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  • Chocks away 02

    Chocks away
    signed an agreement to turn part of the
    airline's West London Terminal in the
    Cromwell Road, into the largest
    supermarket in central London.
    The deal gives JS the lease of the

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    Branch opening—Leeds—a JS supermarket and a Homebase store gives the company its most successful opening to date
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    General news
    Page 10-11
    New products
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  • Basingstoke tip off 03

    Basingstoke tip off
    PLANS TO SITE a rubbish tip close to
    JS's largest depot at Basingstoke have
    been withdrawn after long negotiations
    between the company and Basingstoke
    Council officials.
    The depot staff received this news...

  • Photo competition 03

    Picking the winners—a tough job for photo competition judges
    Sydney Harding (left) and Peter Dixon.

  • Property 03

    PERMISSION has been given by the city
    planning committee for a Homebase
    store to be built in Cardiff. The 30,000 sq
    ft building with parking for 250 cars, will
    be next to the new JS supermarket to be
    built on the site of an...

  • Senior management appointments 03

    Senior management appointments
    certain departments is changing this
    Mike Bates, previously senior manager
    of cakes/biscuits buying, will move to the
    grocery division and take...

  • On the trail 04

    THE TOTAL CAPACITY and the most
    economical use of JS's transport system is
    constantly under close scrutiny by the
    distribution division. During recent
    acquisitions of new refrigerated trailers
    those considerations have been...

  • What a Swiss! 04

    What a Swiss!
    TRYING CHEESE for breakfast led JS
    customer John Parker to a special prize.
    John and his wife Pauline entered this
    year's JS's Freezer Magazine competition,
    sponsored by 'Cheeses from
    Switzerland'. They had to...

  • Cashier training 05

    Cashier training
    THIS MONTH sees the launch of an
    exciting new cashier training programme,
    unique to JS.
    This is the single most important
    element of the campaign to improve the
    'front end' operation which is where...

  • Rates rise 05

    Rates rise
    IN RECENT WEEKS an unwelcome
    delivery has landed on the doormats of
    most people in Greater London—a
    supplementary rates demand.
    JS was no exception and the one that
    arrived at Blackfriars for the...

  • Supplier's surprise 05

    Supplier's surprise
    DURING this the Year of the Disabled JS
    has been pleased to realise just how much
    very practical help the company can give.
    Nimbus Laboratories are manufacturers
    of soaps, toiletries and allied

  • Leeds 06

    The chairman and store manager, Peter Wesson,
    (left) open the supermarket doors. Homebase manager Terry Nicholson. A DOUBLE FIRST on Tuesday October
    13 marked an important milestone in
    Salisbury's history—an opening...

  • National Fun Run 08

    National Fun Run
    THE SUNDAY TIMES National Fun
    Run was held on Sunday September 27 in
    Hyde Park. JS was well represented for
    among the 27,000 entrants were a group
    of 30 head office personnel who entered
    as a 'business team'...

  • Harlow farewell 09

    Harlow farewell
    SADNESS was forgotten at the 'official'
    closure party of Harlow branch on
    October 3.
    Nuns, schoolgirls, doctors and everyone
    joined in at the fancy dress disco. They all
    said a fond farewell to the full...

  • Marathon girls 09

    Marathon girls
    TINA SMITH and Theresa O'Donnell,
    clerks at Bedford branch, recently
    completed a 13 mile marathon and
    raised £50 for local charities.
    Tina recalls the experience in the
    following poem:
    We two pals entered...

  • Crunchy creams 10

    Crunchy creams
    CRUNCH YOUR WAY into a dreamy
    cream from the JS new range of cream
    biscuits. Currant creams, butter sandwich
    creams, and malt crunch creams with
    chocolate flavoured filling are all
    premium products which are...

  • Perfect blend 10

    Perfect blend
    WINE OF THE MONTH for November
    is Cotes du Roussillon, price £1.85,
    available in 153 branches.
    The Cotes du Roussillon are situated
    around Perpignon in the foothills of the
    Pyrenees in Southern France. The...

  • To the rescue 10

    To the rescue
    FIRST AID in the home is the subject of
    a new Sainsbury book.
    There is as much risk of an accident in
    the home as there is on the roads and this
    latest hardback book has been written to
    help people avoid...

  • Discount launch 11

    Discount launch
    ONE OF JS's most important areas of
    own-label development, and yet one that
    retains a low profile, is the range of
    cooking oils.
    The use of cooking oils has a long and
    interesting history and in the...

