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    SERIES No. A83
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    Family Magazine
    Page 6
    All my own—Family
    Page 8
    On Trial
    Page 12
    A Generation of Farm Progress
    Page 17
    Griffin Report
    Page 18
    Page 20
    5000 at Dulwich
    Page 28
    J. S. Veterans at Southend

  • Family Magazine 02

    The balloon goes up
    The first number of FAMILY is out on
    September 18th. It's SAINSBURY'S
    new woman's magazine sold only in our
    branches. Pages and pages, many in full colour,
    of fashion, food, fiction, beauty-care,...

  • All my own—Family On Trial 06

    We asked the Editor of Family magazine
    to tell us how it feels to edit one's own magazine.
    She sent us a do-it-yourself kit for
    would-be editors which we print below.
    So you want to know what it's like to...

  • Over the water directly 06

    The map above, lent to us by Mr. J. D. Sainsbury, is part of one printed in London in
    1760. It shows, at the tip of the coloured line and marked in dotted lines, "The Intended
    New Bridge" at Blackfriars. It was originally called...

  • On Trial 08

    On Trial
    Self-service is a way of retailing that depends to a great
    extent on the quality of wrapping materials like paper, board
    and above all plastic film. How effective they
    are is a matter for tests and experiment.

  • A Generation of Farm Progress 12

    Modern farming has been going through a revolutionary
    change as radical as the changes which took place in the
    18th century when England's agricultural pioneers led the way
    towards greater and better planned production.

  • Griffin Report 17

    GRIFFIN REPORT We are now coming to the end of the summer
    season and it gives us an opportunity to look back.
    It would be fair to say that in the sport of cricket,
    it has not been one of the most successful years.
    Only one...

  • Museum Piece 17

    This venerable
    coffee tin was
    brought in to one of
    our branches by a
    customer who had
    had it on her larder
    shelf since the
    1930s. She tried to
    make some coffee
    from the contents,
    but the results

  • Summertime 18

    Summertime — when it seemed always summertime In 1911 the staff of our Oxford branch went on a picnic to celebrate the shop's first birthday.
    Here they are photographed, relaxed, contented and reflecting the peace and serenity...

  • 5000 at Dulwich 20

    It was a record !
    J.S. people came
    from everywhere to
    take part in the
    biggest and best yet
    fete put on by the
    S.S.A. Mr. and Mrs. Timothy
    Sainsbury help to carve the
    Bank Holiday Monday joint.
    It was one of the...

  • J. S. Veterans at Southend 28

    A day out with J.S. Veterans
    Southend in the sun For this year's outing
    Southend was the
    target for 380 J.S.
    veterans who turned
    up with and without
    hats to enjoy the
    sunshine on the pier.
    Below on the right is
    Mr. G....

  • Footballer of the Year 30

    The Barrett Memorial Trophy
    9 Griffin Footballers
    In last month's J.S. Journal we announced in
    Griffin Report the presentation of the Barrett
    Memorial Trophy by Mr. W. Barrett, one of
    the firm's drivers, in memory of his...

  • The S.SA. Chess Group Success 32

    S.S.A. Chess Group wins Lacey Cup
    Chess Club captain,
    Mr. D. S. Osborne,
    accepts the Lacey Cup
    from Mr. H. D. Callender,
    President of London
    Commercial Chess League. The S.S.A. Chess Group have become the first
    club to win...

  • Congratulations 33

    On the right are M r. and Mrs. F. Floodgate signing the register after their
    wedding on June 10th at St. Andrew's, Catford. Mr. Floodgate is with
    Maintenance Dep t. and Mrs. Floodgate, who was Miss Sheila Gooddy of...

  • Day out for Bury St. Edmunds Section 33

    Day out for Bury St. Edmunds
    Picnic lunch for eightytwo
    S.S.A. members
    and friends from Bury
    St. Edmunds on a day
    out on July 9th when
    they took a trip on the
    Broads and visited

  • Veteran Prizewinner 33

    Mr. C. Ransom, formerly a J.S. van
    driver, who for two years running
    has carried off the trophy in the Over
    Forties race at a Hayling Island
    holiday camp. Our heartiest
    congratulations to this veteran
    runner who at 82 is...

  • Be in the Swim 34

    The Griffin
    Swimming Gala
    is going to be
    held at
    Marshall Street
    Baths on
    October 7th
    (it's a Saturday)
    and you can
    get entry forms
    for the big splash
    from all Branch or

  • Movements and Promotions 34

    Movements and Promotions
    To Spare Manager
    G. c. BARSBY Drury Lane
    D. L. WHITE Harlow
    G. C. Barsby D. L. White
    To Assistant Manager
    N. E. HEDGER Hemel Hempstead
    Forty Years' Service
    Congratulations to the following members...

  • Obituaries 35

    We regret to record the death of the following colleagues
    and send our deepest sympathy to their relatives.
    H. Ewen
    S. C. Carter, who retired as a cleaner from the
    depot in 1942 after nine years' service. He died...

  • Retirements 35

    We send our best wishes to the following colleagues who
    have just retired.
    Miss F. A. Baxter Mrs. L. Crompton
    Miss F. A. Baxter, who joined the staff of the
    factory in 1942. She retired on June 29th, 1961,...