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  • Cocktail Christmas 01

    Depot Dream
    In a cocktail shaker quarter filled
    with crushed ice, mix:
    2 glasses Sainsbury's Orange Juice
    1 glass Sainsbury's Italian Vermouth
    1 glass Sainsbury's Vodka
    Shake well/ strain into glasses and
    garnish with a...

  • Contents Page 02

    Page 1-2
    Cocktail Christmas—recipes for a happy holiday!
    Page 3
    A Christmas message from the chairman, Sir John Sainsbury
    Page 4
    News—MP visits Broadfield, winner of the second SSA £1,000 draw, arts sponsorship award for...

  • A Christmas message from the chairman, Sir John Sainsbury 03

    A Christmas message from the chairman Sir John Sainsbury
    "WE ARE NOW in the busiest period of our trading year. Our concentration
    is on serving our customers to the best of our ability and there is not much
    time for reflection...

  • Arts award 04

    Arts award
    ONLY A WEEK after receiving the
    Business Enterprise Award, JS collected
    another trophy—the best first-time
    sponsor in the 1981 Business Sponsorship
    of the Arts Awards organised by the
    Association for Business...

  • MP's laser visit 04

    MP's laser visit
    PEGGY FENNER, MP, Parliamentary
    Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture,
    Fisheries and Food, recently visited JS's
    Broadfield store.
    Following her appointment as Parliamentary
    Secretary she is renewing...

  • SSA draw 04

    SSA draw
    half-yearly £1,000 SA draw was chosen
    on December 1.
    Just in time for Xmas, 23-year-old
    Janice Dray, a senior supermarket
    assistant at JS's London Road, Brighton
    store, was overjoyed...

  • Locksbottom 05

    Who would recognise this as the checkout area at Locksbottom? The store when JS moved in
    before its 13 week transformation It's lovely' said first in line, Margaret O'Neil AS A RESULT of a fantastic team effort,
    JS's new store...

  • Choice of ports 08

    Choice of ports
    WINTER FAVOURITES don't have to
    upset the bank balance according to the
    off-licence department.
    Within the last few weeks the popular
    JS own-label Vintage Character has been
    joined by two more varieties of...

  • Instant custard 08

    Instant custard
    TOP OFF your mince pies this year with
    the new JS Instant Custard Mix.
    It doesn't take long to prepare % pint
    of custard—just add boiling water to the
    mix and whisk with a fork for half a
    minute until it's...

  • Party favourites 08

    Party favourites
    CHOCOLATE, banana, orange, raspberry
    and strawberry flavours constitute
    the new range of JS own-label blancmanges.
    Each 85.3 gram <3oz) packet contains
    two one-pint sachets.
    These colourful desserts are...

  • Choose cheese for xmas 09

    Choose cheese for xmas
    A CHEESEBOARD selection could
    make a welcome Xmas present. For the
    first time this year JS offers a choice of
    own-label cheeses displayed on an
    attractive chopping board.
    This choice assortment is...

  • Doggie treats 09

    Doggie treats
    time for all the family, shoppers can even
    buy a present for a man's best friend at JS.
    Dog Chocs are the latest addition to
    the JS own-label pet-care range. These
    chocolate drops...

  • Mini flakes 09

    Mini flakes
    the latest addition to the JS own-label
    range of cereals and can provide a very
    nutritious start to the day. An average
    serving (30g) of the flakes supplies the
    average adult with...

  • Vacuum bags 09

    Vacuum bags
    OVER 80 PER CENT of vacuum cleaner
    models are covered by the new range of
    JS vacuum cleaner bags.
    All bags are double folded for greater
    burst resistance.
    Available in 98 branches prices are
    85p and 95p for...

  • Ladies and gentlemen 10

    To enthrall, entertain and stimulate you after the extravagant epicurian indulgences of your sumptuous
    festive (or should I say feastive?) culinary excesses, the journal presents a taxing and exacting
    set of puzzles, conundrums...

