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  • Advertising awards 02

    Advertising awards
    FOUR JS advertising campaigns won
    national awards last month.
    At the Campaign Press Awards
    Sainsbury's won first prize and a commendation
    in the Best Retail Store
    Advertisements class, and a...

  • Buy British buy now 02

    Buy British buy now
    AS A RESULT of last month's rise in the
    Government backed EEC tax on food it
    was reported that the price of bacon
    would rise by nearly 7p a pound.
    Announced on January 26, the news
    came just seven days...

  • Company appointments 02

    Company appointments
    CONGRATULATIONS on the following
    Owen Thomas, formerly Basingstoke
    depot manager, has been appointed to
    the post of personnel manager, retail
    division. Responsible to personnel

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    Mobile racking at Basingstoke
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    Graduate recruitment
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    New products
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    Sir John calls for improved marketing
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    General news
    Page 11-13
    British sherry — the...

  • JS remains confident 02

    JS remains confident
    SCARE of the year award must surely go
    to the scandal story of diseased or unfit
    meat carcasses finding their way into
    processed foods for human consumption.
    Public panic has now been calmed but

  • Bill amendment defeated 03

    Bill amendment defeated
    WHEN THE SECOND reading of the
    Licensing (Amendment) Off Licences
    Bill, initiated by Licensed Victuallers was
    held last month, it was rejected.
    This proposed legislation, rejected by
    the House of...

  • Councillors Impressed by Charlton depot 03

    Councillors Impressed by Charlton depot
    Margaret Green JP, and nine other local
    councillors recently paid a visit to the JS
    depot at Charlton.
    The group was welcomed by depot
    manager, Derek Graham,...

  • Fined the trolley! 03

    Fined the trolley!
    Redditch man has been fined for leaving
    his supermarket trolley in the street.
    Commented Redditch police chief:
    These trolleys are driving me round the
    bend. I worry that an old...

  • Property 03

    EVERYTHING IS SET for the opening
    of JS's two newest supermarkets at
    Rayleigh Weir in Essex on March 17, and
    Aylesbury on March 31.
    Planning consent has been granted on
    appeal for a Sainsbury supermarket in
    Cardiff— the...

  • Race against time 03

    Race against time
    was to be seen on two consecutive Saturday
    mornings in February outside Rennie
    House at Blackfriars. The event - the
    delivery and installation of JS's two new
    ICL 2976...

  • Going mobile 04

    Going mobile
    BASINGSTOKE DEPOT is very proud
    of its latest warehouse experiment -
    mobile racking — which is a new venture
    for JS. Installed in the northern extension
    of the depot, for non-perishables, it can
    hold 1,250...

  • JS goes to college 05

    JS goes to college
    APPLICATIONS from graduates to join
    JS are on the up and up. Last year's
    figure was an all time record but already
    this has been doubled. With around 150
    vacancies company-wide this year,
    Sainsbury's is...

  • Drinka Vitapinta day 06

    Drinka Vitapinta day
    VITAPINT is the latest addition to JS's
    already wide range of milks. It is a fresh
    milk with the round full flavour of whole
    milk, yet has less fat and fewer calories
    and unlike other low-fat milks has...

  • February favourite—wine of the month 06

    February favourite—wine of the month
    WINE OF THE MONTH for February
    is JS's own-label Claret.
    An Appellation Bordeaux Superieur
    Controlee wine, it is soft in style, medium
    bodied with a touch of tannin on the
    palate and a...

  • Double flavour 07

    DON'T WAIT for the kiddies' parties to
    try JS's latest line in own-label jelly -
    black cherry flavour.
    Launched in January it comes in a
    twin-pack priced 23p. The twin-pack will fill a two pint mould, like the racing car shown...

  • Wholesome wholewheat 07

    Wholesome wholewheat
    new addition to the JS own-label range of
    pasta products.
    Made 100 per cent from Durum
    wheatgrain the spaghetti is a natural
    product with no added or...


    Company Chairman Sir John Sainsbury
    recently made a call for improved
    marketing for British agriculture during
    a speech given at the Hampshire
    Farmers' Union Annual General
    Meeting at Sparsholt near...


    HOUSE AND GARDEN CENTRE MARCH 3 is a significant day both for
    Sainsbury's and the world of DIY —for it
    marks the opening of the first JS-GB
    house and garden centre, Homebase,
    in Purley Way,...

  • Flying start for JS gym 10

    Flying start for JS gym
    FEBRUARY 9 HERALDED the official
    opening of the Blackfriars gymnasium
    Applications to join have been flooding
    in, but membership is being held to
    around 20 a week at present in order to


    TO THE
    A MOUNTAINEER'S reconnaissance
    mission to his local branch of Sainsbury's
    has proved worthwhile! The British
    Mount Kongur Expedition to China is to
    take place in June - and the explorers
    decided that...

  • British sherry — the production story 11

    WINE variety that JS
    stocks is under ownlabel
    and even in these
    days of 'recession' that
    market is still growing.
    While depression was
    all around us sales of
    Sainsbury's British
    wines still managed...

  • Think British before you buy 14

    Think British
    Marketing is a word that has been
    found increasingly on people's lips
    over past years. The fact that JS
    marketing attitudes are sound and
    professional is reflected by the
    company's trading results,...

  • Senior management conference 15

    Senior management conference
    Eastbourne on January 18 to take part in
    the company's second two-day residential
    conference for senior management.
    In his opening address the chairman
    reminded the 126...

