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  • In a word, it's SavaCentre 01

    In a word, it's SavaCentre A flight of fancy, soon to become fact, over the SavaCentre site at Washington, showing where the new store will be. SAVACENTRE is the name that's been
    chosen for the JS/BHS hypermarket venture.

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  • New shop stops losses 03

    New shop stops losses
    A SHOP-WITHIN-A-SHOP is the new
    way to sell to branch staff, at a discount,
    goods whose containers have been
    damaged or over-stocked perishables
    that have a limited code life. This
    saves the company the...

  • Results: has JS turned the corner? 03

    Results: has JS turned the corner?
    IT WASN'T such a bad year after all.
    After a poor start, with profits in the first
    six months down by 24 per cent, the
    second half picked up to give an overall
    profit for the year of £15.4...

  • Stamford Group dogged by success 03

    Stamford Group dogged by success
    ACCOMPANIED by his own guide
    dog, an alsatian named Flash, Terry
    Day (South East Regional Organiser of
    the Guide Dogs Association) received a
    cheque for £500 from the Stamford
    Group during a...

  • A feather in our night-cap 04

    A feather in our night-cap SLEEP - continental style, is now available
    at four JS branches, Kempston,
    Barkingside, Pitsea and Chippenham, in
    the form of a new range of continental
    Says JS textile manager...

  • Mayor rings the changes 04

    Mayor rings the changes
    LOOKING resplendent with his chain
    of office, the Mayor of Swindon,
    Councillor John Stevens, toured Sainsbury's
    supermarket at Swindon.
    At the end of his two-and-a-half hour
    visit the Mayor tried his...

  • New departmental director joins trading division 04

    New departmental director joins trading division
    PETER DAVIS joined the company as
    a departmental director in the trading
    division on May 3. He joins JS from Key
    Markets Limited, where he was managing
    After his...

  • Number, please 04

    Number, please
    LAST month's JS Journal carried a
    feature on the telephone and JS. But the
    early years are shrouded in mystery, so
    Honor Godfrey, JS archivist, would welcome
    any information on the early JS
    telephone system,...

  • Staff pool their resources 05

    Staff pool their resources Above: Warehouseman Mick Fyfe lines up a shot, watched by John Phillips. Below: It's John's turn to wield a cue. THE CLACK of balls on the pool table
    at Basingstoke branch doesn't mean a
    quick profit...

  • Success in a tights situation 05

    Success in a tights situation
    TWENTY PENCE off a five-pair pack
    of micromesh tights is an offer that JS's
    female customers can't refuse, so, when
    the price was slashed from 99p to 79p
    for the four most popular colours,...

  • Fruit and veg are on the loose 06

    Fruit and veg are on the loose
    HAND-PICKED produce is being tried
    out at JS's Lewisham branch and the
    results so far are very encouraging. The
    hand doing the picking belongs to the
    customer. Since early April the store...

  • We also heard . . . empties threat 07

    We also heard . . . empties threat OUR eternal thanks to the unknown
    person who sent us a clipping from a
    recent copy of Woman magazine and
    drew our attention to a letter from a
    reader with an Ilford address.
    The writer...

  • We never close 08

    The main entrance of Stamford House, JS's head office at Blackfriars. THE EVENING begins at Stamford
    House when the switchboard closes
    down between five and six o'clock. From
    then on all the calls for head office are

  • Psst! Wanna buy a freeza? 10

    Psst! Wanna buy a freeza? The familiar front of a JS freezer centre.
    This one, at Maidenhead, was opened in
    March, 1975. JUST OVER two years ago, in January
    1974, JS announced its entry into the
    freezer centre business. Most...

  • Half a lamb is better than . . . 11

    Half a lamb is better than . . .
    HALF A LAMB sounds more like
    meal for Desperate Dan (of Beano
    comic and cow pie fame) than for thrifty
    JS shoppers. But half-lamb packs are
    one of the most successful lines

  • JS s front-seat drivers are the best 11

    JS's front-seat drivers are the best THE ROMANTIC IMAGE of a
    chauffeur in a peaked cap and
    impressive leather driving gauntlets,
    created for the most part by early moviemakers,
    is nowhere near the real image
    of the...

