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  • Mr. Timothy Sainsbury's Wedding 02

    The wedding of Mr. Timothy Sainsbury
    to Miss Susan Mitchell
    took place on April 26th
    at St. Michael's, Chester
    Square. On behalf of all
    our readers we take great
    pleasure in extending
    to them our sincere

  • Round the Branches, Tottenham and Leicester 04

    Round the Branches
    A look at Tottenham
    and Leicester
    Spurs' double triumph as
    champions of Cup and League
    puts Tottenham even more
    firmly among the unforgettable
    names of football.
    We took the camera out...

  • A J.S. Advertisement in Mrs. Beeton 10

    Since it was first published in 1861 Mrs. Beeton's
    Book of Household Management has frequently
    been revised. The 1906 edition contained the
    advertisement for the firm reproduced below and
    a great deal of information about...

  • New Package Designs for J.S. Tea. 13

    New package designs for
    J.S. Tea were designed by
    Mr. Leonard Beaumont,
    whose work for the firm is
    widely known. The new
    design replaces the one he
    designed some years ago. The
    use of carton makes the
    package virtually...

  • Bristol's Broadmead 14

    J.S. Goes West
    This is
    where the firm
    are going to
    open a
    branch in
    the autumn
    of this year.
    The branch
    is being built
    at the point
    of the arrow.
    The buildings
    in the...

  • Sporting Times—The Griffin Athletic Club, 1925-1954. 16

    SPORTING TIMES a picture parade of people and events
    in the progress of the Griffin Athletic Club
    from the twenties to the fifties.
    One of the early Griffin
    cricket teams, 1921 (?),
    in which are several
    people who took...

  • Orchards in the Sun 22

    Orchards in the Sun
    The canned fruit industry in Australia Sunshine and peaches. Grading
    fruit in the dappled shade of an
    orchard in the Murrumbidgee
    Irrigation Area in the west
    of New South Wales. Australia has been canning...

  • Table Tennis Finals at Blackfriars 25

    Table Tennis Championships
    at Blackfriars
    Club Championship matches were played on April 9th at Blackfriars.
    Pictures on the right show Mr. J. D. Sainsbury presenting the Ladies'
    Doubles prizes to Mrs. B. Marshall and Mrs. H....

  • Sport and Socials 26

    Thursday Cup Winners Cup winners of the Griffin Thursday Football
    League. ' £ ' Section's (Holloway) team line up
    with the cup. From left to right, back row: Messrs.
    B. Hampshire, B. Coulter, D. Cook, R. Shakespear.

  • Movements and Promotions 27

    Movements and Promotions
    Mr. D. McCord Mr. O. D. Spencer
    To P r o d u c e Supervisor
    D. McCORD
    To Manager
    W. C. BROOKE
    C. E. DAVIS
    E. B. SHAW
    B. P....

  • Obituary 27

    We regret to record the death of one of our colleagues and
    send our deepest sympathy to his relatives.
    E. C. C a t o , who joined the staff of
    the Factory in 1923. He was absent
    on National Service from 1942...

  • The death of Mr. Lloyd Maunder 27

    The death of Mr. Lloyd Maunder
    Readers will remember that our issue of August 1958
    carried an article on the subject of Lloyd Maunder, of
    Tiverton, Devon, his Diamond Wedding, and his long
    association with the acquisition of...

  • Contents Page 28

    SERIES No. A80
    Page 2
    Mr. Timothy Sainsbury's Wedding
    Page 4
    Round the Branches, Tottenham and Leicester
    Page 10
    A J.S. Advertisement in Mrs. Beeton
    Page 13
    New Package Designs for J.S. Tea.
    Page 14
    Bristol's Broadmead.

  • J.S. Veterans at Walthamstow 28

    J.S. Veterans Reunion
    At Walthamstow Assembly Hall on
    Tuesday, April 18th, 450 J.S. veterans
    met for their annual concert and reunion.
    The excellent facilities of the hall and
    its gardens made the afternoon a very