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  • A tribute to 25 years of know-how 01

    A tribute to 25 years of know-how
    It's glasses raised and smiling faces as JS 25 Club members meet for their important annual get-together. CHAIRMAN JOHN SAINSBURY gave
    715 reasons why JS is one of Britain's
    largest food...

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  • Early retirement brings changes at the top 02

    Early retirement brings changes at the top
    Peter Snow
    PETER SNOW, director of the
    company's branch operations division, is
    to retire for personal and family reasons at
    the end of this financial year.
    Mr Snow joined JS in...

  • The busiest shop in town 03

    The busiest shop in town
    Coldfield branch, which because of social
    changes and town centre redevelopment
    has up to now been a tough area to trade
    On October 5 the company's...

  • Comings and going 04

    Comings and going
    JS GOES WEST later this month with
    the opening of a new supermarket at
    Exeter on November 23. The new store
    will have a sales area of 1475 square metres
    (about 15,800 square feet) and sell all the

  • Reluctant farewells 04

    Reluctant farewells
    ST ALBANS was opened in 1922 and
    stands in the bustling market in St Peter's
    Street. It boasted a fine mirrored office
    screen which JS archivist Honor Godfrey
    hopes to be able to have dismantled...

  • Sandy's dandy in denim 04

    Sandy's dandy in denim
    SANDY MEEK nearly didn't become
    Miss JS South East. 'We'd been stocktaking
    and we had to race down to
    Maidstone, where the contest was being
    held. There were only two contestants to
    go when I got...

  • Union drive at Blackfriars 04

    Union drive at Blackfriars
    RECRUITING DRIVES by two trade
    unions have been taking place at
    First, SATA (Supervisory, Administrative
    and Technical Association, part of
    USDAW, the union of Shop, Distributive

  • Self-selection produce at Forest Hill 05

    Self-selection produce at Forest Hill 'OUR PRODUCE SALES are now on
    the increase' says Forest Hill deputy
    manager Frank Bishop talking about the
    loose produce section introduced in the
    branch in September.
    Potatoes, tomatoes,...

  • Which? survey says JS superstores are tops 05

    Which? survey says JS superstores are tops
    WHICH? MAGAZINE'S annual survey
    of grocery prices this year showed that
    superstores are the coming thing.
    But although the report of the survey,
    carried out in May and published...

  • Charlton's shop is a growing concern 06

    Charlton's shop is a growing concern
    A GARDEN SHOP on wheels is the latest
    venture of Charlton depot SSA.
    Mark Vickers, a warehouseman in the
    returns and despatch department, runs
    the shop in a trailer given by the...

  • We also heard . . . Worcester to man the pumps 06

    We also heard . . . Worcester to man the pumps
    three opens at Blackpole, Worcester
    on November 16, along with a new supermarket
    and integral freezer centre. Open
    in time to make the most of...

  • Fred Bone-apart meets his Waterloo 07

    Fred Bone - apart meets his Waterloo
    THERE'S A SKELETON in your car
    park' said a customer at JS's Hitchin store.
    'Oh, yes?' replied assistant manager Paul
    Legate, not sure if he should call the
    manager or a doctor.

  • . . . cheese party pieces 08

    . . . cheese party pieces ANYONE looking for a way to establish a
    reputation for flair and good taste this
    Christmas, need go no further than JS's
    cheese department. This December for the
    first time, a limited number of...

  • JS's Christmas wine and . . . 08

    JS's Christmas wine and . . . Above: Wine buyer Allan Cheesman inspects
    a bottle of the new Vin Mousseux.
    Below: The proof of the sparkle is in the
    glass. CHRISTMAS SPARKLE all year
    through for under thirty bob. That's...

  • Disco ship ahoy! 09

    Disco ship ahoy!
    THE BEST DISCO in town was chugging up and down the
    Thames for four hours on Friday October 8, when 160 revellers
    bopped upstream as far as Fulham and downstream as far as
    The floating disco, which...

  • Monday is shopping day! 10

    Monday is shopping day!
    SIX-DAY TRADING is now operating
    at four JS stores. Sheffield and Doncaster
    were the first to open for business on a
    Monday. Fareham followed in April 1976
    and Lewisham joined the JS...

  • JS wins a slice of the action at Dunstable 11

    JS wins a slice of the action at Dunstable
    tender to redevelop a large slice of
    Dunstable town centre.
    Says Roy Linfield, manager of JS's
    architects department: 'The scheme contains
    a new...

  • On the buses 12

    On the buses THE SAINSBURY BUS isn't a toy line
    that's been introduced for Christmas—
    it's a new idea to attract shoppers to JS's
    biggest branch, the Kempston superstore
    on the outskirts of Bedford.
    The green double-decker,...

