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  • Happy Christmas to our Readers 02

    The photograph packed so full of Christmas fare is of St. Albans branch about 1924. It was the custom to put on
    a Christmas show like this to attract window shoppers on the half day before Christmas Eve. By the time the...

  • Portsmouth 03

    The firm opened its thirtieth and largest self-service branch on
    October 4th at 5 Edinburgh Road, Portsmouth. It stands near the Naval
    Dockyards on the site of the old Empire Theatre. Dockyard workers
    cycle to and...

  • J.S. on T.V. 12

    JS on TV on December 14th,
    From 6.45 to 7 p.m. J.S. were on London Commercial TV. This is the first time
    that J.S. have taken such a long period of time, and the first time that such a star studded cast
    has ever been assembled...

  • The Story of the Griffin 14

    One of the earliest cricket
    teams from J,S.
    They played in
    1919 against the
    Police XI in
    brand new
    cricket caps.
    They were black
    and blue because
    those were the
    only colours
    in which

  • Guess What 20

    O WHAT
    • Competition
    for Christmas
    £10 Premium Bond Prize
    and £ 5 Premium Bond Prize
    for win net-under 16 The nine pictures on these pages are all of familiar objects
    or of bits of familiar objects. Some are enlarged,...

  • Vinegar Jam 22

    Tale by
    J. L. WOODS
    "How much vinegar did you say, darling?" As
    usual I have fallen for the Saturday afternoon
    shopping. As usual I am provided with a list. As
    usual I mislay it after the first shop,...

  • A New Van Design 24

    J.S. Transport tries
    out a new design
    A J.S. car in new colours and new style
    photographed crossing Waterloo Bridge.
    Colours are biscuit for the body and a
    white panel high and to the rear
    of the body. The cab is pale olive...

  • Swimming Gala 25

    Griffin Gala Record entries brought
    a record crowd to
    Marshall Street Baths
    on October 8th
    to see "A" section
    carry off the championship.
    Pictures on this page
    include the winners
    of the "Goodnight" race,
    Miss J. Morris...

  • Dances, Socials and Sport 28

    rOck rOck rOck WATFORD rOck TOWN HALL
    Lively times on October 4th at Watford Town Hall when many branches
    from that Northern area were represented. At the top of the page
    Mrs. Rawlingson is presented with a bouquet on behalf of...

  • Dutch Dahlias 32

    Mr. H. G. Brown
    of Head Office writes
    about a recent visit
    to Holland. While he
    was there he was
    able to visit a number
    of nurseries and
    the official trial
    grounds at Aalsmeer. During the second week in...

  • Congratulations 34

    Miss P. Gower of 3 Hove and Mr. D. M. Hinton of
    3 Brighton, who were married on September 24th.
    Miss F. Mould of Forest Gate and
    Mr. F. White of Maintenance Department,
    who were married on October 1st.

  • Movements and Promotions 34

    Movements and Promotions
    E. F. A. BROWN
    from Spare
    to Collier Row
    from Collier Row to
    from Debden to
    To Assistant Managers
    A. J. BRIDLE
    J. H. COOK

  • Obituaries 35

    R. F e n n , who joined the firm in 1949 as a warehouseman
    in the Butter Department at Union Street, later
    being regraded checker. He was transferred in 1954
    to the offal department as a chamberman. In May of

  • Retirements 35

    J. E. H a m m o n d , who joined the firm in 1951 as
    a basket issuer at our branch at 9-11 London Road,
    Croydon. He continued in this position until his retirement
    in November of this year.
    Mrs. E. H a n c o c k ,...

  • Balham Branch 36

    The engraving on this page is from one side of a J.S.
    Shopping List given to customers at our Balham Branch.
    It was sent to us by one of our customers who prized it
    highly. We like it too. The branch at 87 Balham
    High Road was...

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    SliRIES No. A 75
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    Portsmouth Branch
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    J.S. on T.V.
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    The Story of the Griffin
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    Guess What
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    Vinegar Jim
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    A New Van Design
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    Swimming Gala
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    Dances, Socials and Sport