  • Chippenham's fancy trolleys 12

    Chippenham's fancy trolleys
    A BRIEF RESPITE in this winter's cold
    wet weather provided a bright and warm
    Sunday for the management and staff at
    Chippenham to hold a sponsored fancy
    dress trolley push.
    The race took place...

  • How many? 12

    How many?
    WEDDING BELLS have not stopped
    ringing all year at Kempston branch!
    Coldhams Lane's record of nine female
    staff marrying last year (JS Journal
    February '81) has been beaten by
    Kempston where this year (to date)...

  • Miss JS '82 12

    MISS JS '82
    ALREADY TWO contestants have been
    selected to go forward to the final in the
    search to find Miss JS 1982.
    All tickets have been sold for the
    event, held during the annual SSA dinner
    and dance. For the seventh...

  • Setting the standard 12

    Setting the standard
    Royal British Legion was carried by Bob
    Campbell, non-perishable warehouseman
    at Buntingford depot, at the Festival of
    Remembrance which took place in the
    Royal Albert Hall...

  • Singing in the rain 12

    Singing in the rain
    WALKING THIRTY kilometres in the
    rain may not be everyone's idea of fun,
    but it was how SSA members from
    Newbury branch recently spent a wet
    They were among a group of
    enthusiastic supporters of...

  • Great parks walk 13

    Great parks walk
    IT WAS A BIT different from the usual
    Sunday stroll for the many JS staff who
    took part in the Great London Parks
    Walk on November 15.
    Organised by Help the Aged, the route
    for the sponsored walk covered 15...

  • Pedal power 13

    Pedal power
    DETERMINATION recently drove ten
    JS staff from Cambridge's Sydney Street
    branch to pedal 32 miles against the
    elements to complete a sponsored cycle
    ride to raise money for diabetic children.
    Edna Twinn, in-store...

  • Watch the birdie 13

    Watch the birdie
    THE WOKING AREA golf society held
    its first day-long competition in Ockley,
    Surrey, on October 26. A general interest
    in the sport throughout the area led to the
    recent formation of this society....

  • An Error 14

    AN ERROR appeard in last month's
    Journal in the report on senior clerk at
    Shirley, Peggy Hamilton, who was invested
    as a Serving Sister with the St John
    Order. It was stated that she had been
    working at the branch for nearly...

  • Appointments 14

    R Anscombe, formerly deputy manager
    of Crawley, has been appointed manager
    of Redhill.
    A Barker, formerly manager of Redhill,
    has been appointed manager of Guildford.
    F Cowey, formerly manager of
    Farnham, has...

  • Long Service 14

    Long Service
    Cyril Curtis, manager at Norwich's
    Magdalen Street branch, has completed
    40 years' service with JS.
    He joined the company at Kingston
    branch and was appointed assistant
    manager at Epsom in 1955. Before...

  • Obituaries 14

    Fred Clements, store serviceman at
    Walthamstow, died on October 15 after a
    long illness.
    He was 63 years old and began working
    for the company in 1969.
    Antoni Kupczak, meat costing
    technician at Blackfriars, died...

  • Retirements 14

    Jim Gronland, manager of Winchester
    branch, retires this month after more
    than 34 years at Sainsbury's.
    Jim was concerned with many openings
    during the early days of self-service—and
    met his wife at Lewisham...

  • Feedback 15

    Letters are welcome
    and should be
    addressed to the editor Smashing
    From: E Mpanga, a customer, at Ashford
    I would like to make my appreciation
    known of the way your very nice staff at
    Ashford treated me this afternoon.

  • Jugs and mugs 16

    Jugs and mugs
    WHEN WAS THE LAST time you
    collected a jug of milk from a big open
    bowl on top of a Sainsbury's marble
    counter? An ardent and devoted JS
    customer, Mrs Marshall, now aged 90
    recently told the archivist how...