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  • Better British Bacon 02

    Better British Bacon
    Sainsbury presented the National Pig
    Awards for 1981 at the Butchers' Hall on
    March 19. The awards are sponsored
    jointly by Cotswold Pig Development
    Company Ltd and the Meat...

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    In-store bakeries - growth and development
    Page 4-5
    Homebase opens
    Page 6-7
    New products
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    Pancake races
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    The role of a depot operations manager
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    Tiger adoption
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    Award winning Mini

  • New appointments 02

    New appointments
    SIR JAMES SPOONER has been elected
    to the board as a non-executive director.
    This is the first appointment to such a
    position from outside the company.
    Timothy Sainsbury, currently the other

  • Oxford's no 1 02

    Oxford's no 1
    THE JS 'FAN CLUB' in Oxford is going
    from strength to strength according to an
    article in a local newspaper!
    The Oxford Mail reported, 'If you've
    ever wondered what a cross between a
    pram-race and a colony of...

  • Specialist subject 03

    Specialist subject
    CHANGES and rapid growth within JS's
    in-store bakeries have recently resulted in
    the appointment of area bakery
    Four years ago when in-store bakery
    development came under the control of

  • Homebase opens 04

    Homebase opened its doors on
    March 3 to a most remarkable
    and enthusiastic welcome by
    'We believe that in this store
    we provide the best range in this country'
    said Homebase chairman Gurth Hoyer
    Millar - and he...

  • Frozen fish fillets 06

    Frozen fish fillets
    A FULL RANGE of frozen fish fillets
    are now available under the JS label
    replacing the branded products.
    Launched to coincide with traditionally
    favourable sales over Easter, the fish is
    sold in 800gm...

  • Sharp and smooth 06

    Sharp and smooth
    JUST IN TIME for Shrove Tuesday JS
    launched a new large bottle of lemon
    juice. It is recommended for culinary uses
    and costs 23p for 150mls. The label
    advises 'In sauces, curries, dressing, pancakes

  • Spice squad 06

    Spice squad
    A FRESH LOOK at JS own-label spices
    and herbs range has given them a new
    modern and bright image.
    The pack design changes have
    coincided with metrication of the spice
    range. There is no price change for...

  • Classic clarete 07

    Classic clarete
    JS'S CHOICE OF WINE for March is
    Rioja Alberdi 1975 - a dark, powerful
    red wine from North-East Spain, priced
    at £2.09.
    It has the hallmark of traditional
    Spanish table wines from this area in that
    it has...

  • Link with the past 07

    Link with the past
    JS SAUSAGES are justly famous but
    according to the buying department now
    is a good time for even further expansion!
    One 'new' line is really a reintroduction
    - JS Beef Sausages (72p per
    lb) have not been...

  • Natural favourite 07

    Natural favourite
    LATTICED NATURAL Pork Pie is just
    one of the new lines that the pork
    products buying department is very
    proud to have recently launched into the
    larger JS supermarkets.
    Following the success of two...

  • Sandwich specials 07

    Sandwich specials
    RECENT additions to the wide range of
    own-label cooked meats and delicatessen
    products include an unusual pre-packed
    Lunch Tongue Roll (28p for 4ozs) and a
    new recipe Chopped Ham Roll with
    peppers (31p for...

  • Flash in the pan 08

    Flash in the pan
    EVEN RAIN couldn't dampen Jeanette
    Poole's spirits on Shrove Tuesday as she
    travelled to London to participate in a
    public occasion for the first time in her
    'official capacity' as Miss JS 1981.
    She was...

  • Run rabbit run! 08

    Run rabbit run!
    IT WAS COLD in the Midlands too on
    Pankcake Day where more races were
    sponsored by Jif Lemon, this time in conjunction
    with the Sandwell Evening Mail.
    The races were in West Bromwich
    High Street - which is a...

  • Learning the hard way 09

    Learning the hard way
    This month the
    Journal takes a
    look at the role of
    a depot operations
    often give people a valuable pool of
    experience they can later refer back to.
    One such career...

