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  • We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo 01

    WHO BETTER to show off some of the
    natty numbers from JS's autumn range of
    children's clothes than six boys and girls
    whose mums all work at JS's Dudley store.
    Where better to go to show them off—
    and put the clothes...

  • Contents Listing 02

    Pages 1-5, 24
    General news
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    Pages 18-19
    Pages 20-23

  • JS puts the plug in 02

    SAVE WATER—but don't put JS's standards
    of hygiene at risk. That is the simple
    message that the 'Save Water at Work'
    poster (pictured below) is now putting
    across in kitchens, washrooms, preparation
    areas and laboratories...

  • Prices you can't beef about! 03

    TOP QUALITY BEEF, at prices so low
    they looked like a misprint, kept freezer
    cabinet lids in perpetual motion at JS
    freezer centres last month.
    Home produced beef was that month's
    supersave (there is a different frozen...

  • Roy is one degree nearer his goal 03

    ROY PALARAM, of branch financial
    control, has obtained an external degree in
    English from London University.
    Mr Palarm, who has been with JS for
    two years, did all his swotting in the
    evenings to get his degree and take...

  • Two branches to close this autumn 03

    are to close this autumn. The closures
    are part of the company's overall plan to
    phase out smaller, outmoded stores in
    favour of bigger, more efficient JS supermarkets
    trading in the same...

  • Football season could dry-up 04

    IT'S NOT JUST the big boys like Leeds,
    Liverpool and Leicester who've kicked off
    to another season of league football.
    Joining them in Britain's favourite winter
    sport on September 26, when the Griffin
    Sunday morning league...

  • New rules don't go far enough 04

    A STEP in the right direction but regrettably
    not far enough. That's what Bill
    Ponter, hypermarket manager in JS's
    estates department, thinks about the recent
    Government directive that eases the
    restrictions that have slowed...

  • Package deal 04

    A SUNTAN that doesn't stop where a
    bikini starts is like Sainsbury's
    packaging—clear and uncluttered. This
    piece of body philosophy comes up during
    a short divertissement currently being
    performed at the open air theatre...

  • Red triangle goes as six-month price curb ends 04

    THE GOVERNMENT'S voluntary price
    restraint scheme, which came into effect in
    shops on February 16 ended its six-month
    run in August. During that period shoppers
    became familiar with the red triangle
    symbol that spotlighted...

  • The breeding season… 04

    FIRST, a JS shopping trolley mysteriously
    arrived on a Cambridge traffic island. Next
    day another turned up, and on the third day
    a sign appeared indicating that 'At certain
    temperatures Sainsbury shopping trolleys
    have been...

  • Bread— costs up, subsidy down 05

    BREAD PRICES went up by lp a loaf on
    August 9. Half the increase is due to a
    reduction in the Government bread subsidy
    and half to increases in bakers' costs.
    The lp increase applies to both large
    and small loaves. As an...

  • Just the weather for pretty girls 05

    GARDENERS may be having a rough
    time at the moment but lovers of pretty
    girls have never had it so good. The
    months of summer sunshine have brought
    forth a fine crop of sun-tanned, longlimbed
    lovelies at JS.
    Karen Thurber...

  • New slant on going straight 05

    'CONSCIENCE MONEY for goods
    stolen from your store over the years by a
    group of people who should have known
    better and who have now decided to go
    'Please forgive us.'
    Branch manager John Langrish found
    that typed...

  • SavaCentre helps revive Oldbury 05

    NEWS of another SavaCentre—this time
    at Oldbury in the West Midlands.
    Negotiations with the Sandwell District
    Council are well ahead for a site that forms
    the major part of phase one of a new Civic
    Centre to be built at...

  • A Day at the Zoo 06

    who's wearing what.
    Using the photograph with the chimp as a guide, the clothes are as
    follows (working from left to right): Amanda (next to the chimp)
    wears an acrylic polo neck skinny rib sweater, available in four

  • The Act that sets our rights to rights 08

    Over the last few months the JS Journal has looked
    at the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Sex
    Discrimination Act. Now it's the turn of the
    Employment Protection Act, a far-reaching piece of
    legislation that came into...

  • Roger is the leader of the pack 10

    WALKING THE DOG is no easy matter
    for Roger Draper, a security chargehand
    at Buntingford depot. He has five of
    them—three basenjis and two Ibizan
    hounds, both comparatively rare breeds
    in the UK.
    Roger's interest goes far...

  • Over a hundred quid's worth but no chips! 11

    FIRST PRIZE in the Schools of Chesham
    carnival draw was a two-minute grub grab
    at Sainsbury's Chesham branch won by
    Mrs Sheila Taylor.
    Altogether she managed to grab
    £128.19-worth of goods ranging from
    joints of meat to...

