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  • Chichester 02

    At Chichester in Sussex on October 10th our thirty-third self-service branch
    opened making another link in our south-coast chain reaching from Folkestone
    to Westbourne. Our photographs of this branch were taken before...

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    SERIES NO. A 85
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    A Walk on the South Side
    Page 14
    Unicef Greeting Cards
    Page 16
    Prospects for Next Season
    Page 19
    Delectable Dish
    Page 20
    Griffin Report
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    The Griffin Swimming Gala
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  • A Walk on the South Side 10

    Miss G. Springthorpe
    of Mr. Dearlove's office writes about the chequered
    career of a part of Southwark only a few minutes
    walk from Stamford Street.
    Transport yourself back to the days of Shakespeare,
    and take a stroll along...

  • Unicef Greeting Cards 14

    owes to the child the
    best it has
    to give"
    From the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of the Child. UNICEF, if you don't know already, is the United
    Nations Children's Fund. It works for children

  • Prospects for Next Season 16

    for Next
    Mr. H. G. Brown reviews this
    year's shows and comments
    on what they offer for
    next year in your garden November! There is little colour left in the garden
    now, but this is the time, while the picture is...

  • Delectable Dish 19

    Delectable Dish Christmas pudding is a steady seasonable grocery
    line. So much so that we were surprised to find J.S.
    hadn't ever done its own Christmas puddings before
    this season. Readers will most likely have seen them

  • Griffin Report 20

    A Newsletter from Dulwich Although both the number of competitors and
    spectators was well down on last year, the annual
    Swimming Gala proved a most enjoyable evening.
    One of the complaints 12 months ago was...

  • The Griffin Swimming Gala 22

    'T' for TOP at Griffin
    Swimming Gala
    A very enjoyable evening of sport at the Marshall Street
    Baths on Saturday, October 7th, wound up with 'T'
    (Surbiton) Section winning the section championship. Their
    team who put on a very...

  • Battersea Dance 24

    S. People from 'H' Section danced in Battersea at the Cornet of Horse in Lavender
    Hill on October 18th. They came from Balham, Stockwell, Battersea, Streatham and
    Norbury branches and they I certainly looked as if they liked it...

  • Congratulations 26

    Congratulations to Miss Zephyr (Susie) Thaddeus, of
    Merchandising Department, and to Mr. A. Walker, who were
    married at the Church of the Holy Redeemer, Streatham, on
    September 9th, 1961.

  • Dreamboat 26

    Dreamboat Mrs. Mansworth's little boy at
    Loughton, photographed in his favourite vehicle. He
    spends hours travelling boxed up in this coach, train,
    boat, car (depends how he feels about things) and plans
    to trade it in for a...

  • Winter Holiday 26

    Winter Holiday Here are some of "P" Section (Garage) away at Bognor in Butlin's Camp there, for one of the best
    annual weekends they've been on. They went down by coach on Friday, came back Sunday night, and they
    all agreed it...

  • Museum Pieces 27

    Museum Pieces Two odd items from the past
    Customers' shelves still
    conceal interesting items
    long overlooked. This one
    is from 1928-30, a pound
    tin of salmon which sold
    at Is. 2id. to Is. 4^d.
    A pound tin of John

  • New branch under construction at Forest Gate 28

    Tucked snugly in between
    two banks will be a new
    J.S. branch at Forest Gate.
    This picture was taken
    from the top of the
    post office opposite.

  • Staff News 28

    Staff News. Owing to the short interval between our
    October and November publication dates, the few items of
    Staff News have been held over for insertion in the
    December number.