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  • £1000 draw 02

    £1000 draw
    THE FIRST £1,000 SSA DRAW will be
    made on June 1.
    One employee number will be drawn at
    random from the list of SSA members
    who have been subscribers for at least
    three consecutive months on that date.
    The plans...

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    Page 2-3
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    Branch openings - Rayleigh Weir and Aylesbury
    Page 6, 7, 10
    New products
    Page 8
    Official opening of the Sainsbury Centre at Chertsey
    Page 9
    Training in the delicatessen department
    Page 11-12

  • Milk prices cut 02

    Milk prices cut
    VITAPINT, launched in February and
    the latest addition to JS's range of milks,
    spearheads an initiative designed to
    encourage increased sales of milk by
    offering customers better value and a

  • Laser laws? 03

    to set up a working party to study the
    likely implications for consumers of new
    retailing technology such as bar coding.
    The working party's task will be to see
    whether any changes...

  • Property 03

    council has given permission to JS and British Airways to turn part of the West
    London Air Terminal in the Cromwell
    Road into a supermarket with a total area
    of 50,000 sq ft. Parking for 300 cars...

  • Rayleigh Weir 04

    The very unusual 'traditional Essex' style of architecture is a great
    attraction at Rayleigh. Inset above: The plaque depicts the founders
    launched the first branch opening of...

  • Aylesbury 05

    opened its doors to the public on March
    31. Not only was it the second JS opening
    of the year, but also marked a second
    happy event for store manager, Graham
    As well as being his first...

  • April-light and dry 06

    April-light and dry
    APRIL'S WINE choice is light and dry
    with a delicate fruity taste — Orvieto
    Secco 1979, priced at £1.88.
    From the Umbrian wine growing
    region of central Italy, it is made from a
    blend of grapes,...

  • French 'n' Italian 06

    French 'n' Italian
    con crespelle ripiene? How often have
    you wondered about the intricacies of
    French and Italian cooking?
    Well, yet again JS has come to the
    rescue - now on the shelves are the...

  • Dessert extra and dry 07

    Dessert extra
    enthusiasts will be pleased to know that
    this own-label range has been extended in
    many branches to test the popularity of
    two new flavours.
    Vanilla and peach flavours have been
    added to...

  • Royal souvenirs 07

    Royal souvenirs
    The glasses are, of course, clear. In the photo they have been filled with a dark
    liquid to emphasise the motif. SOUVENIRS to commemorate the
    Royal wedding in July are now being
    snapped up by collectors...

  • Silver collection 07

    Silver collection
    FOR MODERN and sophisticated
    accessories to grace a dinner table, look
    no further than the new special own-label
    range of glassware - the JS Silver Collection.
    The Silver Collection offers a choice of

  • Chertsey open-it's official 08

    Chertsey open-it's official
    of the Sainsbury Shopping Centre in
    Chertsey confirmed the very successful
    conclusion of this ambitious project on
    March 25.
    Councillor John Walbridge, Mayor...

  • Training staff .... and customers! 09

    Training staff .... and customers!
    SPECIALISED AREAS of training have
    received much attention, time and planning
    at JS over the years. One area that is
    under tougher scrutiny than ever before is
    training for all staff...

  • Chocks away 10

    Chocks away
    OFF TO A FLYING start - JS ownlabel
    air mail stationery. Available in
    around 30 branches since mid-February
    the products have been well received. A pad of 50 sheets of lightweight, unruled
    blue paper costs 39p and...

  • Getting 'em taped 10

    Getting 'em taped
    JS'S CURRENT RANGE of own-label
    electrical accessories has been extended
    by the inclusion of four new cassettes.
    The C60 and C90 ferric and super
    ferric tapes are of excellent quality and
    very good value,...

  • Salad days 10

    Salad days
    'flavour of the month' yogurt, JS is to
    introduce a similar concept to the salad
    range both in pre-packed form and bulk
    from delicatessen counters.
    Commencing in April with an...

  • Steel appeal 10

    Steel appeal
    recent addition to JS's successful ownlabel
    kitchen tool range.
    Sainsbury's are in fact innovators in
    this field - marketing the cutlery in 'pegboard'
    packs - usually it is sold...

  • 1981 Photographic Competition 11

    The judges will be Sydney Harding,
    from supply control at Blackfriars who is
    a member of the Royal Photographic
    Society, Peter Dixon, JS's chief designer
    and the Journal team.
    Shown here are two interpretations of
    the theme...

  • Small is beautiful 13

    Small is beautiful
    branch? Well, before any arguments are
    caused it must be admitted that this is a
    trick question - the photographs are
    actually of a model.
    This miniature JS counter...

  • 33rd annual JS veterans' reunion 14

    voted the top venue again this year for the
    JS veterans' 33rd annual reunion. Like
    last year, the event was held over two
    days, April 13 and 21, to cope with the
    large number of veterans who...


    THE FIRST EVER London marathon
    on March 29 certainly hit the headlines.
    Most people know that the run spanned a
    distance of 26 miles winding through the
    streets of Greenwich, Southwark, Lambeth,

  • Master bakers' award 16

    Master bakers' award
    A BRAND NEW BAKERY at Sheffield
    already has award winning staff.
    When Sheffield branch re-opened on
    April 7 after modernisation, the redesigned
    store incorporated an in-store bakery.
    Amongst its staff...

