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  • Shopping's eggstra special at Pitsea 01

    Shopping's eggstra special at Pitsea
    HUNDREDS of mums swopped their
    prams for supermarket trolleys to be
    among the first to shop at JS's new store
    at the Pitsea Centre, Basildon, when it
    opened on April 6.

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  • What's all this then . . . ? 02

    What's all this then . . . ?
    THE same but different. That's the aim of the new look JS Journal
    you are now reading. After a lengthy and thoughtful review of the
    purpose and function of the Journal, it has been decided that...

  • Ministry men find out we know our onions 03

    Ministry men find out we know our onions
    TWENTY top horticulturists took a
    close look behind the scenes at Woolwich
    branch as part of a day's visit to JS
    on April 7.
    All of them were officers of the Agricultural

  • Produce blossoms out 04

    Produce blossoms out SPRING arrived with a flourish at
    Kempston and Lewisham, the first two
    JS stores to sell pot plants and cut
    flowers. A logical addition to the
    produce department, their introduction
    on an experimental...

  • Caramel goes 'topsy turvy' 05

    Caramel goes 'topsy turvy' GOOD news for those with a sweet
    tooth. The JS dairy buying department
    have introduced two new variations on
    the dessert theme - chocolate and
    peppermint, and chocolate and orange.
    'Some time ago we...

  • Charity begins at home 05

    Charity begins at home EVER wondered what happens to those
    colourful sales promotion vouchers that
    drop through your letter box, offering 2p
    or 3p off certain products?
    Not the ones that go straight from the
    doormat to the...

  • Gardens to visit 05

    Gardens to visit
    SIR ROBERT and Lady Sainsbury's
    garden is one of over 1200 gardens open
    to the public during the coming months,
    in support of The National Gardens
    Scheme. Most of the gardens are not
    normally accessible to...

  • Island holiday 05

    Island holiday
    JUST the thing to blow the cobwebs
    away after a busy week at work was the
    weekend trip to the Isle of Wight taken
    by 80 SSA members on March 12. They
    stayed in two hotels, and the entertainments
    included a...

  • A day of self analysis for JS scientists 06

    A day of self analysis for JS scientists 'IMPACT' was the theme of this year's
    research and scientific services division
    (RSSD), management conference, held
    on March 29 in the conference suite at
    Rennie House. The conference...

  • Bath sponge 06

    Bath sponge
    AN embarrassing shortage of cash hit
    the JS branch at Bath on Saturday,
    March 20 when a jammed safe left the
    branch without any money to refill the
    tills at the start of the day - and on a
    day when the banks were...

  • Takings taken 06

    Takings taken
    ROBBERS got away with takings of
    over £8000 from JS's Kingsland Road
    store on Thursday evening, March 25.
    Two men set upon the Securicor guards
    as they were leaving the store. One
    guard fell through a plate...

  • Thief of bag daddy 06

    Thief of bag daddy SHOPS in the High Street at Boscombe,
    including JS, were recently hit by a
    phantom shoplifter whose trademark
    was an abandoned trolley of shopping
    near the exit, having got away with an
    unknown quantity of...

  • Easter parade 07

    Easter parade
    'EASTER eggs have been on the shelves
    two weeks longer this year' says Charles
    Pratt, head of grocery III. 'They went on
    display in the last week of February,
    which is a week later than last year, but

  • Let them eat (cream) cake . . . 07

    Let them eat (cream) cake . . . THERE has been a cream cake boom in
    more than a hundred branches, the result
    of big changes in the display of the cakes.
    JS first sold cream cakes in 1971
    when Wandsworth branch was opened

  • Back in business at Temple Fortune 08

    Back in business at Temple Fortune TEMPLE FORTUNE is back on the JS
    trading map, after an absence of 11
    years, with the opening of an
    independent freezer centre on April 6. It
    was nearly 61 years ago that the company

  • Les's driving attracts unexpecte unexpected praise 08

    Les's driving attracts unexpecte unexpected praise 'HE WAS a driver who observed the
    three C's of an era of driving long gone -
    careful, considerate and courteous.'
    Thus wrote Mr G Hurcombe, of Christchurch,
    Dorset, who was...

  • Late night line-up 09

    Late night line-up From Monday to Friday every week, at a quarter to six,
    the evening shift begins at each branch. Some of the
    people who work on this shift have only a nodding
    acquaintance with the day workers; others are...

