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    2 JS Journal
    7 Parties
    8 Corby
    10 Golden Wedding
    11 Uganda
    12 Wine
    16 Food
    22 Basingstoke
    24 Cambridge
    28 RSA
    30 VAT
    31 Two Retirements
    32 Kings Reach
    42 Eggs
    50 Stamford Hill
    52 Stamford Group

  • JS Journal 02

    The Journal is dead long
    A new-look
    JS JournalWill appear
    in May, with new
    features, new ideals and
    a new editor. Before this
    old-style model is
    consigned forever to
    the dustbins of history,

  • Parties 07

    There are usually dozens of parties at this time of year and no doubt this
    year there were as many as ever. However, only four parcels of pictures have
    arrived in our " i n " tray so here is one from each. They are from the...

  • Corby 08

    Corby At the 1931 census, Corby was a
    village of 1,596 souls. True, it was
    at the centre of the Northamptonshire
    ironstone field, but the area was
    mainly agricultural and the one blast
    furnace employed very few people.

  • Action Replay 10

    Action Replay
    Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Jones (above)
    celebrated their diamond wedding
    recently assisted, again, by the same
    three ladies who were their
    bridesmaids sixty years ago. Which
    must be something of a record.
    Mr. Jones...

  • Good food costs less at Sainsburys 10

    Good food costs less at Sainsburys
    Dear Sir,
    I have just returned from a Cosmos
    tour of the European Continent.
    I must tell you of an incident that
    will interest you.
    At the Czechoslovakia border we
    stopped for the usual...

  • Good houses cost more near Sainsburys 10

    Good houses cost more near Sainsburys
    Near SaJnsburys, this .super
    c/htd semi-detached residence,
    up-to-date kitchen, plus loggia,
    3 bedrooms, bathroom,
    sep w.c. garage. lOOft garden.

  • Uganda 11

    Not long ago there were 45 000
    Asians in Uganda and now there are
    none. At least this particular purge
    turned out to be, more or less,
    bloodless, which is something to be
    thankful for. Still, not many of us

  • Wine 12

    Ron Perry, JS Wine Buyer, advises
    which too many people find difficult.
    a simple subject About the only advantage of being virtually a
    non-producing country, is that we have a far
    greater freedom of choice in the wines...

  • Food 16

    Some dishes cooked with wine
    (and other things)
    As Paul Gallico has pointed out, "the only
    difference between cooking with wine and not
    cooking with wine is that you pour some wine in"
    Many cooks think that using wine...

  • Basingstoke 22

    Grace Springthorpe describes a couple of lively
    fund-raising occasions at the depot. 'A September Eruption "was the name given
    to the fund-raising efforts made by Basingstoke
    Depot during the month of September to
    raise money...

  • Cambridge 24

    Peter Ireson,
    Public Relations
    Manager, reports
    on the Seminar,
    Retail Store Location
    in the Seventies.
    Where are supermarkets going to be
    built in the future ? For some time now
    Sainsbury's have argued that...

  • RSA 28

    On January 17 the Chairman,
    Mr. J. D. Sainsbury, spoke on
    "Food Shopping" to the Royal
    Society of Arts. Much of his long
    and interesting paper dealt with
    the history of food retailing with
    particular reference,...

  • Seventieth Anniversary 30

    Seventieth Anniversary
    Queen Victoria died in 1901 and the Boer War ended in 1902.
    Mr. R. J . Clifton, though only 18, fought in that war.
    Soon after it was over he came home and, on Christmas Day,
    was married. It was not...

  • The VATman cometh 30

    The VATman cometh
    We allknow that this newtax "VA T"
    Means tax on this and tax on that.
    So Ron's been looking at this tax.
    And came up with some funny facts.
    Living costs could change a lot—
    They'll zero-rate your burial...

  • Two Retirements 31

    Two Retirements
    Mr. N. Hayes (top picture) retired in November
    and a formidable phalanx of Area General
    Managers, District Managers and their wives
    were at the Lucullas Suite, in the City, to give
    him a great farewell party....

  • Kings Reach 32

    Kings Reach
    Mr. C. W. Burdsey, JS Property Director,
    explains exactly what is going on
    on the site next to Stamford House The Kings Reach Building Contract started
    over eighteen months ago and now the
    buildings on the site...

  • Eggs 42

    Ernie Green, JS Egg Buyer, outlines the background to
    Mr. Frank Sainsbury's, then JS, and now
    Sainsbury-Spiller's East Anglian Egg operations. J.S. have been buying eggs from
    E. Anglia farmers for over 50 years.

  • Stamford Hill 50

    Stamford Hill branch opened on
    October 17. It is a fair sized branch of
    13,000 sq. ft., L-shaped with
    15 checkouts divided between the
    two extremities. Manager (top) is
    Fred Kalb, who was at...

  • Stamford Group 52

    Stamford Group
    Desmond FitzGerald writes about a worthwhile project
    recently started at Blackfriars. Most people agree that one of the main causes
    of juvenile delinquency is lack of youth groups
    and clubs with suitable...

  • King's Lynn 54

    King's Lynn
    JS made their debut in King's Lynn
    on November 14. Though we have
    had connections with the town,
    which is at the centre of a large
    produce growing area, we have not
    had a branch there before.
    The branch is...

  • Japan 58

    Marian Slator reports on her honeymoon in Japan,
    part of the spoils of becoming Miss Office World. Earlier this year we told you how Marian Smith
    had won the Miss Office World Contest. Since
    then she has had to work for...

  • Chairmobile 62

    Shopping has always been a terrible
    problem for the disabled. With
    sticks, they cannot carry a basket; a
    wheelchair is too awkward. So usually
    they have to rely on the help of others.
    Now a new invention makes...

  • Watford 64

    Watford Our new Watford branch opened on
    November 28. It is a large one of
    15,300 sq. ft. and trade is already so
    good, especially late on Thursday
    and Friday evenings that an extra one
    has been added to the original

  • Movements and Promotions 66

    Movements and Promotions
    Managerial Appointments
    J . WATERS
    From Reserve Manager
    Wandsworth to t h e Management
    of Chelsea from September 11, 1972.
    From Deputy Manager...

  • Long Service 67

    Long Service
    Congratulations to the following colleagues who have
    completed long service with the firm.
    40 Years' Service
    G. p. ARMSTRONG Manager, Chelmsford.
    F. W. GILLAM
    M. A. EATON
    S. W. PFEIL
    W. H. LEANEY
    W. T....

  • Retirements 67

    We send our best wishes to the following
    colleagues who have just retired.
    Mr. S. R. Brown Joined the Company from
    H. J. Heinz in 1949 as head of the Stores Buying
    Department. At that time, supplies of most...

  • Obituaries 71

    We regret to record the death of the following
    colleagues, and send our sympathies to all relatives.
    Mr. W. J. Bushnell, who retired from his
    position of Senior Warehouseman at Putney on
    December 28, 1970, after 50...