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  • Buy British Buy Best 02

    Buy British Buy Best
    THE THEME of the National Grocers'
    Benevolent Fund charity luncheon, held
    on November 6 at the Hilton Hotel, was
    the Best of British. The luncheon, which
    was sponsored by JS—the first time that...

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    Branch openings—two new stores at Walthamstow and Harlow
    Page 7-10
    New products
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    Business Enterprise Award
    Page 12-13
    Interim results—Sainsbury's half-year results hit the...

  • Homebase appointment 03

    Homebase appointment
    DINO ADRIANO has been made general
    manager and a director of Homebase.
    The appointment took effect last month.
    Dino, who is 38, has been with JS
    for 17 years. He joined as a trainee
    accountant and moved...

  • Property 03

    success of the new store at Moortown,
    Leeds, more jobs for local people have
    been created. Already employing 201 people (16 management, 70 full-time and
    115 part-time) an additional 12 staff...

  • Royal visitor 03

    Royal visitor
    IN HIS CAPACITY as president of the
    Friends of Covent Garden, an organisation
    of which Sir John Sainsbury is
    chairman, the Prince of Wales recently
    visited Stamford House.
    As on previous occasions, the visit...

  • Walthamstow 04

    the opening of JS's biggest store in
    London —the new supermarket at
    Walthamstow—on October 20.
    Despite the downpour, and a queue
    naturally stunted by the bad weather,
    support for the new...

  • Harlow 05

    Roy Griffiths welcomes Doris Brasier Happy crowds during opening morning JS'S NEW HARLOW store in Essex,
    opened its doors to a chilly but bright
    morning and a queue of eager customers
    on October 27.
    The opening ceremony was...

  • Beers for Christmas 07

    Beers for Christmas
    A NEW ADDITION to JS's range of
    beers this Christmas is Yorkshire Bitter. It
    has been added to give bitter fans an even
    greater choice. From a traditional
    northern brewery, it has a good head to it

  • Cherries 07

    CHRISTMAS COCKTAILS won't be the
    same if they're missing that little extra—a
    So complete your home drinks supplies
    with a jar of the new JS Cocktail Cherries
    with maraschino flavouring, costing...

  • Eaten with relish 07

    Eaten with relish
    and exciting own-label product.
    Prepared in Holland, these are a
    special variety of cucumber which have
    been preserved in a sour sweet vinegar
    containing dill and mustard...

  • Little extras 07

    Little extras
    FESTIVE MEALS can be enhanced by
    seasonally coloured table accessories.
    Red and green luxury paper napkins have
    been launched for a second Christmas
    season in a specially redesigned package,

  • Pickled 07

    PICKLED ONIONS in clear vinegar are
    the latest addition to the JS own-label
    pickled onion range. A 439g (15Vioz) jar
    is priced 48p.
    Already established are pickled onions
    in malt vinegar and sweet pickled onions.

  • Charity cards 08

    SPREAD A LITTLE yuletide cheer by
    sending your friends and relatives a card
    from a range of attractive charity
    Christmas cards which offer excellent
    value for money.
    These cards have been developed
    jointly by JS and...

  • Fresh mint flavour 08

    Fresh mint flavour
    FRESH MINT, as opposed to dried, is the
    base ingredient, which gives a fuller
    flavour to JS's new own-label Fresh
    Garden Mint in vinegar.
    The sauce comes in concentrated
    form, so extra vinegar and sugar...

  • JS steel appeal 08

    JS steel appeal
    MIND YOUR FINGERS with the new
    range of JS own-label kitchen knives. At
    very competitive prices these knives
    complement the existing wide range of JS
    The knives have stainless steel blades

  • Skin care flair 08

    Skin care flair
    SKIN CARE is a new range of own-label products including a
    cleanser, freshener, moisturiser and enriched night cream.
    Suitable for all skin types, these products provide the basis for a
    beauty routine to look...

  • Electric news 09

    Electric news
    TURN ON and tune in with a new range
    of JS batteries. Comprising the six most
    popular sizes the range is competitively
    priced from the Standard R14 (SP2) at
    39p to the Super R20 (HP2) at 49p each.
    A special...

  • Fuller tomato taste 09

    Fuller tomato taste
    TASTE THE REAL tomatoes in the new
    JS Italian Tomato Ketchup. Whereas
    most ketchups are produced from paste,
    fresh tomatoes have gone into making
    this product, giving a better flavour.
    The product is...

  • J range plus 09

    J range plus
    KIT YOURSELF OUT for Christmas
    with a JS Beauty Box. These compact
    boxes contain new eye shadow shades to
    complement those already established in
    the J range and come complete with
    sponge-tipped applicators and...

  • Baby specials 10

    Baby specials
    A REDESIGNED LABEL has given a
    new look to the own-label range of JS
    baby care products, which also has some
    new additions.
    Zinc and Castor Oil Cream with
    lanolin (55p for a I50g pot) will treat
    nappy rash and...

  • Ideal gifts 10

    Ideal gifts
    A TASTE OF HONEY from a Sainsbury's
    gift box could add a touch of sweetness to
    the festive season and make a welcome
    For honey lovers a selection of three
    varieties—Pure, Clear and...

