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  • Basildon's New Branch 02

    Innovation in Basildon New Town J.S. opened its 31st self-service branch at Basildon,
    Essex, on November 8th. In it the firm has installed its
    first 100 per cent self-service fresh meat department, a
    step taken only after long...

  • Foot-and-Mouth Disease 08

    di Mr. F. W. Salisbury,
    Assistant General Manager of J.S.,
    writes about the current epidemic
    of this disease of livestock. Comparative figures for outbreaks
    of foot-and-mouth disease
    during the epidemic of...

  • BIBRA—a new organisation 09

    BIBRA—a new organisation
    The centenary year of the first Act of the Prevention
    of the Adulteration of Food and Drink was
    appropriately enough the year in whiclrBritain set
    up a new research body to examine the-effects...

  • J.S. Staff Fund for Seriously Crippled Boys 09

    J.S. Staff Fund for Seriously Crippled Boys
    C H R I S T M A S D R A W
    In opening the prize draw at Blackfriars Canteen,
    Mr. Timothy Sainsbury set the seal on a magnificent
    effort by everybody concerned. Briefly, all

  • Try a Lake 10

    Crummock Water, in Cumberland, one of the loveliest of English lakes.
    Try a Lake
    When you want to go to the seaside and your wife wants to be in the depths of the country
    there's nothing like a nice lake to give you the best of...

  • Pictures in the Pavement 14

    About three thousand years ago someone in Crete had the bright idea of
    making a floor out of fiat waterworn pebbles embedded in cement. Later on
    another Cretan thought it would be nice to set out the pebbles in patterns
    and in...

  • Look to! Treble's Going 19

    For centuries these words, called by the ringer of
    the treble bell (the lightest and highest pitched of
    the peal), have set the bells ringing in English
    church towers. In England church bells are rung in
    a way that is unique...

  • Anniversaries 20

    Gloucester Road
    Apex Corner
    Marble Arch
    North Cheam
    Walsall J.S. has only one Golden Jubilee this year. It is
    of our Gloucester Road branch which was...

  • Down Memory Lane 21

    Down Memory Lane
    The photograph above came to Mr. Alan Sainsbury
    from Mr. F. Munns who tells us that it was taken in
    1910 and shows five members of the staff at North
    Finchley branch. The tall one with fair hair standing

  • Personnel Manager's Office 22

    Personnel Manager's Office
    Seventh in a series
    about people at the other end of the telephone. Mr. V. J . L o n n o n is Personal
    Assistant to Mr. E. A. Farrell,J.S.
    Personnel Manager. Every day a
    multitude of...

  • Social Round 23

    Gerrards Cross Dine and Dance
    Pictures from Gerrards Cross annual event at the Bell House
    Hotel, Beaconsfield, on November 1st. Top, a table of
    visitors from Greenford branch; below, Mr. J. Sheppard,
    Mr. and Mrs. G. W....

  • Disguise ? 25

    Disguise ?
    The improbable events taking place down
    stage, left, were part of the Stamford
    Players version of "Doctor in the House"
    at Christchurch Hall, Blackfriars, in late
    November. Terry Parkinson (in the middle
    of the...

  • Oxted Girls 25

    Oxted Girls
    Here's the Oxted netball team who came to
    Dulwich on September 10th to play in the
    competition. If the photograph hadn't gone
    astray we'd have had it in with the others, but
    then we wouldn't have had it to cheer...

  • ? What Competition 25

    ? What Competition
    Our photographic Christmas quiz was
    won by Mr. M. W. Mooney, of
    J.S. Chemical Laboratory, to whom is
    awarded the first prize of £10 in Premium
    Bonds. Good luck in the draw !
    Correct Answers are:
    1. Motif...

  • Congratulations 26

    Congratulations to Miss S. Moss of Bournemouth
    branch and Mr. W. Docherty of Westbourne branch,
    who were married on August 20th, 1960.

  • Impressions 26

    Miss A. M. Ogbaru, a Nigerian law student at
    Middle Temple, who worked in the Sales Office at Blackfriars
    during last summer.
    I have worked in a few firms during my summer
    holidays but my impression about t h em...

  • Movements and Promotions 26

    Movements and Promotions
    To A s s i s t a n t M a n a g e r
    L. J. BIRD 50 Goodmayes
    R. K. FOORD Grant Hill
    D. w. SILVERMAN Seven Kings
    A s s i s t a n t Manager
    B. w. GOODSWEN from Brent Street to
    P. A. to Mr. Dyer

  • Obituaries 26

    Mr. A. E. Holiday Mr. R. Wanmer
    A. E. H o l i d a y , who died suddenly on December 9th,
    when he was preparing to go on convalescence following
    an operation. He joined the staff of the warehouse in
    1929, and after...

  • Red-Riding-Hood 27

    The stirring tale opposite was told on a set of coloured postcards
    distributed by the firm in the years before the first world war. They
    came to us from a customer who had preserved them for many years. Little Red Riding...

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    SERIES No. A 76
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    Basildon's New Branch
    Page 8
    Foot-and-Mouth Disease.
    Page 10
    Try a Lake
    Page 14
    Pictures in the Pavement
    Page 19
    Look to! Treble's Going
    Page 20
    Page 22
    Personnel Manager's Office

  • J.S. Win National Poultry Show Awards 28

    J.S. Win National Poultry Show Awards
    The silver cup on the left was won by
    J.S. at the National Poultry Show,
    Olympia, last December. The firm did
    well at the show, carrying off the cup,
    which was presented by the...