  • Playing at shops helps mum 11

    Playing at shops helps mum JUST above Sainsbury's in Farnborough's
    new Kingsmead shopping
    centre there is a development in
    shopping that could have a big future.
    It's the Timberden Shoppers' Nursery,
    thought to be the first...

  • How JS is responding to the new Acts 12

    How JS is responding to the new Acts JUST as the company's standards of
    hygiene and quality far exceed the
    requirements of the law, so in the field of
    employee relations, JS is aiming to
    comply not only with the letter of...

  • Safety first 12

    Several important, far-reaching new pieces of legislation came
    into force during 1974 and 1975, which give new rights to
    employees and which impose new responsibilities on employers.
    Three of the most significant new Acts to be...

  • Stan's our officer of the law 12

    Stan's our officer of the law 'PEOPLE only understand if they want
    to understand' says Stan Ramage,
    company safety adviser, whose job it is
    to spread the message of safety in
    general and of last year's Health and
    Safety at...

  • JS plans a fair exchange 16

    JS plans a fair exchange 'MR WATSON, come here. I want you'
    are reputed to be the first words spoken
    over a telephone when, in 1876,
    Alexander Graham Bell, its inventor,
    first succeeded in transmitting and

  • You tell us . . . head lion news! 17

    You tell us . . . head lion news! THE NATIONAL PAPERS were full
    of it when a woman wearing a leopardskin
    coat in Woking was pounced on
    and severely licked by a lion.
    In fact this epic encounter between the
    short-sighted king...

  • Appointments 18

    P Coles, formerly manager at Sidney
    Street, Cambridge, has been appointed
    manager of Pitsea.
    R Wilkinson, formerly manager at
    Bpscombe, has been appointed manager
    of Walton-on-Thames.
    R Gosling, formerly deputy...

  • Long Service 18

    Long Service
    Norman Harding, district manager
    for Coventry area, celebrated 40 years'
    service with JS in March.
    Starting as an egg boy at
    Brondesbury, he was promoted to bacon
    hand before leaving for his war service.

  • Retirements 18

    Ivy Creed, part-time cook at Bristol,
    retired on February 21, after being with
    JS for a total of 14 years, with a year's
    break in 1965.
    Mrs Creed started her career as a
    meat packer, and later qualified as...

  • Obituary 19

    Nancy Coates, part-time supply
    assistant at Leatherhead, died on March
    3. She had been with the company for
    four years. Mrs Coates died in an
    accident when her car collided with a
    Mrs Coates leaves a...

  • Big wheel in transport retires 20

    Big wheel in transport retires JACK BURRILL'S magnificent
    moustache may suggest a lifetime in the
    air, but he has had his wheels firmly on
    the ground during the 28 years he
    worked with JS's transport fleet, until...

  • George hands in his keys 20

    George hands in his keys KEEPER of the keys George Everard
    retired on March 5 after 45 years with
    the company. He joined JS in 1931 as an
    apprentice joiner but since 1960 he has
    been the company's locksmith. This
    meant he was...

  • Your letters 21

    Your letters
    Letters are welcome and should be
    addressed to the editor. Don't forget
    you can dictate one by using the
    Journal's phone-in service on
    Blackfriars extension 2363 Apathy?
    From: C W Turner, JS veteran
    Further to...

  • Karen's not just a pretty face 22

    Karen's not just a pretty face
    PROVOCATIVE, sparkling, with a hint
    of sweetness, could well refer to one of
    the products marketed by the off-licence
    department at Blackfriars, but in this
    instance it could also apply to...

  • Sydney snaps up £500 prize 22

    Sydney snaps up £500 prize THE top prize in amateur photography
    has been carried off by Sydney Harding,
    of supply control.
    We told you in last December's JS
    Journal about some of Sydney's
    achievements with the camera, but...

  • Branches win the day at badminton 23

    Branches win the day at badminton
    PLENTY of contenders, and much new
    talent from the branches, ensured an
    exciting day's play at the JS badminton
    tournament, held on Sunday, March 14,
    at the Michael Sobell Centre,...

  • Charlton carries off the cup—again 23

    Charlton carries off the cup—again VICTORY for the Charlton depot football
    team who, for the second year
    running, have won the SSA Sunday
    football league.
    Their final game, played on March 7
    at the Griffin Athletic Club at...

  • Veterans talk shop over a cuppa 24

    Veterans talk shop over a cuppa IT TOOK an operation of near military
    precision to get 1400 JS veterans to the
    Royal Lancaster Hotel for their 28th
    annual reunion, held in the Nine Kings
    and Westbourn Suites on Tuesday...