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  • Didn't we do well! 01

    Didn't we do well!
    A WELCOME RETURN to more normal
    profit levels, but a warning of 'a very
    tough time in 1977' are the central features
    of JS's half year results, published on
    November 10.
    Compared with this time last year...

  • Contents Page 02

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    General news
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  • The village shop 02

    The village shop An artist's impression of Norfolk village life—Bowthorpe style, with the JS supermarket shown top right. JS HAS BEEN SUCCESSFUL with its
    tender to construct a shopping centre of
    unusual design in a new housing...

  • Updating gets updated 02

    Updating gets updated
    A NEW, MORE ACCURATE, easy-to-
    read system of updating the price book is
    now in operation at branches.
    'It's a fundamental re-think of the
    whole system of price up-dating'explains
    branch trading manager...

  • Busy going nowhere! 03

    Busy going nowhere!
    The persistent pedallers are, left to right, Elaine Kitson, Bob Bartlett, Helen Critchell,
    David Day and Karl Gregory. SIX PEOPLE travel nearly 300 miles on
    two bikes. That may sound like a...

  • Long holidays ahead 03

    Long holidays ahead
    ahead for most of us at JS as Christmas
    Day and New Year's Day fall on a
    Saturday this year.
    As so many people work a Monday to
    Friday week, alternative days have been

  • Rolling out the money 03

    Rolling out the money
    JS OWNS 80,000 ROLL PALLETS and
    at £33 each it is hardly surprising that they
    are expected to earn their keep by being
    kept on the move and in use.
    About 40,000 of them are always at the
    branches at...

  • A model evening at Telford 04

    A model evening at Telford
    ALL SMILES and informality from 21-
    year-old JS cashier Erica Lattauschke as
    she relaxes in the spacious and well laidout
    Telford shopping precinct.
    Only a few days earlier in the same

  • Inside (leg) information 04

    Inside (leg) information
    CHELTENHAM BRANCH were given
    a more-than-usually detailed tip-off by
    the local shops' early warning system.
    'Suspected shoplifter, male, 53-60 years
    old, 5ft 6in, very slim, 36in chest, 30in

  • SSA membership grows and grows 04

    SSA membership grows and grows
    SSA MEMBERS attending their annual
    general meeting at Stamford House on
    October 27 were told that more and more
    staff, attracted by the variety of activities,
    are joining up.
    In his report SSA...

  • Top Dutch food technologist visits JS 04

    Top Dutch food technologist visits JS
    A LEADING food hygiene technologist
    from Holland, Dr Michael Van Schothorst,
    visited JS's research and scientific
    services division at Blackfriars on Friday
    October 29.
    Dr Van...

  • A new best of health service 05

    A new best of health service HEALTH EDUCATION for JS branch
    staff—that is the programme now under
    way, organised by the employee services
    department at Blackfriars.
    Already officials from local health departments

  • And now for something completely different . . . 06

    And now for something completely different . . . PUMPKINS ARE the latest addition to
    the vegetable range in a dozen JS
    Their grower, a one-man enterprise in
    Hereford, one day dropped in on JS
    produce buyers at...

  • Butter-proof! 06

    JS BRANDY BUTTER will be making
    mince pies even tastier this Christmas.
    It's a new line that will be on sale for the
    first time in about 50 branches a fortnight
    before Christmas. Made from equal parts
    of butter...

  • Mmm . . mightier-meatier 06

    Mmm.. mightier-meatier
    PREMIUM beefburgers and porkburgers
    are two new lines going into branches
    in the next few weeks.
    Premium Beefburgers are already on
    sale in some stores and will be in all
    branches by the beginning of...

  • Maidstone is ahead of the competition 07

    Maidstone is ahead of the competition Above: Maidstone branch manager
    Dennis Taylor.
    Below: The crowded shop on opening day. ON NOVEMBER 2, Sainsbury's new
    supermarket and freezer centre became
    the first units to open for...

  • Worcester takes off! 08

    Worcester takes off!
    Chairman John Sainsbury flew out by helicopter to open the branch, landing in a field next to the store. Manager David Butolph. THE THIRD LARGEST STORE in the
    JS chain opened on the outskirts of...

  • New right hand men at the top 09

    New right hand men at the top
    NEWS of two new appointments—
    Martin Whitty becomes personal assistant
    to chairman John Sainsbury, and
    Bob Pearman becomes personal assistant
    to marketing director Joe Barnes.
    Both Martin and...

