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    News and Developments
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    The Midlands
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    Conducted Tour
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    Staff News
    From left to right: Mr. R. J. Sainsbury, Henry Moore OM, CH, Sir Roland Penrose CBE, judges of...

  • News and Developments 02

    John Wragg at work in his
    Hampshire studio on the
    full size plaster version of
    the piece of sculpture
    which will stand in the small
    precinct in front of our new
    Chelsea branch. The
    maquette for it is seen at the
    foot of...

  • Mr. W.J. Hedges retires 05

    Mr. W.J. Hedges retires
    At Christmas, Mr. Hedges, Area Superintendent
    for the Midlands, Eastern Counties and North
    London, retired. We felt it appropriate to write
    about his career in this issue, so much of
    which is devoted...

  • The Midlands 06

    Birmingham stands in the heart of the Midlands
    and almost centrally in England. London
    is 114 miles away, Bristol 88 miles and Liverpool
    about 100 miles off. With the towns, cities
    and villages which flank it,...

  • Crossword 20

    the journal crossword/No 6 ACROSS
    1. Confused Capri and returned to squeeze
    a conserve. (7, 3)
    7. The pain of spinach everywhere. (4)
    8. Are generally toasted and eaten at tea.
    9. Kay and Sidney find they are...

  • Pasta 21

    Pasta is made from semolina, semolina from wheat. It is brought
    up river on barges and unloaded straight into the Chelsea Flour
    Mills which stand on Thames-side on a site once occupied by the
    stables of the London General...

  • Conducted Tour 26

    Conducted Tour
    H. Brown writes about new
    catalogues, new varieties and
    how to get the best out of them. GAEDEHING is now big business and competition
    in the seed trade is intense. Presentday
    catalogues are works of art and...

  • Crossword Solution 28

    1. Apricot j am
    7. Ache
    8. Muffins
    9. Kidneys
    13. Steak
    14. Eats
    16. Typing
    18. Usurer
    21. Abet
    22. Irate
    23. Currant
    27. Auto-car
    28. Town
    29. Gorgonzola
    2. Poultry
    3. Chicken

  • Movements and Promotions 28

    Managerial Transfers
    Apologies to Mr. E.
    name appeared in
    Manager Transfers
    from 128 Kilburn
    to 160 Cricklewood
    from Southgate
    to further...

  • Retirements 30

    We send our best wishes to the following colleagues
    who have just retired.
    W. E. Guest commenced with the firm as a
    learner at Watney Street on 22nd May 1923,
    staying there until August 1926. He then moved...

  • Obituaries 31

    We regret to record the death of the following
    colleagues and send our deepest sympathy to all
    H. G. Ward was engaged as a warehouseman at
    Bramshott in January 1916. Some years later he
    was regraded to...

  • Congratulations 32

    To Mrs. L. J. Smith who celebrated her 90th birthday on
    February 3rd. Mrs. Smith's husband was formerly Manager at
    87 Balham. He retired in the early thirties. Mrs. Smith is enjoying
    wonderfully good health, is...