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  • Bury St. Edmunds Poultry Packing Station 02

    PACKING STATION This summer saw a new poultry packing
    station open for production. It stands, a clean,
    modern building, in fields outside Bury
    St. Edmunds where a combination of peat
    subsoil and last winter's...

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    SERIES NO. A 84
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    Bury St. Edmunds Poultry Packing Station
    Page 8
    Visitors to J.S.
    Page 9
    First Birthday at Portsmouth
    Page 10
    Processing Peas
    Page 14
    Box Handling
    Page 16
    The Ring, Blackfriars
    Page 19
    Flower Show

  • Visitors to J.S. 08

    French Students say Thank you
    to J.S. Friends
    In the 18th century it was traditional for an Englishman
    to complete his formal education with the
    Grand Tour of Europe which gave him as much (or
    as little) insight...

  • First Birthday at Portsmouth 09

    1st Birthday at Portsmouth
    Mr. Alan Sainsbury gives
    away a cake and a car.
    Celebrating the first birthday of
    the firm's Portsmouth branch
    we had Huntley and Palmer
    bake us a cake. Then we offered
    an Austin Seven to any...

  • Processing Peas 10

    A grocery line whose sales go up
    as the temperature falls Processed peas like those canned in Farrow's
    Cannery near Peterborough are peas
    which have been matured and dried,
    mostly in the open, and kept until they
    are required...

  • Box Handling 14

    A short course on ways to keep out of
    trouble—Home or Away Handling boxes, whether you are
    at work or at home, is more
    easily and safely done if you
    follow a few simple rules.
    Here are the basic points...

  • The Ring, Blackfriars 16

    Bombs in Blackfriars Road destroyed
    The Ring during- t he last war.
    The t a le of this familiar landmark
    and the life story of t he remarkable
    woman who ran it have been
    published recently.* Our review
    touches briefly on...

  • Flower Show 19

    Flower Show
    (with Vegetables)
    S.S.A. Horticultural Group held its annual show and
    competition at Dulwtch on September 17th. Cup winners in the
    competition were Mr, H. G. Brown {Head Office), who held
    the J. B. Sainsbury Cup...

  • Area Cricket Finals 20

    1961 Area Cricket Finals at Dulwich,
    Sunday, September 3rd
    r. Pagden's
    Area wins
    competition The Area Cricket Final between
    Mr. Pagden's and Mr, Dyer's
    Areas provided a match with an
    exciting finish. Mr. Dyer's...

  • The Long Winter Evenings 22

    All S.S.A. members are eligible and welcome to join the rifle group. There are plenty of competitions, handicaps and prizes. If you've not
    fired a .22 rifle and would like to try, the range is open on Saturdays from...

  • Congratulations 24

    ABOVE: Married on June 17th,
    Miss Frances Perkins of Westbourne branch
    and Mr. Ronald Mealing of our
    Bournemouth branch.
    BELOW: At St. Matthew's Church,
    St. Leonards-on-Sea, on September 16th,
    two members of...

  • Griffin Report 25

    Griffin Report A Newsletter from Dulwich Mr. S. Hopkins,
    on the right, with
    the Barrett
    Memorial Trophy
    awarded to him
    at Dulwich on
    September 16th
    asJ.S. "Footballer
    of the
    Year." Shaking
    hands with him
    is Mr. W....

  • Movements and Promotions 26

    Movements and Promotions
    L. JIGGINS from Spare to
    179 Walthamstow
    j . BUSH from 179 Walthamstow
    to 42 Walthamstow
    L. D. SALTER from 42 Walthamstow
    to Spare for self-service
    G. OGLE from Spare to

  • Retirements 26

    We send our best wishes to the following colleagues who
    have just retired.
    J. H. Clarke, who joined the Head Office staff in
    December 1914, where he worked in the Stock Office
    prior to going on National Service in...

  • Obituaries 27

    We regret to record the death of the following colleagues
    and send our deepest sympathy to their relatives.
    Mr. W. C. Gurr writes:
    Mr. H. Y o u I and I had known each other for over
    50 years and had worked together...

  • Anyone for Cricket ? 28

    This picture from very far down Memory Lane
    comes to us from Mr. Harvey, one of our
    veterans. The team is from Tottenham and was
    playing in the season of 1914. Fashion-conscious
    readers will recognise a lot of features in...