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  • 9-11 Croydon 02

    9-11 Croydon The first modern provision store
    It was not until 1882 that my father
    opened the first modern provision store,
    opposite West Croydon Station. There was
    no architect or shop-fitter employed. Our
    founder after...

  • Contents Page 02

    SERIES No. A82
    Page 2
    9-11 Croydon
    Page 11
    Griffin Report
    Page 12
    Putting the Girl Friend in the Picture
    Page 13
    Southwark in Stained Glass
    Page 16
    Hamburg Holiday
    Page 20
    Page 25
    Nights Out
    Page 26
    J.S. Head...

  • Griffin Report 11

    Griffin Report
    by Les Potter, Secretary of the Griffin Athletic Club.
    A new monthly feature about what has been
    happening and what is planned for the future at Dulwich. In spite of some good weather there has not been...

  • Putting the Girl Friend in the Picture 12

    Putting the Girl Friend in
    the Picture Do your best friends drop off to sleep
    when you show them your holiday
    snaps? Try taking them with a
    little imagination.
    By Brian Shuel,
    who took the
    pictures too. Everybody takes...

  • Southwark in Stained Glass 14

    Southwark in Stained Glass
    The Revd. Allan Weaver of Christchurch Blackfriars
    writes about the new windows in his church.
    Why have stained glass in a Church ? Is it to dim
    the natural light for quiet meditation and worship...

  • Hamburg Holiday 16

    Miss G. Springthorpe, of Mr. Dearlove's
    office, writes about a holiday spent this
    year in the city of Hamburg.
    On my way to Germany I was greeted at Ostend
    by a very heavy storm. However, I decided to...

  • Rice 20

    India's 400 million people depend on rice as a staple diet. In spite of
    plans for modernisation the slow rhythm of the ox team sets the pace of production
    for most of the rice eaten there and elsewhere in the East

  • Nights Out 25

    Night Out with
    Mr. Pepys /ro/M Pepys's Diary
    /or 1660.
    March 6
    . . . Here comes my poor Uncle Tom,
    whom I took to Will's and drank
    with, poor man, he comes to inquire
    about the knights of Windsor, of
    which he desires to...

  • J.S. Head Butchers' Conference 26

    J.S. Head Butchers' Conference The Head Butchers' Conference, which has now
    become a "Hardy Annual" in the diaries of our
    Head Butchers, was this year held on Tuesday,
    May 30th, at Duthy Hall, Southwark, a few minutes'

  • Movements and Promotions 27

    Movements and Promotions
    J. V. SPRAGG
    Assistant Manager
    L. J. BIRD
    from Spare to
    1/4 Ealing
    from 50 Goodmayes to
    Harold Hill
    To Head Butcher
    Head Butcher
    from Stamford Hill...

  • Obituaries 27

    We regret to record the deaths of the following colleagues
    and send our deepest sympathy to their relatives.
    Mrs. I. E. C a r r i n g t o n , who had worked as a parttime
    supply woman at 339 Palmers Green since...

  • Retirements 27

    We send our best wishes to the following colleagues who
    have just retired.
    A. Biddlecombe
    A. B i d d l e c o m b e , who joined the firm in 1920 as a
    learner at 51 Ealing. He subsequently gained experience