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  • £500,000 arts sponsorship programme 01

    £500,000 arts sponsorship programme
    THE ESTABLISHMENT of a £500,000
    three year Sainsbury's art sponsorship
    programme, a new venture for the
    company, was announced by chairman,
    Sir John Sainsbury, on July 6, in the

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    Fred Salisbury - a report on the career of the first non-Sainsbury director of the company who recently died
    Page 5
    JS and SEGAS demonstrations
    Page 6-8
    New products
    Page 9-16
    Family Day — a...

  • 1981 AGM-a good start for JS 03

    1981 AGM-a good start for JS
    shareholders attended this year's AGM
    held on July 1 in the Connaught Rooms.
    Chairman, Sir John Sainsbury, addressed
    the meeting and spoke on the company's
    performance and...

  • Property 03

    WORK ON JS'S new supermarket in
    Moortown, Leeds, is now well advanced and local residents were pleased recently
    to hear that the company is also providing
    a library to form part of the shopping
    After months of...

  • Fred Salisbury 04

    Fred Salisbury
    FRED SALISBURY, the first non-
    Sainsbury director of JS, who served a
    total of 51 years with the company, died
    on Friday July 10, aged 80.
    The present chairman, Mr JD writes:
    'Outside the family no-one...

  • Demonstrating team spirit 05

    have organised a series of demonstrations
    this year in conjunction with Sainsbury's.
    The programme aims to discuss the
    advantages of cooking with modern gas
    appliances and illustrate value for...

  • A bird in hand 06

    A bird in hand
    SUPER SUMMER SALES have been
    recorded (despite the uninspiring
    weather!) by the poultry buying department
    in respect of the still expanding
    range of cooked and flavoured chicken.
    Roast Chicken (available in...

  • JS Bakers Craft 06

    JS Bakers Craft
    FRANZIPAN SLICES, danish fruit
    rings, apple doughnuts and danish
    pastries are some of the exotic patisserie
    products in JS's new Bakers Craft range.
    And there are a variety of exciting,
    nutritious breads made...

  • Cooks kitchen 07

    Cooks kitchen
    used kitchen items constitute
    JS's new Cooks Kitchen range.
    Made from durable plastic, all items in
    the range are easy to clean, and almost
    completely unbreakable. All are...

  • Salad extras 07

    Salad extras
    Brighten up any salad TASTY SALAD dressings are usually
    very high in calories but JS has come to
    the rescue of slimmers this month with
    the launch of an own-label Low Calorie
    French Mayonnaise. Ingredients...

  • Latest trom the vine 08

    Latest trom the vine
    THE WINE buying department intends
    to add a sparkle to the Royal Wedding
    celebrations this month. JS Sparkling
    Saumur is wine of the month for July and
    is very good value at £2.95 (75 cl).
    Saumur is...

  • Modified diets 08

    Modified diets
    MODIFIED DIETS - the latest food
    guide from JS - aims to provide helpful
    background information for those on a
    modified diet (whether temporarily or
    permanently) and for their family and
    It explains...

  • 1981 Family Day 09

    NEARLY TWENTY THOUSAND people trekked to Dulwich on Sunday June 14 to make the 1981 Family Day the
    biggest and best event yet
    In comparison to last year's downpour, the day was opened by finance director, David Sainsbury,...

  • Ashford walk 17

    Ashford walk
    NEARLY FORTY members of Ashford
    branch staff, including manager Eric
    Thompson, recently raised £800 on a
    sponsored walk.
    The walk, organised in conjunction
    with Woolworths and Boots, was over 10
    miles from...

  • Extended photo competition 17

    Extended photo competition
    THE FIRST PRIZE OF £100 could still
    be yours. Let cash rewards provide
    special incentive for your photographic
    expertise and an imaginative interpretation
    of this year's theme - 'street life'.

  • Folk gathering 17

    Folk gathering
    Chippenham branch recently during
    an important international gathering - the
    Chippenham and Lacock Folk Festival.
    Deputy manager at the branch, Peter
    Carr, confirmed that,...

  • Golden wedding 17

    Golden wedding
    Luckin's family have loyally shopped at
    Sainsbury's. On June 6 Evelyne and Cyril
    Luckin celebrated their golden wedding
    anniversary and to help them mark this
    special occasion their...

  • An international amateur 18

    An international amateur
    doesn't frighten Cliff Greenall, a young
    tradesman at Lexden branch, as he has
    been a judo enthusiast since he was five
    years old!
    Although the list of his medals and...

  • Anyone for rounders 19

    Anyone for rounders
    raised £100 for Capital Radio's Help a
    London Child appeal by holding a
    sponsored fancy dress rounders game.
    Management played staff in the bizarre
    match and recovering...

  • Art competition winner 19

    Art competition winner
    BUDDING ARTIST Mark Dobson, a
    17 year-old weekend student at Bletchley,
    entered the Cadbury National Exhibition
    of Children's Art competition, regarded
    as a major competition, and forgot all

  • Beauty runner-up 19

    Beauty runner-up
    KAREN DIXON, a 19 year-old skilled
    supermarket assistant at Ashford,
    recently won second place in the Miss
    Ashford beauty contest.
    The competition was held at the
    Ashford Stour Centre and as runner-up

  • County councillor 19

    County councillor
    CHRIS COLE, productivity section
    leader at Uxbridge area office, was in
    May voted a Liberal county councillor
    for Windsor Park, Berkshire.
    He contested the seat four years ago,
    when the Conservatives won...

  • The sporting life 20

    The sporting life
    CRICKET, FOOTBALL, amateur boxing
    and other sports filled any spare time
    in Henry 'Mac' McGregor's early working
    years. Mac retires this month from
    the distribution division after some 46
    years with the...

  • Town and country 20

    Town and country
    SIX MONTHS in North London became
    almost a lifetime for Fred Philpot who
    fully intends to stay in that area even now
    he has retired after 42 years at JS!
    Fred's career that led him to establish
    his home in...

  • Eggs to eggs 21

    Eggs to eggs
    PHIL CHURCHILL, a senior skilled
    tradesman at Surbiton, retired in April
    after 42 years with JS. 'I never thought
    I'd be staying that long when I started
    though!' smiled Phil.
    He joined the company at 57b...

  • Long service 22

    Long service
    John Barbar, a driver at Basingstoke
    depot, has completed 25 years' service
    with JS.
    He joined the company at Blackfriars
    and worked in the factory for 18 months
    before taking up driving. John moved to

  • Obituary 22

    Julie Feeney, evening display assistant
    at Kingsland Road died aged 50 on June
    27 after a long illness.
    She joined the company in August
    Patricia O'Donoghue, daily domestic
    assistant at Haverhill branch,...

  • Retirements 22

    Bill Begbie, a clerk at Basingstoke depot,
    retired on May 22 after a total of nearly
    42 years with the company.
    He joined JS in September 1939 as a
    clerk at Stamford House. After five years'
    war service in the...

  • Feedback 23

    Letters are welcome
    and should be
    addressed to the editor Jennifer Jenkins
    From: 18 ladies of Chesham branch
    Just recently one of our part-time
    colleagues had to retire much against her
    will although she was very hard...

  • Where eagles cheer 24

    Where eagles cheer
    BEFORE THE DAYS of SSA trips and
    holidays, special occasions at Sainsbury's
    were sometimes celebrated by excursions
    such as this one.
    On June 12, 1938 members of the
    Sainsbury family and the head office...