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  • SavaCentre No. 5 01

    SavaCentre No. 5 CALCOT SAVACENTRE, the fifth and
    largest store in the joint JS—British
    Home Stores venture, opened its doors to
    the public at 9.00 am on Tuesday
    September 8.
    The SavaCentre, situated only a few

  • Charitable donation 02

    Charitable donation
    Len Payne (left) presents a cheque to Brigadier Locke. THE FIRST OF FIVE yearly £1,000
    donations from the Sainsbufy charitable
    fund was made by distribution director,
    Len Payne, on August 24 to...

  • Contents Page 02

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    Openings— Calcot, SavaCentre number five Perton branch, near Wolverhampton
    Page 8
    Photographic competition closes
    Page 9-12
    New products and launches The J range of beauty products A new...

  • Savings-related scheme 02

    Savings-related scheme
    FOR THE SECOND time this year
    around 14,000 full-time and part-time
    employees who have worked at JS for
    three consecutive years are being offered
    the opportunity to save towards JS shares
    under the...

  • Chairman of the ANA 03

    Chairman of the ANA
    CONTINUING his connection with the
    Article Number Association, Sainsrjury's
    departmental director of branch services,
    Jeremy Grindle, has been appointed
    chairman of the ANA.
    Jeremy Grindle succeeded...

  • Property 03

    FORMAL APPLICATION has now been
    made to Blackpool Borough Council for
    permission to build a 38,050 sq ft
    development for JS, providing 20,350 sq
    ft of shopping area, and parking for 290
    cars, in Bispham. Four months ago...

  • Pitsea's family appeal 05

    Pitsea's family appeal
    THE NEW LEISURE centre adjacent to
    Pitsea branch was supported during its
    opening programme by Sainsbury's.
    Visitors at the gala evening and buffet
    drank to the success of the venture with
    wine donated...

  • Out of town 06

    Out FREE PARKING, an out of town location
    and a petrol station are some of the key
    factors that promise a great future for
    Perton branch which opened on September
    Perton is Wolverhampton's new
    'mini-town' and the housing...

  • Hopefuls in Hoe Street 07

    Hopefuls in Hoe Street
    LAST YEAR, thanks to JS expansion,
    5,000 new jobs were created.
    The expansion continues this year and
    with it the new jobs—so much so that
    scenes like this are becoming commonplace.
    This line formed...

  • Race to the finish 08

    Race to the finish
    THE LAST CALL has gone for entries in
    this year's photographic competition.
    The closing date was September 30
    and once again the response has been
    overwhelming and we are only sorry that
    more people cannot...

  • A taste of Germany 09

    A taste of Germany
    A FRESH AND FRUITY wine from
    Germany has been selected as the JS
    wine of the month for October.
    Bornheirner Trappenberg is produced
    in the largest wine district in Germany,
    the Rheinpfalz or Palatinate....

  • Clearly in control 09

    Clearly in control
    dandruff by regular use of JS Anti-
    Dandruff Shampoo.
    Now available in the own-label shampoo
    range are anti-dandruff shampoos
    for both normal/dry hair and for...

  • Scents appeal 09

    Scents appeal
    Remind yourself of summery days in the country by bringing the fresh fragrance
    of Almond Blossom, Fresh Lemon, Soft
    Peach, Country Herbs and White Rose
    into your bathroom. Unlock these...

  • Read all about It 10

    Read all about It
    TWO NEW JS full colour hardback
    books have appeared— Cake Icing and
    Decorating by Carole Handslip and
    Beauty Care by Pat Baikie both priced at
    Cake Icing and Decorating contains
    advice on basic...

  • Beauty for sale 11

    Beauty for sale
    JS HAVE LAUNCHED a completely new
    comprehensive range of beauty products
    which combine the best for the skin with
    the prettiest for the face. The J range
    offers a total skin-care programme plus
    an exciting...

  • Italian style 12

    Italian style
    THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 3 was a red
    letter day for JS pasta—marking the
    launch of a new book, Pasta, Italian
    Style, and an authentic new pasta range.
    All this was part of a drive by Sainsbury's
    to highlight and...

  • A customer in need... 13

    A customer in need...
    AN AMUSING STORY entitled 'Sainsbury's
    Hero' appeared in Super
    Marketing magazine on September 4:
    'It's clean, it's fresh at Sainsbury's'
    shout its plastic bags, and these may be
    reasons why sales...