  • Part of life's rich tapestry goes on show 11

    AN EXHIBITION of tapestries made by
    JS veteran Thomas Wilkerson has been
    staged at the Willow Hale library in
    Bognor Regis.
    Mr Wilkerson, who served with JS for
    45 years and retired in 1963 as manager of
    Burnt Oak branch,...

  • A Racing Certainty 12

    Above: a final word of encouragement before the race for Ian from Tom Barnes.
    Below: Ian amid the bustle of the pits.
    At weekends Ian Harrison swops his
    a black one-piece racing driver's suideputy...

  • New employee handbook says it all 14

    AM I ENTITLED to sickness payment?
    How much holiday is due to me ? What are
    my contractual obligations with JS ? What
    is the company policy on safety, overtime,
    dismissal or absenteeism?
    You will find the answers to these,...

  • Brave steps towards a good cause 15

    VERA POWELL, for four years on the
    staff at JS's Chelmsley Wood branch prior
    to resigning due to ill health, recently
    undertook a 400 metres walk for charity.
    The distance may, at first, not seem very
    much until one is made...

  • Malcolm's poetic world goes into print 15

    PLENTY OF PEOPLE write poemsvery
    few have them published. But Malcolm
    Napier, skilled tradesman at Camberley
    branch, has just published a book
    of his own poems—'Poet's Portrayal'.
    'I went to some London publishers,...

  • Hardly enough leftovers to feed a flea! 16

    We find out how JS catering staff cope if we don't ask for more
    EVER WONDERED what happened
    to the leftovers at your staff restaurant?
    Contrary to popular belief they do not
    constitute next day's 'chefs special' soup
    or hot...

  • Your Letters 17

    Your letters
    Letters are welcome and should be
    addressed to the editor. Don't forget
    you can dictate one by using the
    Journal's phone-in service on
    Blackfriars extension 2363
    Credits and debits
    From: B R Lucas, deputy...

  • Into the valley of death rode… 19

    It is not, I hope, unduly cynical to
    suggest that history is made more by
    ignorance, misunderstanding and
    accident than by good judgement, far
    sighted statesmanship and a clear
    understanding of fundamental issues.

  • This glass dish needs looking into 19

    THE BIGGEST MYSTERY yet from the
    JS archives is this glass dish. We don't
    know anything about it, except that it's six
    inches across and two-and-a-half inches
    high and has 'J Sainsbury' 'London' and 'R-
    7563-5' impressed on...

  • Appointments 20

    J C Litrizza, formerly personnel officer
    (recruitment) head office, has been
    appointed office recruitment manager.
    Dorothy Paterson, branch personnel
    officer of West Wickham, has taken up
    her new appointment as payroll...

  • Long Service 20

    John Williams, manager pork products,
    head office, celebrated 40 years with the
    company in August.
    Mr Williams started with the company
    as an egg boy at Brondesbury branch, also
    working at Willesden Green and 96...

  • Margaret remembers the 'gentry' of Kensington 20

    there's nowhere like Chelsea. It's a branch
    with a different atmosphere' says Margaret
    She originally went to the branch in
    1946. She was supposed to be there for a
    fortnight, but she stayed...

  • Bill's the last of a long line at JS 21

    from the dairy department at Blackfriars
    on August 20 brings to an end 67 years'
    continuous service with JS by the Willard
    family, starting with Bill's father, who
    joined JS in 1909.
    Says Bill: 'I...

  • Retirements 21

    'Bob' Terry, assistant manager at Bexhill,
    retired on August 7, after spending 39
    years with the company.
    He worked at Bexhill and the Wealdstone
    as a salesman—1946 brought his
    demob and an upgrade to senior...

  • Chad's life of blood, sweat and tears 22

    'I WAS BORN in a police station. My
    father, my brother, my uncle, my cousin,
    my husband, my son and two of my
    nephews were or are policemen'— Barbara
    Chadburn has spent all her working
    life in security. She retired after 20...

  • Steven Mitchell 22

    Steven Mitchell, tradesman at Corby
    branch died on July 17 after a collision on
    his motor bike. Steven joined the branch
    two years ago and was 17 years of age.

  • Manager looks back on some good times 23

    AFTER A CAREER spanning 39 years,
    Doug Billings, manager of JS's Bristol
    branch, retired on August 24. Mr Billings
    started his working life with a Midlands
    based provisions firm where many of the
    managers were former JS...

  • Reg carves up a dragon 23

    tools of Reg Parrish's hobby—wood carving.
    Two weeks of deft manoeuvring of
    chisel on draining board has produced a
    carving of St George and the dragon. This
    is one of three wood...

  • An up-dated look at what's in store at JS 24

    Opening Programme for next 12 months
    Cannon Park
    (Coventry) and
    Cowley (Oxford)
    Town centre location. Supermarket...

  • Crossword 24

    Compiled by Chris German, supply control
    Each answer, except 13 and 22 down, is place name and the location of
    a JS store.
    1 Put on after contraband sound (5)
    3 This hill is wooded (6)
    7 Gain weight (6)