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    DIRECTORS have been appointed -
    Ewan Davidson, Nigel Matthews, Roy
    Spencer and Keith Worrall.
    The appointment of Ewan Davidson,
    Nigel Matthews and Roy Spencer
    reflects the increasing...

  • Ad awards 02

    Ad awards
    A UNIQUE advertising award scheme
    was organised last year by the trade
    magazine Supermarketing. To set the ball
    rolling they approached JS and William
    Grant, the whisky distillers, to be
    sponsors this year.

  • Christmas bonanza 02

    Christmas bonanza
    JS'S MARKET SHARE, as measured by
    AGB, has now climbed to an all-time
    high of 13.4 per cent, bringing the company
    neck and neck with Tesco. This
    figure covers a 4-week period ending
    December 6 1980, and...

  • Contents Page 02

    Page 1
    General news - Four new departmental directors appointed.
    Page 2-3
    JS's market share equal to Tesco's. Property and company news.
    Page 4-5
    Two new stores open: Potters Bar and Hampton.
    Page 6-8
    Company activities, news...

  • Pie prizes 02

    Pie prizes
    PALETHORPES, the company acquired
    last year by Haverhill Meat Products Limited, have recently been proving just
    how good their pies are.
    At a Bakery and Confectionery
    Exhibition held at Newcastle-upon-Tyne

  • Speed limits raised 02

    Speed limits raised
    CASH ONLY checkouts have become a
    new feature in many JS stores in the last
    few weeks.
    This development is one of the various
    options on trial to discover which can
    give the best and speediest service to...

  • Homebase 03

    HOMEBASE has been chosen as the
    name for JS's new house and garden
    It was announced in October 1979 that
    JS was to enter the £1.5 billion home
    improvement market with the formation
    of a new company...

  • Panel draw 03

    Panel draw
    AN EXTRA ADVANTAGE of being a
    member of the Blackfriars consumer
    panel became apparent just before
    Christmas. A draw was made from
    randomly selected numbers on statistical
    tables and some lucky winners chosen...

  • Pension rises 03

    Pension rises
    pensioners who retired before March 31
    1980 - they have all been awarded a 12
    per cent increase in pension from the J
    Sainsbury Pension and Death Benefit
    Scheme as from January 5...

  • Property 03

    WORK IS UNDERWAY at Bath's
    historic Green Park station. The first
    stage of the project is to restore the
    crumbling station and its Georgian
    facade. Advising JS in this task is Dr
    Peter Cattermole, steam railway fanatic

  • S.A.Y.E. 03

    SAVE AS YOU EARN! As mentioned
    in last month's issue, JS has obtained
    shareholders' approval for the introduction
    of a new savings-related share option
    scheme incorporating improvements
    allowed under the 1980...

  • Historic Hampton 04

    TO BLOSSOM in Hampton Nurserylands
    was just what JS planned to do and
    every hope was fulfilled when Hampton
    branch opened on December 9.
    The site of this branch in Hampton,
    near Richmond in Surrey, really was a
    nursery until...

  • No holds barred 04

    No holds dapped
    Above: Manager of Potters Bar, Robert
    Watson, enjoyed this his second opening
    at JS. Right: Happy shoppers and staff
    seem to thrive at Potters Bar - especially
    in the staff restaurant! JS'S NEW SUPERMARKET at...

  • Good judge 06

    Good judge
    HOME ECONOMIST, Wendy Godfrey
    (pictured standing centre), recently turned
    her hand to judging - in a cookery competition
    sponsored by Ocean Spray (of
    cranberry fame) and open to first year
    students at Leith's...

  • Who loves you baby? 06

    Who loves you baby?
    RUMOURS OF KISSES for blushing
    staff and customers from 'Kojak' Telly;
    Savalas were confirmed by St Stephens
    branch in Norwich.
    Kojak's surprise shopping trip may
    have been due to the fact that he...

  • Ashford capers 07

    Ashford capers
    THE PANTOMIME went down just as
    well as the Christmas dinner at Ashford
    branch. After dinner, and a grand raffle
    with over 50 prizes, the real entertainment
    - the 'Cinderella Caper' - began!
    BPO Rita Farnell...

  • Michele dances to the top 07

    Michele dances to the top
    HIGHLY COMMENDED awards for
    18 year old Michele Watt have made
    Kettering branch very proud of her.
    Michele, a skilled supermarket
    assistant, has worked for JS for just 18
    months but has been a keen...

  • Harry's delight 08

    Harry's delight
    CHRISTMAS wouldn't be Christmas
    without Sainsbury's according to Harry
    Secombe the Goon who lives in Sutton!
    He wrote for Punch magazine about
    the festive season and said 'What I like
    best is going to...

  • Muswell marchers 08

    Muswell marchers
    THE MAYOR OF HARINGEY'S sponsored walk in December turned out to be a
    special event for Muswell Hill branch.
    A team of four, Paul Coster, Dave Morton, Anthony Blake and Barry Putz, joined
    in the walk in fancy...

  • Over the moon 08

    Over the moon
    helped the British Kidney Patient
    Association even more than they ever
    The branch staff set an initial fund raising
    target of £ 150 which could be used to
    send a child...

  • Spring clean image 08

    The new smart attire for all branch staff will include a step-in zipped dress (above
    left) or tunic/trouser suit in a 'brick' colour (centre). For management a different
    trouser suit style will be in dark brown (right). DARK...

  • Party eggsperiences 09

    Party eggsperiences
    A NEW 'QUICK-SNACK' recipe with
    pickle has been introduced into selected
    branches as number two in the range of
    JS party eggs.
    Party Eggs with Sweet Pickle have a
    filling of chopped egg mixed with...

