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    Year end results
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    New products
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    The changing role of the BPO
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    Calcot SavaCentre logo unveiled
    Page 12-14
    Palethorpes - history and development
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    General news

  • New non-executive director 02

    New non-executive director
    JENNIFER JENKINS, wife of the former
    President of the EEC Roy Jenkins,
    has been appointed JS's first woman nonexecutive
    Commenting on the appointment the
    chairman, Sir John Sainsbury...

  • After the milk round 03

    After the milk round
    ALMOST 4,000 graduates applied for
    just 135 vacancies this year.
    Despite the fact that only 25 were to be
    offered jobs at head office all those store
    management candidates who were chosen
    for a second...

  • Extended hours 03

    hours will be effected from Monday
    May 18 - branches will open on Monday
    mornings and stay open later on
    With the new extended hours most
    branches will now open...

  • Property 03

    PLANNING CONSENT for a new
    Sainsbury store in Huddersfield town
    centre has been given, subject to certain
    detailed conditions, by Kirklees council.
    Opened on May 19 - J S ' s new store at
    2 Station Mall,...

  • Outstanding value leads to record progress 04

    Outstanding value leads to record progress
    for our success has been the consistency
    with which we have followed our
    traditional policies of commitment to
    food specialisation and of seeking to...

  • Fashion for the family 06

    Fashion for the family
    ITS BEEN A SHORT CUT to summer
    this year for those customers who have
    visited our largest JS textile departments.
    These 16 grade one branches stock a
    bright and budget conscious array of
    styles and...

  • Bouncing budgies 07

    Bouncing budgies
    economise by shopping at Sainsbury's!
    The latest addition to the own-label
    petcare range is Budgerigar Food which
    costs 29p for a 300 gram pack - a large
    saving on the popular...

  • Passion and melon 07

    Passion and melon
    PASSIONATE SHOPPERS are likely to
    be on the increase this summer! When
    Passion Fruit and Melon was the featured
    yogurt flavour of the month it proved so
    popular that the dairy buying department

  • Wine of the month 07

    Wine of the month
    WINE OF THE MONTH for May is
    Piesporter Michelsberg 1979, price £2.17,
    available in 144 branches.
    JS introduced the wine in August of
    last year and it has already become
    established as one of the most...

  • Vive la difference 08

    This month the Journal takes a look
    at the changing role of the
    branch personnel officer (B.P.O.) The responsibilities of a BPO have grown
    and the function changed almost out of
    all recognition over the years. When

  • Here comes the crunch 10

    Here comes the crunch
    salad of the month for May is Potato,
    Celery and Cheese. Priced at 33p for 8oz
    it comes in a handy re-usable tub and is
    also available in bulk from branches with

  • SavaCentre logo unveiled 11

    SavaCentre logo unveiled
    Reading, moved a step near to completion
    on May 1 when the SavaCentre logo
    at the main entrance was unveiled.
    Councillor Reg Stubberfield, chairman of
    Newbury District...

  • Palethorpes—history and development 12

    The Journal takes a look at the history
    and development of this well-known company
    recently acquired by HMP.
    This interesting selection of historical
    photographs were kindly provided by
    Palethorpes archives. JS EXPANSION...

  • Football crazy 15

    Football crazy
    THEY'RE FOOTBALL CRAZY at Basingstoke
    depot! Management v union or
    women v men - provide any excuse and
    they'll be out in all weathers on the pitch
    raising money for their chosen local
    charity, the Saxon Wood...

  • Photo call 15

    Photo call
    £100 PRIZE is waiting for the lucky winf
    ner of the 1981 JS Jouraal/SSA Photographic
    Competition - so get those
    shutters clicking!
    The theme this year is 'street life' —
    anything at all that you think...

  • Gold awards 16

    Gold awards
    TWO WEEKEND students at Walsall
    branch are off to Buckingham Palace
    soon to collect Duke of Edinburgh Gold
    After 18 months of hard work, Mavis
    Williams and Beverley James, both aged
    18, struck gold after...

  • The house that Brian built 16

    The house that Brian built
    BRIAN PRESTON, a motor mechanic
    at the company car centre in Clapham,
    and his wife Linda, last month received a
    £1,000 prize and became 'Homesteaders
    of the Year'.
    Linda and Brian initially queued...

  • Basingstoke arts festival support 17

    Basingstoke arts festival support
    an ambitious project for the town, has
    attracted many sponsors - including JS.
    Roy Pagden, Basingstoke depot's
    manager, presented a £500 cheque on
    behalf of...

  • Football mad 17

    Football mad
    A FANCY DRESS charity football
    match was played last month between
    management and female staff at Tonbridge,
    raising about £40 for the International
    Year of the Disabled.
    The match, played on the...

  • Halesowen's last stand 17

    Halesowen's last stand
    ROWDY YOUTHS were controlled by
    members of JS management team at
    Last month the three youths who were
    actually arrested, out of a gang of more
    than 20, were taken to the local...

  • A future in the great outdoors! 18

    A future in the great outdoors!
    MANY MEMORIES return to 'Mac'
    Macdonald as he looks back over his
    career that spanned 43 years at JS.
    Mac retired from his post as warehouse
    reception manager at Kilburn
    branch on April 11 but...

  • This is your life 19

    This is your life
    THE RETIREMENT party arranged for
    Ron 'Guv' Cunningham took an
    unexpected form. Colleagues past and
    present had secretly gleaned enough
    personal facts to present his career
    history like a 'This is your...

  • Pioneering times 20

    Pioneering times
    KEN HEBBERD, area produce
    specialist at Woking, retired this month
    after 42 years with JS.
    He joined the company as a poulterer
    at 96 Kilburn in August 1938. 'It was an
    old-fashioned, narrow, manual...

  • Crafty retirement 21

    Crafty retirement
    A CAREER spanning 46 years began
    and finished in the Ilford area for Len
    Len concluded those years on April 18
    as manager of Hornchurch freezer centre
    which was within easy cycling distance of

  • Appointments 22

    H Collins, formerly manager of Letchworth,
    has been appointed manager of
    K Fitzpatrick, formerly manager of
    Woking, has been appointed manager of
    New Basingstoke.
    J Fulcher, formerly manager of...

  • Long service 22

    Long service
    Gail Dudman, telephone supervisor at
    head office, celebrated 25 years' service
    last month.
    Gail was promoted to telephonist in
    charge in 1960 and then to assistant
    supervisor seven years later. In March

  • Retirements 22

    Bob Stain ton, a plant engineer at Basingstoke
    depot, retires after 43 years with JS.
    He joined the company in 1938 and
    was mobilised with the Territorial Army
    in 1939. After war service Bob returned
    to JS and...

  • Feedback 23

    Letters are welcome
    and should be
    addressed to the editor Sainsbury Soldiers
    From: Selwyn Morgan, public relations
    officer, SavaCentre
    As the public relations officer for
    SavaCentre Limited, I would like to offer

  • Obituary 23

    Daisy Butcher, part-time supermarket
    assistant at Dagenham branch, died
    suddenly on April 21 aged 52 years. Daisy joined the company at Aveley
    branch and moved to Dagenham for the
    opening last September.

  • Fishy story 24

    BROWSING AROUND street markets
    or junk shops you may spot a piece of
    decorative Sainsburyana. These white
    ceramic jars once contained Sainsbury's
    Home Made Bloater Paste... a 'tasty
    tea-time treat on...