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    JS ADVERTISING has recently been
    receiving much acclaim. Awards have
    been given for the company's television
    advertising, womens' magazine advertising,
    and radio advertising.
    In short, the standard of JS advertising

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    Branch opening — the new Basingstoke
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    New products
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    JS counsellors AGM
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    People news roundup
    Page 11-14
    Special feature - a history of JS advertising

  • Jennifer Jenkins 02

    JENNIFER JENKINS, who is being
    appointed a JS non-executive director on
    July 1, in preparation for her appointment
    recently paid a visit to JS's Victoria Street
    She also made an official visit to
    Potters Bar branch...

  • President again 02

    President again
    LEN PAYNE, JS's distribution director,
    has been re-elected president of the
    Freight Transport Association for 1981-
    The election took place at the
    Association's council meeting on April 28
    and the FTA...

  • Fantastic family day 03

    Fantastic family day
    14 was a great success!
    Nearly 20,000 people gathered for this
    SSA event of the year at the Griffin
    Ground at Dulwich.
    A photo feature will appear in next
    month's Journal...

  • Monday's for Hempstead 03

    Monday's for Hempstead
    has become the first SavaCentre to
    open on Mondays.
    Ever since Hempstead opened its doors
    to the public in October 1978 shoppers
    have pleaded for Monday openings....

  • Profit sharing 03

    Profit sharing
    IT IS INTERESTING to note that
    Marks and Spencer who reported a 16.6
    per cent rise in profits over the last year
    from £173,600,000 to £181,100,000,
    increased the allocation to their profit
    sharing scheme...

  • Property 03

    restoration of Green Park Station in Bath
    on June 1 1981. This is the first stage in
    the development of the station site which
    will include a new supermarket and surface
    level car park.

  • SSA £1,000 winner 03

    SSA £1,000 winner
    THE FIRST EVER £1,000 SSA draw
    was made on June 1. The lucky winner
    was Barbara Linton, a part-time super-
    market assistant at Wimbledon. Roy
    Griffiths, deputy chairman and president conof
    the SSA...


    unsettled May weather was much in
    evidence in Basingstoke on the 19th,
    when not unexpectedly it rained for the
    opening of JS's latest store. However this
    did not deter the crowds who...

  • Canned fruit 06

    Canned fruit
    A NEW RANGE of JS own-label canned
    fruit has been launched - Peaches, Pears,
    Apricots and Fruit Cocktail - all in pure
    apple juice.
    No added sugar means less calories -
    Apricots, Peaches and the Fruit...

  • Knock 'em for six 06

    Knock 'em for six
    THE RANGE of 6's chocolate covered
    Countline biscuits has been extended even
    further this month.
    Milk Chocolate Shortcake Bars x 6
    join the already established Milk
    Chocolate Sandwich, Chocolate

  • Wine wine wine 06

    Wine wine wine
    AN IDEAL WINE for summer is
    Sainsbury's wine choice for June -
    Sauvignon du Loir et Cher 1980.
    This dry white Vin de Pays comes
    from vineyards in the department of Loir
    and Cher, near Blois, in the Loire...

  • Royal tinware 07

    Royal tinware
    SWEETS AND BISCUITS will be fit for
    the Queen if they are stored in the range
    of JS Royal Wedding commemorative
    The metal tray (£1.25) and the jib tea
    caddy (75p) are available in 50 branches.

  • Wholefood preserves and pickles 07

    Wholefood preserves and pickles
    TWO NEW TITLES - Wholefood Cooking
    and Preserves and Pickles - are being
    added to the range of JS hardback
    cookery books.
    Wholefood Cooking, by Carole Handslip,
    is for cooks who like to use...

  • Bull's eye 08

    Bull's eye
    A UNITED EFFORT by darts enthusiasts
    from JS branches on the south
    coast has earned them the Bournemouth
    Business League trophy and shield.
    The team, captained by Winton's
    deputy manager Ron Richmond-Cole,

  • Determined diet 08

    Determined diet
    BEXHILL BRANCH is very proud of
    one of their supermarket assistants, Sadie
    Haworth, for succeeding where others
    have failed!
    Sadie tackled her diet with determination
    on January 1 when she asked...

  • Help for the disabled 08

    Help for the disabled
    DISABLED PEOPLE is the eighth in the
    JS series of food guides, priced at 30p. It
    has been especially designed to help
    people with physical disabilities enjoy
    cooking for themselves...

  • JS counsellors AGM 08

    JS counsellors AGM
    counsellors was held on June 2 at the
    Tower Hotel, London.
    The meeting was opened by assistant
    managing director, Peter Davis, who
    spoke about the company's...

  • Red Cross loyalty 08

    Red Cross loyalty
    THE LORD LIEUTENANT of Bedfordshire
    recently presented a Red Cross
    Long Service Award for 15 years' loyal
    work to Margaret Hawkins.
    Margaret attends Red Cross meetings
    every week. She is a senior...

  • Anchors away 09

    Anchors away
    MEMBERS OF THE SSA had a special
    treat on May 23 - a riverboat disco held
    on the first ever charter voyage of the
    'Elizabethan', a 120ft replica of an 1890's
    stern wheeled paddle steamer and the

  • Boy racer 09

    Boy racer
    WORLD CHAMPION by the age of 25,
    is the ambition of 17-year-old Lewis Gee,
    a student at Bitterne - his sport — motor
    For the last two years he has been racing
    lOOcc go-karts as a junior and has
    had much...

  • Wings 'n' wheels 09

    Wings 'n' wheels
    recently in a pond near a shopping centre,
    according to Redditch branch.
    When spring arrived this year a family
    of ducks decided to move home and set up nest in a discarded trolley...

