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  • 50 Years with JS 02

    Mr and Mrs Salisbury in their garden.
    opposite page, F. W.S. at a herd walk at Kinermony.
    50 years
    with J S
    Mr F. W. Salisbury completes the 50th year of his
    service with the firm on September 21st. Mr W. M. Justice...

  • Contents Page 02

    Page 2
    50 Years with J S
    Page 4
    News and Developments
    Page 11
    400 Years Ago
    Page 12
    Focus on Suppliers No. 9. McVitie and Price Ltd
    Page 18
    Carry on S.L.O.S.H.T.
    Page 22
    South Coast Sunshine for J. S. Veterans
    Page 24...

  • News and Developments 04

    News and Developments Latest aerial view ofJS Basingstoke depot shows its relation with existing buildings on the
    Houndmills Industrial Estate to the north-west of the town. The entrance to the depot grounds is in
    the lower left...

  • New JS Branch at Bexleyheath 08

    New JS Branch at Bexleyheath
    Manager is
    Mr H. Kendall
    {above) who
    joined JS in
    1934. His first
    management was
    Catford Hill in
    1956. He was
    at 158 Catford
    and at Lee Green
    I957-62- He
    was Deputy at

  • Letter to an Editor 10

    Letter to an Editor
    The Editor of Family Magazine passed on to us the following letter
    which she had received commenting on an article about the firm.
    In the firm we regard our traditions as a matter of very great...

  • Sainsbury's? 10

    It's a road that runs from
    Norwood Park to Gipsy Hill
    Station. We tried to find out
    its history but after three
    days of enquiries all we knew
    was that it got its name in
    1884. There's a Whiteley
    Road nearby!

  • Four Hundred Years Ago 11

    Four Hundred Years Ago
    Among the many books published to celebrate the four hundredth anniversary
    of Shakespeare's birth we found in 'Shakespeare's Theatre' by
    C. Walter Hodges this drawing, by the author, of the theatre which...

  • Focus on Suppliers No. 9. McVitie and Price Ltd 12

    Focus on Suppliers No. 9
    a minute
    An account of the firm of
    McVitie and Price Ltd the largest
    single biscuit manufacturer
    in Britain. Scotland has often been called 'The Land of
    Cakes'. Its long tradition of high...

  • Carry on S.L.O.S.H.T. 18

    or A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Dungeon
    Episode 13: New Readers Start Hereabouts The strong-jawed, lean and slightly quizzical
    face of Blonde, most secret service agent, was
    propped up by the strong, lean hand not...

  • South Coast Sunshine for J. S. Veterans 22

    South Coast Sunshine for J S Veterans Nearly 400 JS Veterans were on the outing
    to Bexhill on 14th July. Pictures on these
    pages are byJS Veteran H. Tallemache
    who has caught the relaxed cheerful spirit
    of the outing which...

  • Tissue 24

    Within sight of the Aylesford Priory for Carmelite
    Monks the Reed Paper Group has built the
    largest single paper-making site in Europe, there
    are sixteen paper mills of which three belong to
    Kimberly-Clark, the manufacturers...

  • Basingstoke's First Dance 30

    Basingstoke's First Dance They had a ball when Basingstoke held
    its first get together at
    the new warehouse. We don't know what
    they are doing in our pictures except when
    they were lining up for portraits but they seem

  • Colchester's winning team in Snow Area Trophy 32

    Colchester's winning team in Snow Area Trophy
    Darts team below is from Colchester with the manager in the middle. They won in the final game with
    Edgware. From left to right: Messrs M. Barrel, D. Collins, K. Johnson, R. Leggatt...

  • Generous Gesture 32

    Generous Gesture
    When JS Chatham branch S.S.A. section
    celebrated its first birthday with a dance on
    S7th June a 40W iced cake was obtained
    for the guests. But everyone voted it should
    go to one of the Medway Homes for

  • Appointments 33

    Appointments of five more Senior Executives are recorded below.
    Mr D. Pillar
    Manager of the JS Bacon
    Factory at Haverhill where
    Tendersweet bacon is produced.
    May, 1961.
    Mr J. Burrill

  • Movements and Promotions 34

    Movements and Promotions
    Spare Managers
    A. PIKE
    k MR D. MCOORD
    From Spare at Lewisham
    to Bexleyheath
    From Seven Kings
    to self-service training
    Promoted to Management
    D. MCCORD From further...

  • Retirements 34

    Retirements Wesmd our best wishes to the following
    colleagues who have just retired Mrs G. Devine who joined the firm in 1953 as a
    saleswoman at Elmers End. She transferred to
    Beckenham in 1954 and was promoted to...

  • Obituaries 35

    Obituaries We regret to record the death of the following colleagues
    and send our deepest sympathy to all relatives
    F. Andrews, a pensioner who retired from
    Beckenham in 1946 died on 10th July 1964. He had
    joined the firm in...

  • Puzzle Page 36

    Whatsit No 5 Solution in our next issue. [It's part of a label.)
    Whatsit in our last issue was not a
    lemon squeezer nor the bottom of a
    half-pint but a picture taken looking
    straight down at the top of the stopper
    of a...