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  • Nothing succeeds like success! 01

    Nothing succeeds like success! Eric Clarke, of Clapham, had several
    disastrous goes at the slippery slope in
    the 'It's a knockout' contest, even losing
    his trousers (above right). But he regirded
    his loins, took a deep breath...

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  • Anne's the new textile chief 04

    Anne's the new textile chief
    Anne Heath
    ANNE HEATH is the new head of JS's
    textile department. Malcolm Hughes
    will continue as the departmental
    director responsible for textiles.
    Miss Heath, who is 30, joins JS from

  • Buntingford drivers fly the flag 04

    Buntingford drivers fly the flag
    FOR THE SECOND year in succession
    Des Matthews, of Buntingford depot,
    has qualified for the final of the commercial
    'Driver of the Year' competition
    to be held in September. Des, who...

  • Chairman pays tribute to staff at AGM 04

    Chairman pays tribute to staff at AGM
    JS MADE a reasonably good start to the
    financial year, chairman John Sainsbury
    told shareholders at the annual general
    meeting at the Connaught Rooms,
    London, on July 7. He said:...

  • Fatal accident at Stratford 04

    Fatal accident at Stratford
    A MAN WAS KILLED in an accident while
    working on a fixed scissor lift in the
    backway at Stratford branch on
    Monday, June 7.
    Richard Hutchinson, who lived near
    Bath, was an electrician working for...

  • ... a tropical heatwave... 05

    Brian Peirce,

  • French Week at SAINSBURY'S 05

    French Week at SAINSBURY'S
    FRENCH PRESIDENT Val6ry Giscard
    d'Estaing's state visit to Britain was the
    reason for JS's French Week that
    brought the tricolour to branches from
    June 22 to 26.
    French food and drink lines...

  • Not so busy lines cut HQ phone bill 05

    Not so busy lines cut HQ phone bill
    MAKING FEWER PHONE CALLS h a s Cut t h e
    telephone bill at head office by around
    £35,000. During 1975/76 telephone
    traffic was down nearly 19 per cent.
    Says office manager Dick Hill:...

  • Sale away—but lease back 05

    Sale away—but lease back
    portfolio and provide additional
    capital for future expansion, the company
    has recently embarked on a sale
    and leaseback programme.
    Sale and leaseback is...

  • We're having a heatwave... 05

    We're having a heatwave...
    SOME LIKE IT HOT but not JS area
    engineers who have been overwhelmed
    with cries for help from branches affected
    by the heat-wave that's currently
    melting Britain.
    Romford area office received a...

  • Budding artist says thanks from Vernon House 06

    Budding artist says thanks from Vernon House
    MARK BEST is a highly talented young
    artist with a bright future. One of his
    pictures has pride of place in the office of
    Lord Sainsbury (better known at JS
    as Mr Alan) at Stamford...

  • . . . three, two, one, zero—we have rip off! 06

    . . . three, two, one, zero—we have rip off!
    SUPERMARKET CRIME costs our American
    counterparts $15 billion a year on
    average, according to a special report
    on security published recently by the
    American trade magazine,...

  • Branch lads set a good example 07

    Branch lads set a good example
    (17) and Shayeed Butt (19) are both
    attached to JS's branch at Southend.
    Shaun, a butcher, and Shayeed, a
    week-end student, have won both the
    Duke of Edinburgh...

  • Symbol that bangs the big drum for SavaCentre 07

    Symbol that bangs the big drum for SavaCentre
    A SYMBOL of the future is the dynamic, circular jig-saw designed by the
    JS design studio for SavaCentre—the JS/BHS hypermarket company.
    Establishing an identity for a new...

  • Getting into tights 08

    Getting into tights
    FIRST YOU TAKE a couple of ounces of nylon yarn. Next
    you put a twist in it. Then you knit the resulting springy
    thread into a long tube and sew up one end. Put the
    open ends of two tubes together. Then you...

  • Competition: The thigh's the limit! 12

    Competition: The thigh's the limit!
    A YEAR'S SUPPLY OF JS TIGHTS—that's the top prize in
    our special 'The thigh's the limit' contest.
    If you're not a lady and haven't got a lady you'd like to
    give tights to, or if you've...

  • Health and beauty is LOOKING GOOD 14

    Health and beauty is LOOKING GOOD
    In the last couple of years the scope and size of JS's health and beauty range
    has more than doubled. Now with the introduction of cosmetics and hair accessories
    plans are going ahead to...

  • Depot staff show Truelove devotion 16

    Depot staff show Truelove devotion
    THE JS CONNECTION with Truelove's, a
    residential school for boys aged between
    eight and 16 years with muscular dystrophy,
    begins at Charlton depot. There
    they carry on the good work of...

