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  • Buntingford 02

    The first J.S. warehouse out of town is at Buntingford
    on the London—Cambridge Road. This step towards
    partial decentralisation was taken to relieve pressure on
    our Blackfriars warehouse. From Buntingford...

  • Time to Think 08

    Time to Think
    Finding out the best way
    to do a j ob is the function
    of an industrial technique
    which has developed over the
    past two or three generations into
    what is today called Work Study.
    Our article explains why

  • Other man's poison 11

    Other man's poison
    Dr. E. S. Krudy, D.Sc., M.R.C.V.S., of J.S. laboratory writes about food allergies Allergy is as ancient as man himself. The Roman
    Lucretius (99-55 B.C.) in his great epic "On the
    Nature of Things" recognised...

  • Competitive World 12

    Our man in America Competitive World
    Mr. T. B. Brewer of East Harling takes a look at hard selling in U.S.A. When I was asked to spend a month in the United
    States and Canada last year, with the object of discovering
    all that...

  • Bon Voyage 14

    Bon Voyage
    A Short Course in Tube Travel by Allan Howlett
    To be a successful tube traveller one must possess
    the necessary amalgam of travelling equipment and
    psychological hardiness. The first can be bought,
    the second...

  • Report on a Christmas Party 16

    J.S. Fund for Seriously Crippled
    Report on a
    At twelve noon on Saturday, January 14th, 1961,
    Blackfriars saw plans laid over two months for
    the third annual party for the boys and staff

  • New Year's Dahlias 18

    Mr. H. G. Brown chooses
    of the
    Puff Ball
    Towneley Class It is just about a year ago that the Editor asked me
    to give a selection of varieties suitable for gardeners
    growing dahlias for the first time....

  • New Year at Blackfriars 20

    Laughs all Round
    The camera catches lively laughing
    moments at the New Year Dance
    held at Blackfriars Canteen on
    the turn of the year.
    Four happy
    people aren't
    sorry to
    see the
    old year go ! Prizes from the...

  • 71 Club Dinner 22

    Hats All Round
    at the 71 Club's Happy New Year party at Pimms* Guests
    Mr. L. Starling and his wife (above on the
    left) were guests of the club, and
    Mr. and Mrs. Stacey (below) received a
    bouquet to celebrate their wedding...

  • Socials and Dances 23

    held a very successful dinner and dance
    i on January 5th at the Red Lion, Barnet. Mr. Gilbert,
    Manager at
    Barnet (seated,
    left), is the subject
    of an unexpected
    toast. Redhill Guests at the Redhill party held in
    the branch...

  • Congratulations 26

    There is no Text

  • Midlands Memory 26

    There is no Text

  • Mr. S. Hutchins 26

    The very cheerful man behind the monster cabbage in
    our picture is Mr. S. Hutchins, porter-poulterer at
    our Sydenham branch, who grew the vegetable himself—
    all 18 lb. of it ! It was very close grained and tender

  • Movements and Promotions 27

    Movements and Promotions
    To Meat Supervisor
    J. W. G. HEARNE of Beckenham
    Mr. J. W. G. Hearne
    Assistant Managers

  • Obituaries 27

    We regret to record the death of the following colleagues
    and send our deepest sympathy to their relatives.
    Mrs. E. Ewers, who joined the firm as a part-time
    daily maid in 1946 at South Harrow. She was...

  • Retirements 27

    Mrs. E. Elvin, who retired in November after completing
    eleven years' service as a supply woman at
    North Finchley.
    Mrs. D. Roworth, who retired in January from
    Tonbridge, where she had worked as a daily maid...

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    Competitive World
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    Report on a Christmas Party
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    New Year s Dahlias
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    New Year at Blackfriars

  • J.S. Kids 28

    Saturday afternoons in January are party time for J.S. kids. This
    year there have been parties all through the month. Southampton
    held one on January 4th, the Drivers' Club held theirs on January
    7th, a week later the Factory...