  • West coast arrivals 11

    West coast arrivals
    astounding—successful introduction of
    Californian wines into the UK wine
    market, their growing potential has been
    recognised by JS. Four Californian wines
    have been added to the...

  • Goodies galore 12

    or stocking fillers, JS
    offers a wide range of
    goods in the textiles
    departments of the larger
    For children there are
    woolly hats, scarves, mits
    and gloves included in the
    new JS autumn...


    'This month the
    Journal looks
    at the role of
    the company
    architect KEEPING UP with a fast changing world
    is one of Mike Dunkley's priorities as
    company architect.
    Mike not only has to investigate new

  • Executive club 15

    Executive club
    BIAS IN THE MEDIA was discussed at
    the Executive Club at Blackfriars on
    October 7.
    David Dimbleby, the well-known and
    respected television presenter, accepted
    the Club's invitation to air his views on

  • 1981 Photographic Competition—results 16

    The 1981 JS Joumal/SSA
    photographic competition
    THANK YOU! to the hundreds of people who entered the
    1981 photographic competition.
    The judges, Peter Dixon, chief designer at JS and Sydney
    Harding from the...

  • 25 on the increase 18

    THE CHAIRMAN, Sir John Sainsbury,
    welcomed approximately 100 new
    members personally to the twelfth 25
    club dinner.
    This annual event was held in honour
    of a new grand total of 996 current
    employees who have completed 25...

  • Angel of mercy 20

    Angel of mercy
    A QUICK REACTION from two JS
    personnel at Dartford saved a life on
    Friday September 25. Mr and Mrs Crafer,
    regular shoppers at the store, were
    shopping for a special dinner to celebrate
    Mr Crafer's 76th...

  • Fund raising tour de France 20

    Fund raising tour de France
    YOU MAY REMEMBER from the
    August JS Journal that Alan Cade and
    Ken West, two 17 year old students at
    Coldhams Lane, were about to embark
    on a 1,200 mile sponsored cycle ride
    around France.

  • Just a run around 20

    Just a run around
    A 'ROUND THE DEPOT' race has
    warmed up keen sportsmen at Basingstoke
    On September 20 a small but enthusiastic
    number of entrants were divided
    into various groups according to age and
    sex to set off...

  • Terry's walkabout 20

    Terry's walkabout
    skateabout there is one member of the
    loading bank team at Rennie House that
    likes to have music on his mind as he
    Office serviceman Terry Hodge
    entered a competition...

  • Time still flies 21

    Time still flies
    'I'M REALLY AMAZED how the time
    has just flown by since I retired' says
    Geoff Varley. He retired after 44 years at
    JS on July 24 from St Stephens branch,
    Norwich, where he was leading sales

  • Appointments 22

    D Harding, formerly deputy manager of
    Greenford branch, has been appointed
    deputy manager of Uxbridge.
    P Weston, formerly grocery manager
    of Greenford branch, has been appointed
    deputy manager of Hayes.

  • Golden shoes 22

    Golden shoes
    WAREHOUSEMAN at Buntingford
    depot, Alan Atkins, who recently became
    a life member no 4022 of the exclusive
    'escapers' club—the Golden Shoe Club
    (JS Journal— April 1981)—was presented
    with his membership...

  • Long service 22

    Long service
    Ray Cheeseman, meat manager at
    Wallington, has completed 25 years'
    service with JS.
    He joined the company at Addiscombe
    and worked at many branches in that
    area. He was appointed assistant meat
    manager at...

  • Wooden spoon 22

    Wooden spoon
    IN THE JUNE issue of the Journal we
    told the story of how twenty five
    Sainsbury butchers—the Sausages—
    entered BBC TV's 'You Must be Joking' possesquiz
    contest. They have now received their wooden

  • Obituary 23

    Ivor Bettridge, the loading bank
    supervisor at Blackfriars, died on August
    5 at the age of 60 after a long illness.
    Ivor began working for the company as
    a porter in the training section in June
    1969 and a year...

  • Retirements 23

    Marjorie Pelling, chief display assistant at
    Hastings, has retired after 19 years'
    service with JS.
    She joined the company at the old
    Hastings store working on the grocery
    counter and later moved to the...

  • Try it and see... 24

    IN THE SIXTEENTH century three
    exotic beverages (cocoa, tea and coffee)
    became known in the Western world.
    Closely packed, bean-like seeds found in
    cucumber shaped pods were named
    'cacahuati* and known in English as