  • A cautionary tale 15

    A cautionary tale
    " . . . Then 1 lost my metric conversion

  • Eric cooks us up some just dessert 15

    Eric cooks us up some just dessert
    DISH?' we boldly asked Eric Blowes,
    deputy meat manager at Chelmsford
    branch. With wife Judy (a part-time cashier
    at the branch) in close attendance, he
    stuck very...

  • Straight down the middle! 16

    Straight down the middle!
    EALING AREA OFFICE seemed to find
    the only dry day in September for their
    annual golf tournament.
    It was Monday 27th when 20 competitors,
    led by AGM Ken Wood, took on
    the Goring and Streatley golf...

  • We receive the gift of tongues 17

    We receive the gift of tongues
    Last month we told you all about the glass tongues that were such a prized commodity in
    cooked meats departments in the thirties.
    Well, now we can show you what they looked like.

  • Your letters 17

    Your letters
    Letters are welcome and should be
    addressed to the editor. Don't forget
    you can dictate one by using the
    Journal's phone-in service on
    01-921 6221 Sandwich course!
    From: Grace Springthorpe,
    Basingstoke depot

  • Hemsby weekenders choose a Miss JS and meet Sir Fred 18

    Hemsby weekenders choose a Miss JS and meet Sir Fred
    THE LONG, HOT summer of '76
    continued into autumn for 2000 SSA
    members and friends who converged on
    Pontin's holiday camp at Hemsby for a
    gala weekend on September 26.

  • Appointments 19

    Colin Harvey has been appointed district
    manager designate in the Woking area.
    Mr Harvey was previously manager of
    Lewisham. He will take over the district
    now covered by William Beavan, who is
    due to retire in...

  • Long Service 19

    Long Service
    Ken Wood, AGM of Ealing area, celebrated
    40 years' service with the company
    in October.
    Mr Wood commenced his career as a
    learner at Seaford and then moved to
    London Road, Brighton. Returning to
    Seaford as a...

  • Yoga helps smooth out the lumps 19

    Yoga helps smooth out the lumps
    HEALTH, relaxation and poise. These
    are on offer in the canteen at Stamford
    Hill branch on Tuesday evenings, when
    branch personnel officer Mrs Aline Medcalf
    conducts yoga classes for the...

  • Retirements 20

    Ron Gilbert, manager of Stevenage, retired
    on October 9. He had been with the
    company for 44 years.
    After a period at the JS school, Mr
    Gilbert started behind the counter as a
    learner at Bedford, and he received...

  • Two heads are prettier than one 20

    Two heads are prettier than one
    THE FACT that Liz and Mary Christian
    are identical twins isn't just a headache for
    Basingstoke branch manager Ron
    Lake—it can be a problem for them, too.
    Mary, by a quarter of an hour...

  • 'It's fulfilling to see young men rise through the ranks' 21

    'It's fulfilling to see young men rise through the ranks'
    FRED NASH joined Sainsbury's in 1932
    following a visit to his school by a JS
    recruiting officer. He started, aged 15^
    years, in the general office at Blackfriars.

  • Obituary 21

    Lawrence Bliss, deputy manager at Tottenham,
    was tragically killed in a road
    accident on September 17. Mr Bliss, who
    had been with the company 40 years,
    leaves a wife and a daughter.
    Roger Young, deputy section...

  • First take two rabbits and a hutch... 22

    First take two rabbits and a hutch...
    RABBITTING ON to Lionel Palmer,
    senior warehouseman at JS's Christchurch
    branch, means talking enthusiastically
    about his prize breed of English
    rabbits. Over the years he has...

  • If music be the food... 22

    If music be the food...
    LOITERING at the checkout may not be
    the first sign that a customer is about to
    raid the till, it could be that he is smitten
    with love for the checkout girl. This was
    the case at JS's Chelsea branch...

  • Supersave! 22

    NOT IMMACULATE, fairly tatty but
    with good potential and only seven
    minutes from Sainsbury's—ran a recent
    house for sale ad in the Welwyn Times and
    Hatfield Advertiser. It's comforting to
    know that being close...

  • Manager retires to run a railway 23

    Manager retires to run a railway
    WHEN JOHN SOPER retired as
    manager of 1/4 Ealing on September 17
    after 45 years with JS he went back to his
    first love—to be a train driver.
    His trains are magnificent O-gauge
    models of...

  • Perambulations with a trolley end in jail 23

    Perambulations with a trolley end in jail
    A PANDA CAR patrolling Bloxwich
    High Street (about five miles away from
    JS's Walsall branch) spotted a man pushing
    a supermarket trolley. At it was after
    11 at night and the course of...

  • Finger clicking good! 24

    Finger clicking good!
    ENTRIES for our photographic contest
    are rolling in. Here are just four that
    caught our fancy. If you think you can
    do better—get shooting. The closing date
    is December 1. The top prize is a