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  • Frieda bakes a mighty cake 01

    Frieda bakes a mighty cake Taking advantage of the pre-Christmas icing sugar bonanza
    Frieda Bradbury, Hemel Hampstead's housekeeper puts the
    finishing touches to the branch's Christmas cake.
    She started making the cake back in...

  • Now customers supply the heat 01

    Now customers supply the heat
    ENERGY conservation is in.
    Hard upon the news of the
    energy-saving speed and
    heating restrictions, which
    came into effect on December
    14, comes the news that plans
    are well under way in...

  • Santa gets his orders 01

    A survival kit, bunny girls, sugar and a crystal ball: Santa gets his orders WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE FOR CHRISTMAS?
    The JS Journal has been inviting people all over JS
    to write an open letter to Father Christmas detailing

  • More business but small profits thanks to Government controls 02

    More business but small profits thanks to Government controls Chairman John Sainsbury
    again hit out at Government
    control on profit levels when
    he announced a small increase
    in profit in the interim
    results to shareholders...

  • 'Sainsbury calls' and Blanche celebrates her century 02

    Sainsbury calls' and Blanche celebrates her century CUSTOMER Blanche Edith
    Browne is 100 years old - she
    was born just five years after
    the first JS shop opened in
    Drury Lane! And she has
    been an avid customer at

  • Wally's claim to fame 02

    Wally's claim to fame WALLY KEEN'S long
    search for justice ended with
    a TV appearance and a profit
    instead of a loss.
    In January last year Wally,
    who is manager of branch
    stock at JS's Streatham
    offices, ordered and paid...

  • You'll never guess who we saw coming out of Boreham Wood. . . 02

    You'll never guess who we saw coming out of Boreham Wood.
    TV cameras whirr and Cilia
    Black strolls out of Boreham
    Wood branch. It's all part of
    a new ATV series 'Cilia's
    Comedy Six' beginning on
    January 15. Watch out for...

  • Deep down clean, that's the Stamford House crowd 03

    Deep down clean, that's the Stamford House crowd An almost full muster of Stamford House clean kitcheners with catering manager Brian Reed
    (front left) and his deputy Christina Gale (front right). The plaque, being held aloft in...

  • Hazel's chance to air her views 03

    Hazel's chance to air her views
    WHAT IS IT LIKE to be a
    cashier? Hazel Lodge, chief
    cashier at Chelsea will be telling
    Radio London listeners
    in the magazine programme
    'Woman in Town'.
    For Trish Williams, a
    member of the...

  • Let them eat bread 03

    Let them eat bread
    MILLIONS bemoaned the
    lack of daily bread during the
    bakers' strike, but staff at
    least two branches were tucking
    into branch-made bread
    and rolls.
    Hot rolls and tea! That was
    the afternoon menu at...

  • Life imprisonment for the gunman in Balham shooting 03

    Life imprisonment for the gunman in Balham shooting LIFE IMPRISONMENT was the stiff sentence meted
    out to the robber who shot Securicor guard Colin Gayton,
    just after Colin and another guard had picked up about
    £5000 from JS's...

  • Sugar caning 03

    Sugar caning
    OVER £6 for a bag of sugar
    was the price paid by one
    customer at the Bedford
    He was had up for speeding
    and told the court he was
    hurrying to get his mother to
    Sainsbury's before the sugar
    sold out....

  • Twelve hundred say yes to share scheme 03

    Twelve hundred say yes to share scheme MORE THAN twelve hundred
    JS employees took up
    the company's offer to
    acquire over one million JS
    ordinary shares under a share
    option scheme, linked with a

  • Cambridge riot 04

    Cambridge riot
    Cambridge on December 3,
    when JS's new edge-of-town
    supermarket at Coldhams
    Lane (about 1J miles from
    the city centre) opened to
    record crowds, who surged in
    on opening morning for one

  • Display is tops 04

    Display is tops
    LOOKED GREAT - every
    can was eyes front and every
    packet had its shoulders
    The general behind the
    regimented order and all the
    other things that go into
    dressing a new store,...

  • Opening feat! 04

    Opening feat! Three supermarkets opened on one day.
    That was the staggering first time feat
    achieved by JS on 3 December when
    Coldhams Lane (Cambridge), Chingford and
    Woking opened to large queues, adding
    another 5426 square...

  • Shadow minister opens the door 04

    Shadow minister opens the door
    TORY MP James Prior joined chairman John Sainsbury in
    welcoming first-footers at Cambridge.
    The shadow minister for employment and his wife were the
    chairman's guests, arriving on Monday evening...

  • Woking packs 'em in 04

    Woking packs 'em in THREE WEEKS before
    Woking opened the site was a
    shambles and JS staff were
    racing against the clock to
    get the store finished in time.
    But none of the ladies in the
    200 yard queue on the opening

  • Youngest 04

    MANAGER of the new
    Chingford supermarket, 26-
    year-old Stephen Woodrow,
    is one of JS's youngest
    He joined the firm when he
    was 15 as a junior salesman,
    and nine years later became
    manager of the...