  • Play it again, HB 16

    Play it again, HB
    'I LIKE TO PUT ON A SHOW, not just a
    disco' says JS's disco kid, Howard
    Bentley. 'And I don't just play what I
    like—I play for my audience.'
    And that policy seems to work for
    Howard, who is deputy grocery...

  • Three cheers all round 17

    Three cheers all round
    From: K Bexley, produce manager,
    Haywards Heath (via dial-a-letter)
    I wish to say how very much I enjoyed
    Mr Males' mammoth fun day at
    Brighton on June 20, and thank and
    congratulate the organising...

  • Your letters 17

    Your letters
    Letters are welcome and should be
    addressed to the editor. Don't forget
    you can dictate one by using the
    Journal's phone-in service on
    Blackfriars extension 2363 Whose business?
    From: C W Edwards, purchases...

  • With thanks from Tina . . . to Denny 18

    With thanks from Tina . . . to Denny
    This card is sent with many thanks,
    From all of us to you,
    To let you know you're thought of,
    In everything we do.
    From cashing up a pick-up,
    Or doing a final clear,
    Your face haunts our...

  • There is nothing like a Dane 19

    There is nothing like a Dane Ready . . . altogether . . . say smorgasbord. It's ladies only as SSA members, their families and friends get together for a snap
    to remind them of that delicious cruise to Denmark. IF YOU HAVEN'T...

  • Appointments 20

    H Ramsden, senior buyer, purchasing,
    has been appointed biscuit buyer,
    bakery department.
    A Branson, accountant, financial accounts,
    has become financial analyst,
    financial appraisal.
    I Merton, deputy manager,...

  • Long Service 20

    Long Service
    Robert Barrett, skilled engineer at head
    office, celebrated 25 years' service with
    the company in April.
    .He worked for 20 years at Running
    Horses Yard, and when that closed he
    moved back to Stamford...

  • New faces you'll see at Blackfriars 20

    New faces you'll see at Blackfriars
    NEW CHIEF CASHIER at Blackfriars,
    Roy Dickman, comes to that post from
    Streatham where he was supervisor of the
    central filing department.
    Mr Dickman, who has been with JS for
    six and a...

  • Retirements 20

    Fred Molyneux, manager at St Albans,
    retired on June 19. He had been with
    the company for 45 years.
    Mr Molyneux started as a runner at
    Bedford. In 1937 he transferred to Luton
    as a 'red button', returning there...

  • Number one operator retires 21

    Number one operator retires AFTER A CAREER with JS spanning 32
    years, Gwyneth Thomas—who started
    as a saleswoman and eventually became
    the company's first security operator—
    retired on June 11.
    'I commenced my employment...

  • Obituary 21

    Bill Hedges, former chairman of the
    veterans group, died on May 20. He had
    been chairman since January 1967 and
    due to continuing ill health, resigned his
    office earlier this year.
    He joined the company in 1922...

  • West Brom boxes clever for kids 22

    West Brom boxes clever for kids THE CREATIVE POTENTIAL of some empty
    JS boxes and cartons was spotted by
    Christine Oates, during a late night
    shopping trip to JS's West Bromwich
    branch. Mrs Oates is a teacher at...

  • Rescue attempt wins student top award 23

    Rescue attempt wins student top award
    SHOWING NO CONCERN for his own
    safety, 16-year-old Leonard Bagot, a
    weekend student at JS's Kingsland
    Road branch, dived into a Scottish loch
    in an attempt to rescue two...

  • Six all set for secretarial success 23

    Six all set for secretarial success Out of their apprenticeship from left to right:
    Pauline Ansett and Chris Williams.
    Julie Sainsbury (no relation), Lorraine Bartholomew, Sue Dearing, Lesley Hornby, THE SAINSBURY GIRLS,...

  • That's the wicket! 23

    That's the wicket!
    the fourth annual single wicket competition,
    went on as planned at the
    Griffin Sports Club on May 31.
    The competition attracted 17 entries,
    with Jimmy Simpson...

  • The lively lads 23

    The lively lads
    GRIFFIN COLTS, a football team made up
    of sons of JS employees at Buntingford
    and other local young players, are the
    toast of the depot.
    In the season just completed the team
    has swept the board, collecting...

  • . . . beside the seaside, beside the sea 24

    . . . beside the seaside, beside the sea
    SUNNY SOUTHSEA was the final destination
    of ten very special coaches departing
    from various pick-up points in South
    East England on Tuesday, June 8. Their
    passengers, numbering around...