundaries nor any official civic
    existence. It is just part of the Borough of
    Hampstead and took...

  • Continental Sausages 06

    Continental Sausages Zwyczajna, Krakowska, Debowiecka, Kabanosi,
    Krajana—no, these are not the names of Russian
    footballers or rocket scientists; they are the names
    of varieties of Polish sausages, and they are

  • Continentally Cut 09

    Fresh Meat—Continentally Cut
    In the fresh meat department of the new Swiss Cottage
    branch part of the counter is devoted to the sale of
    meat prepared in the Continental style. The Continental section in the Fresh...

  • All we want is the facts! 10

    All we want is . . . The facts! Do you know the right order for
    these six stages in the production of
    aJ.S. grocery line ? Rolling,
    Withering, Plucking, Firing,
    Fermentation, Sorting.
    Can you name two main products

  • Les Belles Alpes Francaises 12

    If you haven't planned your holiday yet, here's a possible
    way to spend it
    ofJ.S. Sales Office
    writes about cycling
    in the highest
    mountains of Europe
    Looking across Grenoble.

  • Musa Sapientum 15

    Musa Sapientum (bananas to you) Older than written history, the story of the banana
    is probably the most romantic of any food we eat.
    We know that Alexander the Great found them
    flourishing in India in 327 B.C., but long...

  • Badminton 18

    Winner of the Men's Singles was
    Mr. B. Helliwell of Derby branch,
    seen on the left (in white) talking with
    Les Potter. Between them is Mr. A.Jarvis
    of Eastbourne, whose hard-fought
    match with Mr. Helliwell was one of

  • Socials and Dinner Parties 19

    J.S. Drivers' Club
    met for a dinner and social evening at the
    Blackfriars canteen on February 7th. Mr. R. J. Sainsbury
    was the guest of honour.
    Socials and
    S.S.A. section held a

  • Darts 22

    O' at the Angel

  • Spring Dish 22

    Spring Dish
    Now that New Season's Lamb is in the shops, and
    spring is on its way, we feel we need a little variety
    to our menus. Here are a few suggestions for
    cooking lamb.
    If you are buying neck of lamb as a joint, fry

  • New Appointments 23

    Mr. H. J. Dyer
    will be taking up the duties of
    Superintendent. Mr. Dyer's first
    management was at Dorking in
    1930 and he subsequently
    managed Surbiton and
    Bournemouth. After his war
    service he returned to...

  • Obituary 24

    CHARLES E. V. (Tommy) ATKINS died on
    the night of January 14th in his sleep, aged 73
    years. He joined the Head Office staff on February
    1st, 1906, and took charge of the Retail Sales
    Office in November, 1917, which...

  • Transfers and Promotions 24

    G. ALLAN
    P. J. TOPPER
    Transfers and Promotions
    from 101 Golders Green
    to Kenton
    from 339 Palmers Green
    to 16 Enfield
    We are pleased to record the following promotions:
    To Assistant Managers
    R. BRYANT Gerrards...

  • ? What 24

    Can you identify the object in the picture above
    For the first correct identification to be opened
    "J.S. Journal" offers a prize of a
    £1-0-0 Premium Bond
    Entries should be sent to "J.S. Journal," .'Stamford
    House, London,...