  • . . . And on foot they came 05

    . . . And on foot they came
    A long crocodile of shoppers waits outside Coldhams Lane.

  • Chingforders go for clothes 05

    Chingforders go for clothes HOW did the Chingford
    people take to the clothing
    department in the new store?
    Stephen Walkley, manager
    of the textile department,
    based at head office, was
    there to find out.
    'The initial...

  • Engineers beat the rush 05

    Engineers beat the rush UNDER present economic
    conditions opening just one
    branch can be a bad dream
    for the backroom boys in
    branch engineering design
    and the architects departments.
    Opening three
    branches on the same...

  • No trousers at Chingford 05

    No trousers at Chingford 9.20am TUESDAY DECEMBER
    3: and the new
    Chingford supermarket at 13
    Hall Lane opened 10 minutes
    David Sainsbury did the
    honours, and ushered the
    customers into the store.
    Once the floodgates...

  • Petrol too 05

    Petrol too TANK DIPPING is one of
    the things Robbie Robertson,
    deputy manager at the new
    Cambridge branch, has had
    to learn about as the man in
    charge of JS's very first petrol
    The station is self-service

  • Superstore Superloo 05

    Superstore Superloo
    JS's first ever customer loos.
    Opposite the main store
    and the freezer centre at
    Coldhams Lane, Cambridge,
    the small discreet brick building
    was a tranquil haven
    amidst the throngs...

  • A Journal's eye view of December 06

    A Journal's eye view of December The recent flooding in the
    Blackfriars restaurant was put
    to good use when a sudden
    cold spell just before Christmas
    caused widespread freezing.
    Assistant editor Phyllis
    Rowlands took...

  • Wipe that grin off your face and smile! 06

    Wipe that grin off your face and smile! COMPLETE with a bottle of
    headache pills and our very
    best wishes to everyone in JS
    for a very happy Christmas,
    comes the latest edition of the
    Standing Instructions, pictured

  • Appointments 07

    Derek Pretty, formerly a
    financial analyst at Stamford
    House, has been appointed
    special assistant on financial
    matters to director Joe
    Mrs Susan Dark, head of
    internal statistics, will be

  • Frada's limerick wins wine 07

    Frada's limerick wins wine NUMEROUS telephone calls
    about the Christmas wine
    competition told us you had
    unravelled the anagram of
    our Yorkshire brew /' St
    Emilion, bottled at Chateau
    Heathcliff. T'were just a...

  • Long Service 07

    Long Service
    We congratulate the following
    employees on receiving
    long service awards.
    40 years:
    S S Inkpen (Barkingside)
    H G Stone (Romford)
    25 years:
    M Bentley (Reading)
    R H Collinridge

  • Obituary 07

    Mrs Ethel Forecast, a parttime
    skilled supply assistant
    at the Debden branch, died
    on November 23.
    She had been ill since
    September and died during
    her third stay in hospital this
    Mrs Forecast had...

  • Postbag: A bald protest 07

    Postbag: A bald protest From D Parkin, statistical
    services department
    On behalf of those members
    of both branch and head
    office who, shall we say,
    suffer from a receding hairline,
    we really must protest in
    the strongest...

  • Retirements 07

    Albert Lambourne retires
    on December 21 after 45
    years with JS. He was born
    in Caulcott, a hamlet (one
    pub and 24 houses) near
    Oxford, and started at the
    Oxford branch in 1929.
    Apart from a few months

  • Competition 2 08

    Competition 2
    HERE are the winners of the slogan competition and winning
    slogans. Each winning slogan means its author is richer by £25.
    Ealing area - Mrs P Ward, clerk, Gloucester
    'A smile costs the least
    But is worth the...


    The campaign is over-but its message goes on
    are in the same
    business as the stall-holder
    in Petticoat Lane - retail
    trading. The thing that is
    different is our image'...

  • The customer is always right! 08

    The customer is always right! FIVE WEEKS into the customer
    courtesy campaign,
    and branch director Peter
    Snow wrote to all branch
    'Compared to the same period
    last year the number of
    written complaints of...

  • We all love a loser.. 08

    We all love a loser..
    A few of the slogans that didn't win area prizes:
    'Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Give me the money,
    And I'll smile for you'
    Martin Kay, management trainee, Drury Lane
    "There's no S-miles an hour...

  • What's in a name? 08

    What's in a name? NAME BADGES, which
    came into their own during
    the 'smiler' campaign, may be
    with us to stay. 'They are an
    attempt to humanise the
    whole business of supermarketing'
    said JS publicity
    manager Jim Woods.

  • Winners Competition 1 08

    Winners Competition 1 OVER THREE THOUSAND
    entry forms rolled in
    - a good response to the main
    courtesy competition.
    Branch staff had to choose
    six important things that they
    should do for the customer
    out of the 12 listed -...