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  • Big Year 02

    Big Year 1963 has been a year of big development for
    J.S. Wc have opened eleven new self-service
    branches, extended Lcwisham, our largest
    branch, converted Wood Green to self-service
    grocery and carried out many...

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    Big Year
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    The Magic Number
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    Operation Co-operation
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    The Sleeping Beauty
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    Sound Track
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    Managers' Conferences 1963
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    The Day the Key Broke
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  • The Magic Number 14

    The Magic Number
    The firm of Heinz is the subject of this article
    our series Focus on Suppliers. It is based on
    Stephen Potter's history of the firm
    The Magic Number. The drawings were
    made for his book by David Knight MS...

  • Operation Co-operation 20

    Operation Co-operation
    A short account by Leslie Hunt
    of the BP Scout Guild of a visit
    by the boys of Trueloves' Home, to
    the R.A.F. station at Abingdon At the end of last term, the boys of ' Trueloves'
    Home, Ingatestone,...

  • The Sleeping Beauty 22

    The Sleeping Beauty A Pantomine
    theme done into picture postcards in the interests of JS tea about 1905 1
    \Jact upon a time there lived a King and
    Queen; and when theire little daughter was born
    a grand festival was given, to...

  • Sound Track 24

    Sound Track
    A day at the sound recording session of the J.S. film. Shopping Day the film about Sainsbury's is now
    complete. It runs for 30 minutes, is in full colour and
    is a vivid picture of a day in the firm's work. The...

  • Algeria '63 28

    Algeria '63
    Miss R. D. Spiller of
    Mr Timothy Sainsbur/s office
    writes in this article about the
    war-torn country of Algeria
    where she spent a short
    holiday last October The rocky gorges of El Akra guard the...

  • Managers' Conferences 1963 32

    Managers' Conferences 1963
    Last year's successful conferences were repeated in October when J.S. Managers
    again met for a series of lectures and an exchange of views.
    The Self-Service Managers met at Dulwich on 8th October...

  • The Day the Key Broke 36

    The Day the
    Key Broke
    Almost any day can be
    crisis day chez Woods
    and this is J . L. Woods
    writing to prove
    it once again It's quite astonishing how even the simplest and
    smallest operation in our house seems to take on

  • Weddings 38

    Miss Sandra Hawkins of the J.S. Egg collecting station at
    Wisbech and Mr Graham Hutton who were married at
    St Giles, Wisbech, on 24th August.
    MissL. A. Hibbertof16EnfieldandMrF. L. Sturgeo
    married at St Helens, Folkesworth, on...

  • Movements and Promotions 39

    Movements and Promotions
    W. GUEST
    F. J. SPEED
    K. HILL
    E. C. HACKER
    W. W. LLOYD
    T. C. HOWELL
    F. A....

  • Retirements 40

    We send our best wishes to the following colleagues who
    have just retired.
    Mrs K. E. Baker who was engaged as daily
    housekeeper at our Hook branch, retired on ist-
    November 1963, after completing ten years...

  • Obituaries 42

    We regret to record the death of the following colleagues
    send our deepest sympathy to all relatives.
    R. C. Ansell who joined the firm in April 1962 as
    a porter at Paddington which position he held at the
    time of...

  • May 1,2,3,4 Bognor Next Year 43

    Dates to remember in 1964 are the first four days of May. The S.S.A. has
    booked Butlin's Holiday Camp at Bognor for its members and guests and
    a slap up family weekend at minimum cost can be had by all. Full details
    of this...

  • Our cover drawing 44

    Our cover drawing was made a few years ago by John Finnie, MS IA, during the short period that he worked in
    Iliffe House, Stamford Street. He made it from the roofoflliffe House and it shows the west side of Stamford House,