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    Catford's New Branch
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    Making Ready
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    Latest at Basingstoke
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    Mr Alan at Manchester
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    Italian Mission
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    Redfin Season Opens
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    Turks and Caicos
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  • Guildford 02

    The complete modernisation and conversion of an old JS branch Our branch at Guildford opened in
    igo6 in a new building which has been
    completely replaced by a modem shop.
    The picture below gives an idea of...

  • Catford's New Branch 07

    A New Branch
    Just where the oldLewisham
    Hippodrome used to stand is our new
    Self-Service Branch at Catford.
    The Hippodrome was one of the
    many London theatres and musichalls
    that changed to cinemas in the

  • Making Ready 10

    Making Ready
    Pictures on this page are of Northampton
    branch which opened on nth June. They
    were taken just before that date and show
    preparations in the shop as it was being
    dressed for the big day. Mr Hedges,...

  • Latest at Basingstoke 12

    What looks like a parade ground in the top picture is in fact
    the roof of the Perishables Warehouse where roofing felt, Siporex
    and granite chips are being laid.
    Lower picture left shows the Workshop area and,...

  • Mr Alan at Manchester 13

    Mr Alan at Manchester
    Institute of Certificated Grocers at the Midland Hotel,
    Manchester, Mr Alan was present for the first
    occasion in his official role as President of the...

  • Italian Mission 14

    Parade of 75 Chianinayema/e.f stretching into the distance, each with a farm worker at its head.
    Italian Mission
    Mr F. W. Salisbury contributes this account of the Mission of the
    National Cattle Breeders' Association to Italy...

  • Redfin Season Opens 20

    Redfin Season Opens 16th June was the first day of the angling season
    and the Redfin club water at Linton, Kent
    was thrown open. Fishermen and friends from depots
    and branches, turned up for a good day's sport. The
    day was...

  • Turks and Caicos 22

    Turks and Caicos
    Dr E. W. Gibbs formerly
    Consultant Medical Officer
    to the firm writes this account
    oj a little known part of the
    West Indies where life is simple
    uncomplicated and peaceful
    Any passer-by in any part of the...

  • If you live, work or study in Southwark 23

    If you live, work or study in Southwark
    Next year will be the four hundredth anniversary
    of the birth of William Shakespeare.
    Although he was born at Stratford-on-Avon,
    it was within Southwark's boundaries that most
    of his...

  • Griffin Report 24

    Griffin Report
    Since the last report in the April issue, there have
    been further successes in Netball and Football.
    The Depot Netball team finished their best
    season ever by winning the League play-off and
    also the Final of...

  • Une Journie a Calais 25

    Une Journee a Calais
    Before 8 am on
    Whit Sunday
    J.S. people were
    arriving at Gravesend,
    to board the
    Royal Daffodil -
    with the drink.
    We setoff at 8.45 —
    500 of us — towards
    Southend where there
    were another...

  • Southend Trip for J.S. Veterans 31

    Trip for
    J S Veterans
    Outing on nth June took 380 J.S. Veterans to
    Southend for a fine sunny day by the seaside. They came
    from many points picked up by eleven coaches to meet
    on the pier. They had free tickets for...

  • Retirement Parties 32

    Retirement Parties
    On the evening of 6th May at Dulwich sixty of their old
    colleagues entertained Mr H. Peatty of Hook branch and
    Mr H. Bennett of Tolworth on the occasion of their retirement.
    They were presented with a set of...

  • Congratulations 33

    Our congratulations to J.S. people in this column,
    who were recently married.
    Miss D. Wren and Mr W. Innes both of our Pinner
    branch who were married on 23rd March.
    Our apologies to Mrs Innes for a misspelling...

  • Movements and Promotions 33

    Movements and Promotions
    O. D. KEEN
    L. A. LEWIS
    From Oxhey
    to further training
    From further training
    to Paddington
    From Paddington
    to Chatham
    From Purley
    to further...

  • Retirements 34

    We send our best wishes to the following colleagues who
    have just retired.
    Miss V. F. Budd who was engaged as a housekeeper
    in 1947. She was thus employed in several
    branches both north and south of the river. In...

  • Obituaries 35

    M. Addy a butcher at Southampton, who was
    killed in a motor cycle accident on 2nd May. He
    joined the firm in 1958 as ajunior trainee and after
    spending a period in several branches in East London
    and Essex was...