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  • Bringing in Emidec 02

    Comes to Stamford House
    It took a whole week-end of work to get our computer
    into Stamford House. From early Saturday
    morning to late Sunday night this bulky and heavy
    machine was transported, hoisted,...

  • How Emidec works 05

    EMIDEC 1100 Now it's in
    how does it work ?
    by Mr. B. A. French, Manager of the Data Processing Department. The initials EMI are probably more familiarly associated
    with a well-known trade-mark, but in addition
    to being the...

  • The Death of Mr. S. F. Farrow 10

    Mr. Farrow
    (left) with
    Mr. Alan Sainsbury
    at Dulwich
    Sports Ground
    in 1947. Mr. S. F. Farrow—A Tribute from the Chairman
    S. F. Farrow died on May 27th, 1961, after a long illness, which he bore with...

  • New Cake Display Units 11

    New Cake Display Units for J.S. Branches
    Growth of the firm's trade in cakes prompted the development of the
    cake display stands in the picture above. They make it possible to show
    seventeen or more different varieties of cake...

  • Any more for the Top ? 12

    Any More for the Top
    Do you face the top with confidence ?
    Will success bring you success ?
    by Allan Howlett. Grand Dukes, Grand Chams, Grandees and Grandes
    Dames may not consider it necessary to read the

  • Dunstable 14

    Dunstable Thirty-second J.S. self-service branch is a very attractive one at
    Dunstable. Picture below gives, with the one on the opposite
    page, a general view of this new branch opened on May 9th.
    Photographs by John Timbers...

  • Rations for Ratings 20

    Rations for Ratings
    In the growth of the canning industry the
    Navy played a very important role as a
    consumer with a growing appetite for canned
    food and plenty of money to spend on it. Food and drink below decks in the...

  • J.S. on Show at Haverhill 22

    J.S. on Show at Haverhill
    Commonwealth Technical Training Week, sponsored by the Duke of Edinburgh
    and aimed at drawing attention to the wide range of training schemes
    operating throughout industry, was held during the week of...

  • Q. Section Dance and Walter Cup Finals 23

    Walter Cup
    won by
    Above is the team which
    won the Walter Cup.
    (L. to r.) Messrs. J. D.
    Coote {captain), E. F.
    StripeJ. W. Worledge
    and C. Dunt.
    On the left is the captain
    with champagne and

  • Darts Finals 24

    4 Times Running!
    The Griffin Darts Finals on April 30th at the
    Blackfriars Canteen saw Tony Bell win the
    Gurr Cup for the fourth year in succession.
    The champion was on top of his very
    consistent form on that Sunday, for...

  • Colchester Branch Darts Players 26

    Colchester Branch Darts Players
    Below is Colchester's Darts Team; runners-up in the Snow
    Area Cup competition won by Mill Hill. From left to right,
    Messrs. R. Fincham, C. Brandon, C. Snow, R. Harden and
    R. Pritchard.

  • Congratulations 26

    At a double wedding at Chingford
    Parish Church on April 1st,
    two sisters, Elizabeth and
    Helen Furlong, were married. Helen
    met her husband Mr. L. C. Bliss
    while both were working at our
    Chingford Branch. In...

  • Queen from Kenninghall 26

    Queen from Kenninghall
    Congratulations to Miss Jackie Hunt of
    Kenninghall who was chosen from the final
    eleven contestants to represent Norwich in the
    current "Miss England" competition run by
    "The News of the World." Good...

  • What is it ? 26

    What is it ?
    Wellt yes* it's a pair
    of pliers—but that's
    not whatys on the
    card. This particular
    tool is strictly for
    celebrations. Canyou
    guess what ? The
    answer is on the
    opposite page.

  • Movements and Promotions 27

    Movements and Promotions
    N. E. BARRANCE from Spare t o
    w. H. R E A D I N G from Debden to
    To Assistant Manager
    W . C O L E Thornton Heath
    j . AVENT Drury Lane
    Assistant Managers
    E. c . HACKER from...

  • Obituaries 27

    We regret to record the death of the following colleagues
    and send our deepest sympathy to their relatives.
    M i s s V. Bui I m a n , who joined the staff of our Egg
    Packing Station at Kenninghall in 1959 as an...

  • Retirements 27

    We send our best wishes to the following colleagues who
    have just retired.
    Mrs. E. E. C r o u c h , who was engaged as a Daily
    Woman at our Hastings branch in 1953. She was regraded
    to Daily Housekeeper in 1959 at...

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    SERIES No. A81
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    Bringing in Emidec
    Page 5
    How Emidec works
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    The Death of Mr. S. F. Farrow
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    New Cake Display Units
    Page 12
    Any more for the Top ?
    Page 14
    Page 20
    Rations for Ratings
    Page 22

  • T.V. Magazine in production 28

    T.V. Magazine in production
    The joint Sainsbury-Australia
    magazine, which was televised
    on June 6th and June 8th, in
    production at the studios.
    Above, technicians are testing
    sound, lighting, and positions
    of the cast in a...