  • In a worle 10

    In a worle
    STAFF AT WORLE raised £300 when
    the Weston Summer carnival fete was
    held in the branch car park on May 31.
    The fete was arranged by the Weston
    Summer Carnival Committee and all the
    proceeds went to the...

  • Lionhearted charity 10

    Lionhearted charity
    A ndrew Smith, manager at Worle, drew the ticket that led to a dash of
    glory for a customer (above left). LIONS INVADED WORLE branch,
    Weston-Super-Mare, on June 5.
    They were the most generous creatures

  • Talk about grub grabs'! 10

    Talk about grub grabs'!
    Roundabout, which is sent to blind people
    in the Horsham area, arranged a charity
    raffle and recorded a special event
    recently at their local Sainsbury's.
    Manager of Horsham...


    Advertising in general started in earnest in the mid 19th century when tax on
    advertisements and stamp duty on newspapers were abolished.
    The food trade played a useful part in the early growth of...

  • County councillor 15

    County councillor
    CAROLYN GRAY, BPO at Walton-on-
    Thames branch was last month voted
    county councillor for Walton-on-Thames.
    In a very close election the seat, normally
    conservative held, went to labour —

  • Fancy dress cycle ride 15

    Fancy dress cycle ride
    SUNDAY MAY 3 saw 21 members of
    staff from Bury St Edmunds and their
    families take part in a sponsored fancy
    dress cycle ride in aid of muscular dystrophy.
    From a grand total of almost £6,000,

  • Photo competition 15

    Photo competition
    THE FIRST PRIZE OF £100 still could
    be yours! Let cash rewards provide
    special incentive for your photographic
    expertise and an imaginative interpretation
    of this year's theme - 'street life'.
    For full...

  • Tottenham's babies 15

    Tottenham's babies
    CHILDREN in Edmonton enjoyed a
    much better holiday this year thanks to
    the efforts of staff at Tottenham.
    A sponsored fancy dress pub crawl
    was held between 12 noon and 2.30pm on

  • The Krypton Factor 16

    The Krypton Factor
    Television's toughest quiz
    IAN KELLY, a 23-year-old assistant manager at
    Kettering branch, was recently selected to take part in
    television's 'toughest quiz' The Krypton Factor-ths
    search for the...

  • Sausages v Rolls 17

    Sausages v Rolls
    TWENTY-FIVE Sainsbury butchers -
    the Sausages - recently faced Terry
    Wogan and the cameras to win the
    wooden spoon (and lose the game) in
    BBC TV's 'You Must Be Joking' quiz
    Is there really a...

  • Biker's dream 18

    Biker's dream
    Colin in action at Brands Hatch. WATCH OUT Barry Sheene! A name to
    look out for in the future in the world of
    motorbike racing may well be Colin
    Masters, a motor mechanic at Charlton
    Colin began racing...

  • Royal invitation 18

    Royal invitation
    AN INVITATION to a Garden Party at
    Buckingham Palace on July 21 has been
    given to Bob Bathie, a general duties man
    at Charlton depot, and his wife.
    Bob was born and bred and still lives
    on part of the...

  • The depot and the college 18

    The depot and the college
    engineers supervisor at Charlton depot,
    as a result of attending college, was
    recently asked to be an adjudicator at
    Woolwich College's end-of-year
    apprentice's quiz.

  • Nice race shame about the boat 19

    Nice race shame about the boat
    THREE JS ENTRIES were seen this
    year in Norwich's nuttiest nautical event
    - the annual Wensum Raft Race. More
    than 60 craft, the largest number yet in
    the race's five-year history, made...

  • Golfer's holiday 20

    Golfer's holiday
    IT'S EARLY DAYS for Dennis Barwick
    to analyse his feelings about retirement,
    but he admits that at present he is treating
    it like a holiday! He has recently retired
    from Wealdstone branch as meat

  • Cordon bleu retirement 21

    BERT COVEY, deputy meat manager at
    Paddington, has retired after 44 years'
    service with JS.
    He joined the company as a
    poultryman at Worthing in 1937. 'It was
    my first job and Sainsbury's has been my
    only job!'...

  • Appointments 22

    F Bishop, formerly manager of Stockwell,
    has been appointed manager of Forest
    N Lake, formerly deputy manager of
    Eastbourne, has been appointed manager
    of Hove.
    G Love, formerly manager of Forest

  • Long service 22

    Long service
    Eric Barnes, meat manager at North
    Cheam, has completed 40 years' service
    with JS.
    He joined the company at Kingston. In
    1943 Eric began four years' army service,
    rejoining JS at Fulham. He worked in all

  • Retirements 22

    James Patrick Griffin, computer manager
    at Streatham, retired on April 24 after 46
    years at JS.
    Paddy began his career with the company
    as a messenger (office section) at
    Blackfriars. In 1937 he was...

  • Feedback 23

    Letters are welcome
    and should be
    addressed to the editor Salary uncertainty
    From: Tony Gayfer, distribution division,
    At the recent salary reviews, my
    colleagues and I thought that our
    increases in the 14 to 15...

  • Obituary 23

    Melanie Cleaton, a supermarket assistant
    at Uxbridge branch, died in a car accident
    on May 15.
    Melanie joined Uxbridge branch in
    July 1979.

  • Know your (tripe and) onions 24

    Know your (tripe and) onions
    A FAR CRY from the current glossy
    cookery books produced by JS are a set
    of useful and ingenious recipes from the
    company dating back to the 1930's. They
    are a fascinating reflection, however,...