  • How the West was won... 10

    How the West was won...
    DEVON opened on Tuesday, November
    23 in the new £5 million red-bricked
    Guildhall shopping centre, Exeter.
    The new shop, with a sales area of 1,475
    square metres (15,876...

  • Two more opening gambits 10

    Two more opening gambits
    A SECOND JS STORE opens at Crawley,
    Sussex on December 7. The new
    supermarket is at Broadfield, on the outskirts
    of Crawley. It has a sales area of
    1945 square metres (nearly 21,000 square
    feet) and...

  • JS gets the pick of the crop 11

    JS gets the pick of the crop
    At the Marden fruit show the agricultural experts examine the apples and pears. THE VERY BEST apples and pears from
    English orchards were on sale at Lewisham
    and Forest Hill branches from

  • What's the score? 12

    What's the score? Peter Ireson: Our latest profit figures are
    nearly double what they were this time last
    year, which sounds pretty good. Are you
    pleased with them ?
    John Sainsbury: I think they are good
    but you have to...

  • Faces in the news... 15

    Faces in the news...
    ONE WEEK Michelle Cheatle was being
    crowned Miss JS Eastern, the next she was
    under the surgeon's knife having her
    appendix removed.
    Michelle, now 18, is a display assistant
    at Great Yarmouth, and she...

  • Food today: friend or foe? 16

    Food today: friend or foe? Have you read the headlines in the papers recently?
    Headlines concerning heart disease and animal fats,
    polyunsaturates, cholesterol and eggs, monosodium
    glutamate and 'hot flushes', antibiotics in...

  • "I've seen that face somewhere before!" 18

    "I've seen that face somewhere before!"
    From: Ted Spriggs, manager, Welwyn
    Garden City branch
    This cartoon recently appeared in our
    local newspaper. I think that the driver of Z Victor One is supposed to be yours truly.

  • Your letters 18

    Your letters
    Letters are welcome and should be
    addressed to the editor. Don't forget
    you can dictate one by using the
    Journal's phone-in service on 01-921 6221 Time is money?
    From: B R Lucas, deputy manager,

  • JS gets into training for the second time running 19

    JS gets into training for the second time running
    ONCE AGAIN JS HAS gained the Distributive
    Training Award—presented by
    the Distributive Industry Training Board.
    The award is made for three years, and JS
    previously won it...

  • Appointments 20

    T Brown, formerly manager of Sutton, has
    been appointed manager of Lewisham.
    R K Palser, formerly manager of Stockwell,
    has been appointed manager of
    B Thake, formerly manager of
    Leamington, has been...

  • Long Service 20

    Long Service
    Len Barton, meat manager at Harold Hill,
    celebrated 40 years' service with the company
    in October.
    He started his career as a butcher's
    learner at Cranbrook Road, Ilford, and
    after six months he was transferred...

  • Retirements 20

    Norman Barrance, manager of Romford,
    retired on November 20, after 44 years'
    service with the company.
    Mr Barrance joined JS as a learner at
    259 Ilford. He progressed to salesman at
    Leytonstone and was then...

  • Retiring watchdog stays alert 21

    Retiring watchdog stays alert AN 'INDUSTRIAL SPY'—that was one
    of the accusations levelled at Alec Hadden,
    manager of JS's retail competition
    department, as he 'looked over' the shop
    of a competitor.
    Mr Hadden, who created...

  • Finger-clicking good! part two 22

    Finger-clicking good! part two
    JUST A FEW DAYS LEFT! If you want to enter the JS Journal photographic
    competition you'll have to get your skates on, because the closing date for entries is
    December 1.
    You can send as many...

  • We also heard... a robotic relationship 23

    We also heard . . . a robotic relationship
    'MECHANICAL MATE male/female',
    ran a job advert in a recent current
    vacancies list.
    Sounds to us like not so much a job title,
    more a piece of gossip.

  • What's in it for you? 23

    What's in it for you?
    0 UTLA N DISH—but edible—sandwich
    fillings are what we asked for in the last
    issue, with a 50p JS gift voucher for every
    one we printed before Christmas. Here are
    three that tickled our palates; plus...

  • An up-dated look at what 's in store at JS 24

    An up-dated look at what's in store at JS
    Opening Programme for next 12 months
    Cannon Park
    (Coventry) and

  • Energy-plus SSA weekend at Brean 24

    Energy-plus SSA weekend at Brean
    NOT EVEN inclement weather could
    prevent 2,500 SSA members and friends
    having a weekend to remember at Pontin's
    holiday camp in Brean.
    Says SSA organiser Len Starling, 'The
    campers generated...