  • Ladder to success 13

    Ladder to success
    A PROMISE of a brighter future for
    inspired youngsters was recently
    supported by Sainsbury's.
    The Daily Star devised a scheme in
    July to attract young jobless people with
    good practical ideas, but in need...

  • London to Brighton 13

    London to Brighton
    London Marathon last March, Steve Till,
    a trainee programmer in the company
    systems department, recently achieved
    another sporting feat to boast of.
    On Saturday September 5 he...

  • Sweet aroma 13

    Sweet aroma
    THE OBSERVER colour magazine's
    report on strawberry jam rated JS's as
    'sensational value for money'.
    The 'Good Taste Test' panelists tasted
    and examined various jams on the
    market and all three agreed...

  • Floating by the beach 14

    Floating by the beach
    FOR THE THIRD year since it opened,
    Worle branch entered a float in the
    Weston Summer Carnival held on July
    The theme this year was 'Come to
    Weston for Sun, Sand and SainsburyY.
    Half of the float...

  • Mutual appreciation 14

    Mutual appreciation
    A FAMILY REUNION and small party
    made it a really special occasion for
    Edith Edwards when she celebrated her
    100th birthday this month.
    During her life she has been a devout
    JS customer and first...

  • Timely tribute 14

    Timely tribute
    NINETEEN YEAR OLD Sheila Walsh,
    leading bakery assistant at Bletchley is
    one in a baker's dozen.
    She landed a job at JS after completing
    a two year course at Cassio College,
    Watford—and as the icing on the...

  • Famous names 15

    Famous names
    Mohammed Aliis not John's top favourite
    but he has been photographed with nearly
    all of the great men'. WELL KNOWN and highly respected on
    the London boxing scene is warehouseman
    at Charlton depot, John...

  • Fancy a cuppa? 15

    Fancy a cuppa?
    Smith and Carmen Tierney, a staff
    restaurant supervisor and a skilled
    supermarket assistant respectively at
    Boreham Wood.
    They won first prize in a fancy dress
    competition held...

  • Jim Gallagher retires 15

    Jim Gallagher retires
    JIM GALLAGHER, departmental
    director responsible for both the fresh
    and frozen produce buying departments
    retired last month after seven years with
    He took over the post in July 1974,
    joining the...

  • Travelling man 16

    Travelling man
    TED 'WEBBY' WEBB, a chargehand in
    Uxbridge area engineers, has retired
    after 44 years with JS.
    He joined ihe company as a cycle lad at
    Lewisham in 1937, a post that he held for
    about 18 months. 'The winters of...

  • As good as a rest! 17

    As good as a rest!
    JOHN HEARNE faces more changes in
    his life even now his retirement is in the
    past. John retired last month as meat
    buyer, fresh meat buying department at
    Blackfriars, after 44 years with the

  • Appointments 18

    F Barrett, formerly deputy manager of
    Arnold branch, has been appointed
    manager of Newcastle-under-Lyme.

  • Long service 18

    Long service
    Ken Saunders, manager at Coventry, has
    completed 40 years' service with JS.
    He joined the company in 1941 and
    achieved his first management post in
    1964 at Swiss Cottage. Ken then opened
    and managed Edgware,...

  • Retirements 18

    Kathlyne Levene, a skilled supermarket
    assistant at Kingsland Road branch,
    retired on September 12 after 27 years
    with JS.
    Kit joined the service branch at
    Stamford Hill as a full time assistant in
    1954. When...

  • Feedback 19

    Letters are welcome
    and should be
    addressed to the editor Royal Wedding
    From: Patricia Fancourt, part-time skilled
    supermarket assistant, Greenford
    Although my husband has worked for 25
    years at Marlborough House...

  • Obituary 19

    John Horn, senior manager of the distribution
    and strategy department at head
    office, died on July 29 at the age of 57,
    after a long illness which he fought with
    courage.and fortitude.
    John joined the company as...

  • Joint perseverance brings rewards 20

    Joint perseverance brings rewards
    MARY ANN STAPLES, known as Polly
    to her friends, was a determined young
    woman. She was born in 1849, the
    daughter of a dairyman cum provision
    merchant in north-west London.
    She met the young...