  • Tiger tiger 10

    Tiger tiger
    JS'S LATEST RECRUIT was welcomed
    to the firm by AGM Ron Yeates on
    March 5. The ceremony took place at
    Marwell Zoological Park set in the
    beautiful Hampshire countryside — which
    is not as strange as it may sound...

  • Paul's immaculate Mini 11

    MINAGUAR L - no, it's not the name
    of a mythical monster but the award winning
    result of two years' work in his spare
    time by assistant merchandiser in branch
    merchandising, Paul Widdowson.

  • Double vision 12

    Double vision
    BRACKNELL BRANCH has what may
    prove to be a unique double achievement
    - a husband and wife team who also both
    serve on local councils.
    Customer service assistant Frank
    Mudd won his seat at Prestwood during

  • Happy family 12

    Happy family
    A FAMILY REUNION resulted in tears
    recently in front of TV cameras and press
    photographers! The story they were
    recording was the remarkable one of a
    family forced apart by adversity in the
    1920's all coming...

  • Rayleigh Weir opens 12

    Rayleigh Weir opens
    brand new store and a large car park
    made shopping a joy for hundreds of
    JS customers in South East Essex on
    March 17.
    While the Journal went to press the
    doors opened at the...

  • SSA news 12

    SSA news
    SUNDAY JUNE 14 promises to be a
    great day for JS this year. It is the date of
    the SSA Family Day at Dulwich when
    there will be activities to appeal to all the
    family. Schedules and entry forms are
    being printed now...

  • Wildlife in London 12

    Wildlife in London
    London area will be pleased to know that
    a JS Wildlife Film Club has made its
    debut at Blackfriars.
    Ruth Day in the head office training
    department hopes that, apart from...

  • Ideal area for retirement 13

    Ideal area for retirement
    CATCHING UP with Fred Addicott is
    not always easy! Even after retiring last
    year from his very active role as assistant
    area meat specialist, Coventry area, he
    seems just as lively in his new...

  • Tour de France 13

    Tour de France
    ONE MINUTE'S NOTICE to quit led
    Ted Hacker into a career at JS that lasted
    nearly 44 years!
    'I had let it slip to my employers that I
    had applied to join the Navy' he remembers.
    He was instantly dismissed...

  • Feedback 14

    Letters are welcome
    and should be
    addressed to the editor Sainsbury Soldiers
    From: Tom Delaney, office managers,
    I was indeed surprised to read in the
    Sainsbury's press digest (16/2/81) a letter
    which appeared in...

  • Appointments 15

    R Baines, formerly manager of
    Nuneaton, has been appointed manager
    of Kettering.
    H Bentley, formerly training officer in
    branch operations training, has been
    appointed Woking area training manager.
    A Holland,...

  • Largest contribution 15

    Largest contribution
    THE HELPING HAND extended by the
    Stamford Group last year to the Virginia
    McKenna Leukaemia Appeal was
    warmly welcomed by the organisers. The editor (now retired) of Woman's
    Weekly magazine who promoted...

  • Long service 15

    Long service
    John Pratt, meat manager at 176
    Streatham branch, celebrated 40 years'
    service on March 10.
    John began his career at Purley and
    moved to Coulsdon before joining the
    Army in 1944. He returned to the company

  • Obituary 15

    Irene Copping, a part time supermarket
    assistant at Bury St Edmunds branch,
    died suddenly at her home on March 10.
    Irene was 50 years old and had always
    worked at Bury St Edmunds from 1962
    until 1970 and again from...

  • Retirements 15

    Phyllis Handel, a postal clerk in
    purchases accounts at Streatham, retires
    after 16 years with JS.
    Dot Momber, BPO at Bath, retires
    after 15 years with JS.
    Dot was one of the first BPOs
    employed by the company,...

  • Sainsbury's Mecca 16

    Sainsbury's Mecca
    THANKS TO ALL those who wrote in
    following the February archive article
    about the Lewisham boat race. Many
    people seem to remember this
    extraordinary event, and many others
    were intrigued by the mention...

  • Sign of the times 16

    Sign of the times
    WHAT HAVE a street sign, a silver trophy
    and some darts got to do with
    Sainsbury's? The clue lies in the street
    name — Bennett's Mews. It was here that
    the firm of Rownsons had their premises
    and where...