  • Unhappy returns 12

    Unhappy returns In a corner of a branch cold store a
    boxful of leaking and discoloured
    vacuum packs and out-of-code perishables.
    For them it's back to the depot This financial year over £5 million worth of unsold
    goods were...

  • Uncle Ray rides again ! 16

    Uncle Ray rides again ! HURTLING AROUND a field in a battered,
    souped-up old Ford 100E is how
    Ray Anderson unwinds after a week
    behind the wheel of a big JS artic. Ray,
    who is a driver at Buntingford depot, is a
    grass track...

  • Appointments 18

    Derek Pretty has been appointed deputy
    chief accountant at Streatham. He was
    previously special assistant to the
    marketing directors, having joined JS in
    L973 as a financial analyst, and he will
    now be...

  • Long Service 18

    Long Service
    George Darby, senior skilled meat
    tradesman at Pinner, celebrated 40
    years' service with the company in April.
    Mr Darby worked for 23 years as a
    van salesman at Harrow, until that type
    of delivery was no longer...

  • Retirements 18

    Ted Shaw, a district manager at Bromley
    area office, retired on April 23 after
    45 years with JS.
    Mr Shaw started his long and varied
    career with the company at Bexhill. He
    transferred to Hastings in 1937 and...

  • AGM who looks too young to retire 19

    AGM who looks too young to retire TALL AND LEAN with a boyish
    twinkle in his eye, Les Westcott looks
    too young to retire. But he isn't, and on
    May 15 he retires as area general
    manager of JS's Woking office after
    nearly 45...

  • JS says goodbye to SB 20

    JS says goodbye to SB STANLEY BRIGHTWELL'S 30-year
    career with JS, which ended when he
    retired on March 5, saw the revival of
    production in the factory after the war
    and the growth of the laboratories from
    a handful of...

  • Your letters 21

    Your letters
    Letters are welcome and should be
    addressed to the editor. Don't forget
    you can dictate one by using the
    Journal's phone-in service on
    Blackfriars extension 2363 Staff get hooked
    From: Jill Mitchell,...

  • Cost Inflation—25 years on 22

    Cost Inflation—25 years on
    LOOKING AT the preliminary results
    and the talk of inflation and cost cutting
    which inevitably surrounds them, one
    might be forgiven for thinking that both
    topics were new.
    But no! A browse...

  • Depot 'all-stars' take on the Entertainers 23

    Depot 'all-stars' take on the Entertainers
    game but won the day on April 18, when
    they entertained a crowd of over 500
    with a 'star' studded charity football
    Not ones to do things by halves,...

  • Do you really like working here? 23

    Do you really like working here?
    BBC RADIO DERBY dropped by at
    the Eagle Centre, Derby, on April 29,
    and their reporter Andrew Turner
    chatted to staff at the JS branch.
    He asked clerk Janet Selby: 'Do you
    like working...

  • Dot's before your eyes 23

    Dot's before your eyes
    IT'S spring again, so we offer you not
    tulips from Amsterdam, but Dot
    Holland from Woking (pictured left).
    Twenty-one-year-old Dot, a clerk in
    the wages and payroll records department
    at Woking area...

  • Top flight finals 23

    Top flight finals
    OVER nine hours of play finally
    resolved the winners in this year's darts
    competition, organised by the SSA and
    held at the new recreation centre at
    Rennie House, Blackfriars.
    The event attracted many...

  • Winning ways 23

    Winning ways
    FORTUNE has smiled on two JS
    shoppers in competitions run by weekly
    A shopper at Bristol branch, Mrs
    Dolly Taylor, won a holiday in Majorca
    worth £400 and £100 spending money.
    And Mrs Pamela...

  • Jumping to it at the Griffin Club 24

    Jumping to it at the Griffin Club
    GLORIOUS sunshine, together with
    hundreds of SSA members and their
    families in sporting and holiday mood,
    went to make the Easter Monday sports
    day at Griffin Athletic Club in Dulwich