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  • Bristol 02

    Our thirty-fifth self-service
    branch, opened on
    November 14th, 1981, at
    It is Britain's biggest
    self-service store.
    Bristol is a big and busy port over eight centuries old, with a population of about
    half a million....

  • Contents Page 02

    This year we propose to make a change in the number of times that J.S. Journal appears. We are going to increase the size of the magazine to 36 pages for every issue and reduce the number of issues per year to eight. This will...

  • Five-Day Week 09

    After an experimental period of five-day trading at 39 branches
    during 1961 the firm believes that both customers and staff
    alike are pleased with the new hours. From January 15th
    144 J.S. branches have been closing all day...

  • Bake Me a Cake 13

    . . . as fast as you can, goes the old
    rhyme and when it's not a matter
    of one or a dozen but of thousands
    of dozens it means that the bakery
    must be organised on mass production
    lines. Recent increases in

  • Rally by Night 18

    Fog was a
    greater problem
    than any
    Mr. Tink had
    devised for
    the Motor Cycle
    and Car Club
    Night Rally
    on 25th November.
    The start was
    at 10 p.m at
    Jack's Hill Cafe
    on the A1.
    on the first
    section were...

  • Griffin Report 21

    Griffin Report
    Recent alterations in the early closing days have had
    an adverse effect on branch football. Sections that
    have changed to Monday closing are not able to
    find suitable opponents, and there are not...

  • Our Anniversaries 21

    Our Anniversaries
    Besides the usual silver, gold and diamond jubilees
    this year there are J.S. branches celebrating
    their seventieth, eightieth and ninetieth birthdays.
    The earliest was our little shop at Watney Street,

  • Tens and Twelves 22

    Tens? Twelves? Ways and means of changing to a decimal form of
    coinage in Great Britain are to be examined by a
    Government committee. The proposal to change is not
    without critics. In this article Mr. B. T. Ramm points

  • Mrs. Beryl Turner 23

    Congratulations to Mrs. Beryl Turner, who works
    at our Factory in the sausage packing department.
    She was a finalist in the Holiday Princess competition
    at Bognor last month. We took a picture of her at
    work to show she's as...

  • Schedule "A" 24

    When J.S. Journal was asked for a
    simple explanation of a form
    of income tax which in recent years
    has become the concern of an
    increasing number of people
    we went to Mr. A. Jones, the firm's
    Chief Accountant, and he sent...

  • British Chess Master at Blackfriars 25

    Seventeen members of the S.S.A. Chess Group sat
    down to play on November 22nd when British Chess
    Master, Mr. P. S. Milner Barry, O.B.E., came to
    Blackfriars. The Chess Master played the 17 games
    simultaneously, winning 11...

  • Southampton Branch 25

    Congratulations to Southampton Branch who, in mid-
    December, were awarded the "Savings Group Shield" for
    the best result in their district over the previous six months.
    Under Secretary Mr.Kensett the branch National

  • Social Scene 26

    Celebrations, dinners, dances
    and good times break out all
    over in the winter season. We
    just hadn't room for all the
    pictures we received of the
    firm's social life. We present
    these pages as a f a i r...

  • Movements and Promotions 32

    Assistant Managers
    G. BUNCH
    D. COCKS
    T. EVANS
    G. MUIR
    S. W. HALL
    147 Balham to
    East Sheen
    42 Walthamstow to
    18 Walthamstow
    43 Islington to
    48 Islington
    48 Islington to
    43 Islington
    Stamford Hill to

  • Obituaries 33

    We regret to record the death of the following colleagues
    and send our deepest sympathy to all relatives.
    A. Fry. Mr. F. Edwards writes:
    A. Fry, who joined the firm in 1915, started in the
    Bacon Department, Union...

  • Retirements 33

    We send our best wishes to the following colleagues who
    have just retired.
    Mrs. P. O ' B r i e n , who retired on November 10th,
    1961, from Forty Avenue, where she had been employed
    as a shop cleaner since her...

  • V Section 34

    There is no Text