  • Relish that choice 09

    Relish that choice
    SNAP UP the tempting tastes from the
    new JS relish range quickly because, if
    you don't, someone else will!
    They have certainly been a remarkable
    development in the own-label success
    story. These crunchy...

  • Silver spoons 09

    Silver spoons
    THE FOUR LATEST additions to the JS own-label kitchen tool range appear this
    month in 56 branches. All made from stainless steel and priced at £1.25 each, they are
    (from top to bottom): a ladle, a spoon, a...

  • 40 years luncheon 10

    A REMARKABLE cross section of the
    JS work force was represented at this
    year's 40 year luncheon on January 5.
    The chairman, Sir John, and a number
    of directors hosted the luncheon held in
    honour of the sixteen members of...

  • Kenya believe it? 10

    Kenya believe it? £1,000 IS THE VALUE of the fantastic
    Kenya Safari holiday for two offered as
    the first prize in the latest SSA raffle.
    This holiday of a lifetime commences
    June 6 for 14 sun drenched days and

  • Shut that door 10

    Shut that door
    IT IS NOT UNUSUAL for a new branch
    to have to close its doors on opening day
    to control the teeming hoards of eager
    shoppers. But so popular was JS's
    Gloucester store just before Christmas
    that the very same...

  • Take note 10

    Take note
    1981 SEEMS LIKE being a busy year
    for all SSA members. Although prices are
    on the up and up, the holidays, outings
    and other events all seem of exceptional value - both in terms of economy and
    enjoyment. So here are...

  • What a sauce 10

    What a sauce
    VARIETY MAY WELL BE the spice of
    life, but as far as variety of spices or at
    least sauces are concerned it would seem
    that consumers are conditioned as much
    by reputation and labels as by the taste. In a small...

  • Bitterne fight disease 11

    Bitterne fight disease
    A weighty cheque was presented by Bitterne to the chairman and secretary of the local
    Multiple Sclerosis Society branch. A UNITED EFFORT at Bitterne branch
    has raised an impressive sum to aid

  • Sky high Heather 11

    Sky high Heather
    the wing strut, you feel the parachute
    open and realise that everything is all
    right and actually begin to enjoy the
    experience' says 24 year old Heather
    Harnett of her first...

  • Half year draw 12

    Half year draw
    A LUCKY DRAW is to bejpRroi)
    1 and if you have beap^t subscji
    member of thfrSfr^for at least three con
    secutive months by that date, it could be
    your bjg chance to win £1,000!
    ^TrSiplansjSa half yearly...

  • Italian aid 12

    Italian aid
    TWO REQUESTS were recently
    received by J S to help the Italian disaster
    fund - snack foods and 900 bars of soap
    were desperately wanted.
    The soap was needed for 900 orphans
    in Naples. A group of volunteers...

  • Pigs weren't born in packets then! 12

    Pigs weren't born in packets then!
    still dominate the life of Frank Soan even
    though he retired from Hastings branch
    nearly three months ago.
    Frank's career covered 43 years of a
    rapidly changing...

  • Shrewd Aussles 12

    Shrewd Aussles
    SIDES OF HOGGET have recently been
    on special offer at the Sainsbury store in
    the Northpark Shopping Centre. If you
    can't quite place which branch is in the
    Northpark Centre, or are not quite sure
    what a...

  • Lucrative leisuretime 13

    Lucrative leisuretime
    A POSITIVE APPROACH towards his
    leisure time made 1980 a special year for
    JS architectural assistant Paul Dalby.
    It was about two years ago that Paul
    joined Sainsbury's and about the same
    time he...

  • New JS counsellor 13

    New JS counsellor
    AN-HOUR-AND-A-HALF before Barbara
    Beevis was due to have what she
    thought was her second child, she was
    told she was in fact going to have twins!
    'It was a terrific shock' says Barbara. 'I
    didn't know how I...

  • Feedback 14

    Trolley blues
    From: Marjorie Farrell, presidents' office,
    Having read in the December issue the
    article on the new Chislehurst store, I
    took an early opportunity to visit the
    All looked most inviting and...

  • Appointments 15

    JH Dennis, formerly refrigeration
    supervisor, branch engineers, Woking,
    has been appointed project manager
    (central), company engineers at HO.
    SL Edwards, formerly insurance
    officer - secretary's office, has...

  • Christmas bloomers 15

    Christmas bloomers
    APOLOGIES are due from the Journal for inaccuracies that appeared in the
    December issue.
    Firstly to district manager Alan Roland, who was wrongly identified with
    Ontario's Minister of Agriculture and Food,...

  • Long service 15

    Long service
    Bert Fuller, project controller in the
    architects office at Blackfriars, has completed
    40 years' service with JS.
    Peter 'Hoppy' Hopkins, reception
    manager at Letchworth, has completed
    40 years' service with...

  • Retirements 15

    Richard Atkinson, senior warehouseman
    at Wealdstone, has retired after 16 years'
    service with JS.
    He joined the company at Harrow as a
    porter and when the branch closed he
    transferred to Wealdstone.
    Mary 'Cis'...


    AMY'S AMICABILITY was directly
    due to drinking Sainsbury's tea, or so the
    1930's advertisements would have us
    Amy Johnson was born in 1903 in
    Hull but was never interested in following
    a conventional...

  • well, what did you know? 16

    well, what did you know?
    THANKS TO EVERYONE who sent in
    answers to the Christmas 'What do you
    know' quiz. Some of you were quick to
    spot the deliberate trick question. Here
    are the answers:
    1 John James, may he rest in...