  • Metric mistake! 16

    Metric mistake!
    LAST MONTH the Journal incorrectly
    stated that the new JS Brazilian Blend
    instant coffee sells in 4oz packs. They are
    in fact lOOg.

  • SSA super saves 16

    SSA super saves
    WITH HOLIDAYS getting dearer and
    dearer it'll be well worth your while to
    keep your eyes open for a copy of a new
    publication from the SSA. Called the
    Sainsbury Staff Association Travel
    Special it contains...

  • Bid to save life 17

    Bid to save life
    REG SPARTLEY, a customer service
    assistant at North Cheam recently made
    a dramatic bid to save the life of a dying
    On returning from lunch a colleague
    informed him that something was going
    on in the...

  • Disco disguises 17

    THE ANNUAL PARTY for staff and
    friends at 40 Walthamstow branch this
    year, not only included a fish and chip
    supper but a fancy dress disco too.
    It certainly managed to cater for all
    tastes because over 150 people went

  • Lucky escaper 17

    Lucky escaper
    THE GOLDEN SHOE CLUB is a nonprofit-
    making organisation devoted to
    encouraging the more widespread wearing
    of safety footwear.
    Alan Atkins, a warehouseman at Buntingford
    depot has recently been accepted

  • Modern mayoress 17

    Modern mayoress
    checking out goods with the best of them
    — for Maureen Moores, a part-time supermarket
    assistant at the store, has been
    elected mayoress of the town.
    But the title will not mean a...

  • Taking the cake 17

    Taking the cake
    A MONSTER CAKE has helped staff at
    Basingstoke depot to raise money for the
    Poynings Training Centre for the
    handicapped on the local Winklebury
    It was baked by 18-year-old LAC Paul
    Stewart from the...

  • Coldhams Lane charity walk 18

    Coldhams Lane charity walk
    Some of the intrepid walkers plus an additional 'runner'- trainee manager Paul
    Maddison's dog Bess. TWENTY THREE members of staff at
    Coldhams Lane recently raised over £600
    for the Guide Dog...

  • Old wheels get mobile again 18

    Old wheels get mobile again
    CURIOUS REQUESTS are often made
    in branches but some are more odd than
    Last year Stevenage branch was asked
    for a set of shopping trolley wheels by
    three undergraduate apprentices from...

  • Consumer panel news 19

    Consumer panel news
    SMASHING NEWS from the JS consumer
    panel. During the last ten weeks,
    20 panel members have gone home each
    Friday laden with ten pounds of potatoes,
    a different variety each time.
    At home the spuds were...

  • Open house at LWT 19

    Open house at LWT
    A MASSIVE RESPONSE overwhelmed
    the organisers of a trip for members of
    the Blackfriars Executive Club to visit the
    home of London Weekend Television last
    Many people unfortunately could not

  • Slimline cooking skills applauded 19

    Slimline cooking skills applauded
    accepted recently by cookbook author,
    Rhona Newman, to attend the third
    annual weekend hostess course organised
    by Townswoman, the official publication

  • Lucky to be a square peg 20

    Lucky to be a square peg
    •/ M M . €9
    Les (left) finishes one of his last projects with colleague Reg Denning. JOBS WEREN'T 'TWO a penny' when
    Les Bateman began his career at JS, 44
    years ago.
    Les retired on April 10 from...

  • The personnel touch 20

    The personnel
    'DURING THE WHOLE of my time
    with JS I've been concerned with the
    retail division, and in particular with
    personnel matters. I've seen personnel, or
    the staff department as it was originally
    known, grow from a...

  • Appointments 22

    G Brady, formerly a buyer 'B' in the
    hardware buying department, has been
    appointed deputy manager (buyer 'A') in
    grocery buying 2.
    H Bullard, formerly a three shift
    supervisor at Buntingford, has...

  • Long service 22

    Long service
    Joe Barnes, board director responsible for
    the retail division, celebrated 25 years with the company this month.
    He qualified as a chartered accountant
    and carried out his national service in the
    Army before...

  • Retirements 22

    Sid Hagan, deputy manager at Seaford,
    retires after 46 years with JS.
    Joining the company at St Helier as a
    delivery boy, he soon moved into the
    store, and after training at Blackfriars,
    was sent to 218 Sutton...

  • BaIham's bright ideas 23

    BaIham's bright ideas
    BALHAM BRANCH is very proud to
    announce that they have been able to
    send the sum of £310 to the Leukaemia
    Research Fund.
    It was meat manager Colin Hunt's
    daughter Lynda who gave the branch the
    idea to...

  • Obituary 23

    John Ham, a general duties man in the
    motor engineers department at Charlton
    depot, died after a long illness on March
    Aged 43, he joined JS in 1979.
    Ann Wills, a part-time supermarket
    assistant at Poole, died...

  • Solihull's £1,000 target 23

    Solihull's £1,000 target
    A HOME for the mentally handicapped
    in Chelmsley Wood were pleased to
    receive a handsome cheque from JS's
    Solihull branch recently.
    BPO Mary Woodman and checkout
    manager Joan Sherfield visited the...

  • These clogs were made for working 24

    These clogs were made for working
    MAKING SAUSAGES in the old
    kitchens of Wakefield House was no
    place for stilettos. The stone floors were
    constantly awash with salty water and
    grease and so clogs with wooden soles
    and metal...