  • Valentine victory for the Midlands 16

    Valentine victory
    Denise Arran
    Barbara Banford-Baker Janet Beaumont
    for the Midlands
    Elaine Benad

  • Extraordinary persistence 18

    Extraordinary persistence
    June Childs and Gwen Ivamy presented the cheque to Elizabeth Winder during their
    visit to Guy's Hospital in London. TWO YEARS AGO supermarket
    assistant June Childs began fund raising
    for Guy's...

  • Festivities, fun and fancy dress 18

    Festivities, fun and fancy dress
    CORBY BRANCH recently found out
    how much fun fancy dress can be! Out of
    70 people who attended their party about
    half wore fancy dress costumes — all
    home made!
    BPO Heather White told the...

  • Win and lose 18

    Win and lose
    LOSE SOME and win some! That is the
    message from the charity organisation
    RADAR again this year as they launch
    another sponsored slim.
    RADAR (the Royal Association for
    Disability and Rehabilitation) offer...

  • Dream holiday 19

    Dream holiday
    MILLIE HOOKER, a supermarket
    assistant who recently retired from
    Kentish Town branch after more than 18
    years with JS, certainly started her retirement
    in style - by winning an all expenses
    paid trip for two to...

  • Rabbit news 19

    Rabbit news
    FOLLOWING ON FROM the reference
    to JS in the recent hit record by Chas and
    Dave, an interesting piece of graffiti was
    spotted at Smithfield market: 'China
    National has more rabbit than

  • Record breakers? 19

    Record breakers?
    COLDHAM'S LANE branch wonder if
    they broke any records last year - nine of
    the female staff (three from the office) got
    Not one of the nine married anyone
    working for JS and in fact one...

  • SSA holidays 19

    SSA holidays
    THIS IS THE TIME of year when
    everybody is thinking about their
    holidays - and it's definitely worth taking
    a close look at what the SSA has to offer.
    For value and economy it would be
    difficult to find anything...

  • Supermarket with style 19

    Supermarket with style
    JS has hotly disputed the rumour that all the flavour has gone out of food in recent
    years. Journalist Lynn Faulds-Wood, as a proposer of that theory and writer for the
    Daily Mail and Cosmopolitan, was...

  • TV guide 19

    TV guide
    THAMES TELEVISION spent a day
    filming at Broadfield last month.
    Trials are currently being carried out at
    the branch of laser scan checkouts, which
    the TV company wished to show in a
    programme for schools entitled...

  • Happy and home! 20

    Happy and home!
    HAPPY VALLEY is a familiar sight and
    hopefully an aptly named area for newly
    retired Jim Martin. The valley is opposite
    his home in Old Coulsdon, Surrey, where
    he has lived all his life and also in the...

  • On the move? 20

    On the move?
    TO MOVE HOUSE further south is one
    future plan of 'Jeff Jeffries now he has
    retired from Guildford branch.
    Jeff, who was even born in Guildford,
    began his career as an eggboy at the very
    same branch that he...

  • It's been a pleasure 21

    It's been a pleasure
    GORDON COX, manager of JS's
    Farnham store, has retired after 43 years
    with the company. 'I've been lucky at
    Farnham' smiles Gordon, 'I've worked all
    over the place for Sainsbury's but the
    public are a...

  • Feedback 22

    Letters are welcome
    and should be
    addressed to the editor Hogget replies
    From: Eileen Lambert, Emsworth,
    With reference to your item headed
    'Shrewd Aussies' on page 12 of the
    January issue of the Journal,...

  • Appointments 23

    K Bar den, formerly manager of North
    Cheam, has been appointed Romford
    area district manager.
    J Clark, formerly senior analyst in
    company systems at Blackfriars, has been
    appointed systems team leader in...

  • Insurance premiums cost less at Sainsbury's 23

    Insurance premiums cost less at Sainsbury's
    DID YOU KNOW that if you work at JS you can obtain discounts from insurance premiums
    under two staff insurance schemes operated by the company?
    The first scheme is run by the Royal...

  • Long service 23

    Long service
    Dennis 'Gus' Abethell, non-perishables
    warehouseman at Basingstoke depot, celebrated
    25 years' service on February 6.
    Gus transferred to Basingstoke depot
    in 1964 and six years later was appointed
    an instructor...

  • Obituary 23

    Ethel Askey, part-time senior clerk at
    Wembley, died in hospital on January 10.
    Ethel began her career at JS in 1946 as
    a warehousewoman at Paddington
    branch before transferring to Marylebone
    to become a part-time...

  • Retirements 23

    Richard 'Ray' Evans, warehouseman at
    Clifton Down, retired recently after 19
    years with JS.
    'Peg' Eustace, supply assistant at
    Heme! Hempstead, has retired after 18
    years with JS.
    Maria-Louise Finkel, assistant...

  • Bone shaker to cocktail shaker 24

    Bone shaker to cocktail shaker
    John prompted archivist Harriet Geddes
    to visit George Nolte, one time JS
    employee, in Chester.
    George joined Sainsbury's as a bicycle
    delivery boy at the tender...

  • How JS beat the boat race blues 24

    How JS beat the boat race blues
    HOW DID THE PUBLIC get to know
    of exciting current events before the days
    of television or radio? John James
    Sainsbury, the founder of the company,
    thought up a novel device to overcome