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    Mr Alfred Sainsbury
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    News and Developments
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    Cube Roots
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    Two Retirements
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    Marmalade for JS Breakfasts
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    KS Veterans' Visiting Panel
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    Suddenly it's Spring
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  • Mr. Alfred Sainsbury 02

    Mr. Alfred Sainsbury
    Just as we were going to press we received the news
    that Mr. Alfred Sainsbury, the fifth son of the Founder,
    died in his 82nd year.
    Mr. Alfred joined the business in 1906 as a young
    man after having...

  • News and Developments 03

    Redhill, which, says the
    guidebook, gets its name
    from the local sandstone, is a
    19th century town which
    came into existence with the
    opening of the railway to
    Brighton. Sainsbury's opened
    up for trade there at...

  • Cube Roots 11

    Focus on Suppliers in this issue
    is about the growth of the Liebig
    Group which celebrates its
    hundredth birthday this year.
    OXO cubes are made by
    the Group's subsidiary
    0X0 Limited. We are indebted to The...

  • Two Retirements 16

    Two Retirements
    When Mr. F. A. Pagden and
    Mr. A. C. Welch retired on April 30th
    the firm lost from active work two Area
    Superintendents from areas south east
    and south west of London.
    Both Mr. Pagden and Mr. Welch had...

  • Marmalade for JS Breakfasts 18

    An account in
    pictures of the
    making of JS
    marmalade THE story is told that in 1561 when
    Mary Queen of Scots sailed from
    Calais to be crowned Queen in
    Scotland, her Spanish doctor made
    her an...

  • L 22

    by Peter Proto I DIDN'T, I'm afraid to say, take too readily to
    the motor-car. And I think the car felt the
    same towards me.
    I started taking driving lessons last October.
    After months of contemplation and thought

  • JS Veterans' Visiting Panel 23

    JS Veterans' Visiting Panel
    Mr. W. C. Gurr writes about
    some of the problems of
    retirement and the work done by
    the JS Veteran Visitors in
    helping to face them Mr. G.H. Lovegrove.Vistting Panel Secretary addresses the...

  • Suddenly it's Spring 24

    Suddenly it's Spring
    H. Brown's gardening
    notes for this issue cover
    routine jobs and advise
    on plant selection for
    the small garden Another busy month. Happily the lighter
    evenings make us less dependent on a fine

  • Slough goes Dancing 26

    Slough goes Dancing
    Slough section held a very lively
    dinner and dance on March 13th at
    the White Hart Hotel, Windsor.
    About 250 members and their
    guests were there to dine and dance.
    In a raffle for the JS Crippled...

  • Factory win Cup 27

    Factory win Cup
    Griffin 'Q' won the Senior Challenge
    Trophy of the West End AFA in
    solid style by defeating Osram-GEC
    5-3 on March 13th. Our factory team
    started with four goals in the first
    13 minutes. Picture on the...

  • Congratulations 28

    Congratulations to Mr. Dennis
    Warren and Miss Valerie
    Gilbert of Crawley, married at
    St. John's Church on
    March 27th
    Congratulations to Mr. Jim
    Denman and Miss Pat Down
    of Crawley, married at Worth
    Church on March...

  • Movements and Promotions 28

    Movements and Promotions
    J. BRECKm,
    P. DAVIS
    G. HUNT
    R. MOTA
    Spare Managers
    A. MOTT
    A. PIKE
    D. WHITE

  • Retirements 29

    We send our best wishes to the following colleagues
    who have just retired.
    W. J. Bridgeman joined the firm as a learner in
    July 1921 at 8 Temple. Three years later he moved
    to St. Albans, and in October 1927 he...

  • Obituaries 31

    We regret to record the death of the following
    colleagues and send our deepest sympathy to all
    W. H. Ayliffe who was engaged as a
    warehouseman at Blackfriars in 1942. He
    subsequently became checker and...

  • What is it? 32

    What is it? It's a Sausage Tree. You mean like those Spaghetti Trees? No, this is for real.
    Where does it grow? All over the African tropical belt. Family name is Bignoniaceae and
    this is the Kigel Africana Bentham species. Its...