  • Ole olives 10

    Ole olives
    OLIVES are always a popular party
    munch and JS have now introduced a
    range of products using specially selected
    best quality Spanish Manzanilla green
    olives in brine.
    Three types are available—green olives

  • Saucy 10

    CRANBERRY SAUCE is a perfect
    accompaniment to your Christmas dinner
    so this year why not try the new JS
    own-label variety.
    Made with cranberries, glucose, syrup
    and sugar a 185g (6.53oz) jar is priced at

  • Business Enterprise Award to JS 11

    Business Enterprise Award to JS
    SAINSBURY'S HAVE WON this year's
    Business Enterprise Award. Competition
    forgotten, the chairmen of Britain's two
    best known High Street chains—Marks
    & Spencers and...


    illuminated the City on November 4
    with the announcement of sparkling
    half-year results.
    Whilst other retailers have been
    reporting poor or merely average
    performances JS produced a...

  • Training lift off 14

    Training lift off
    THE NEW CASHIER training programme
    is now operational in all JS
    supermarkets with electronic cash registers.
    This programme (reported in the
    October issue) has been designed especially
    for, and is unique...

  • Conquer the Kongur 15

    Conquer the Kongur
    Proof that JS food has a head for heights A SAINSBURY'S diet proved its worth
    during the successful British Mount
    Kongur expedition to China.
    On July 12, after an earlier unsuccessful
    attempt, a British...

  • Great gravy gourmets 15

    Great gravy gourmets
    PETER POWELL, a Radio One DJ who
    is also famous for his love of perfect
    gravy to accompany the Sunday roast,
    was invited recently to Stamford House
    to demonstrate his cooking skills.
    His hints on the art...

  • Food Retailing and the Environment 16

    Food Retailing and the Environment
    FOR THE INTEREST of local authorities
    and those concerned with food shopping,
    JS have published a booklet entitled
    Food Retailing and the Environment.
    In July of this year the chairman gave...

  • 'O'-levels in JS? 16

    'O'-levels in JS?
    SCHOOLCHILDREN from Poynton
    County High School in Cheshire chose
    to study JS s Macclesfield branch as part
    of their 'O' level in British Industrial
    Society. The exam required them to
    submit a 750 word...

  • SavaCentre news 16

    SavaCentre news
    LAST YEAR Hempstead SavaCentre
    received a letter from John Jarvis,
    teacher at Gravesend School for boys,
    asking for help to raise funds for a visit by
    himself and six students to the Nile Valley

  • Holiday dates 17

    Holiday dates
    WITH THE RAPID approach of
    Christmas, one of the busiest and most
    hectic times in the JS year, it's important
    that everyone should be clear about the
    holiday arrangements,
    JS branches will be closed to...

  • Icing on the cake 17

    Icing on the cake
    A CAKE with a difference was the
    unusual request put to Barry Pankhurst,
    bakery specialist, Romford area.
    The British Tourist Board asked if a
    Sainsbury baker could make them a huge
    cake in the shape of the...

  • St John's top award 17

    St John's top award
    John Order has been awarded to Peggy
    Hamilton, senior clerk at Shirley. At a
    ceremony in London last month Peggy
    was invested as a Serving Sister.
    Peggy has been a member of...


    1981 JS Journal/SSA photographic
    competition (as announced in the
    October issue) were invited to Blackfriars
    recently to receive their cash
    First prizewinner Leigh...

  • Building on memories 20

    Building on memories
    size, wear and tear or the simple fact that
    nobody thought of it, many items familiar
    to us all will pass out of everyday use and
    into obsolescence without record. A...

  • Cruising into retirement 21

    BOB GARRETT, reception manager at
    Sutton, has retired after 44 years' service
    with JS.
    Hailing from Lowestoft, Bob joined the
    company in September 1937. 'It's only a
    small town and there was little work' he

  • Appointments 22

    In addition to the senior management
    appointments listed last month, Charles
    Stevens, previously senior manager of
    grocery III, has been moved to the bakery
    buying department to take over responsibility

  • Long service 22

    Long service
    Frank Gold, return sales manager at
    Blackfriars, has completed 40 years'
    service with JS.
    He joined the company in the factory
    at Blackfriars where he was appointed
    administration manager in 1972. He...

  • Obituaries 22

    Denys 'Dennie' Carter, office manager at
    Bracknell, died on October 29 after a
    long illness.
    Dennie was 44 years old and had been
    working at Bracknell since she joined the
    company as a cashier in 1969.

  • Retirements 22

    Norman Wilson, manager at Sutton
    Coldfield, has retired after 32 years'
    service with JS.
    He joined the company at Luton as a
    'runner' in 1935. After a period in the
    RAF he rejoined JS in 1949 at Streatham.

  • Feedback 23

    Letters are welcome
    and should be
    addressed to the editor Appraisal appraisal
    From: Tom Delaney, office manager,
    Appraisal time again. How quickly it
    comes around and how slowly the results,
    if any, become...

  • Hat-trick 24

    Above: A Sainsbuty saleswoman in 1915 in winged cap. Below: The mystery item
    Miss C Meredith at Chingford branch in 1956,
    her hair caught up in a filmy muslin cap WHEN J B DUNNELL donated an item
    of her old JS...