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    Business News—first of a new regular section
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    How it is made—Frozen Black Forest Gateaux
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    New products
    Page 9-16
    Family Day '82—photographs and a report on JS's family event of...

  • Wimbledon opens 02

    Wimbledon opens
    A BRANCH OPENING with a difference
    was welcomed by south-west London on
    Monday July 5.
    Wimbledon's famous fortnight of tennis
    had just finished as a new era was
    beginning for JS's local branch—with...

  • Annual General Meeting 03

    Annual General Meeting
    SAINSBURY'S Annual General Meeting
    for shareholders was held on June 30.
    During the course of his address the
    chairman, Sir John Sainsbury, said that
    the company has started the year well
    and has...

  • Prize guy 03

    Prize guy
    SAINSBURY's comes top of the class
    again! JS's prize Aberdeen Angus bull,
    Nightingale General Challenger, has
    gained another top spot in the
    limelight—this time at the Royal Highland
    Show on June 22. He was...

  • County comes to the city 04

    County comes to the city
    JS SUPPLIER, G Ruddle & Co, has recently
    placed some of its shares on the Unlisted
    Securities Market (USM). This is a junior
    version of the proper Stock Market, and is
    intended as a lower cost...

  • JS growth record 04

    JS growth record
    A SURVEY recently published in Management
    Today acknowledges JS's growth
    record since 1972. Out of the top 200
    public companies in the UK, Sainsbury's
    rank number 18 in terms of growth. The
    survey did not...

  • Tesco's results 04

    Tesco's results
    TESCO recently announced their results.
    They were well received by the Stock
    Market—profits before tax were up 22 per
    cent on 1980/81 to £42.7 million, some £5
    million more than was expected. The

  • An attack of the generics 05

    An attack of the generics
    NOT, what you might think, a debilitating
    disease, generics are in fact no-name
    products promoted by large retailers on the
    basis of a very low price. The goods are
    usually presented in 'no-frills'...

  • EEC prices up 05

    EEC prices up
    THE EEC recently decided on the 1982
    round of farm price increases. An increase
    of 10.4 per cent has been imposed on the
    UK against our wishes. After currency
    adjustments this works out at 13 per cent.

  • How it is made—Frozen Black Forest Gateaux 06

    Black Forest Gateaux
    continued from page 6
    is employed full time to inspect the
    general housekeeping by regular and
    spot checks at every point of production.
    Each machine used during the process is
    numbered (and the sample...

  • Crisp'n' crunchy 08

    Crisp'n' crunchy
    POTATO, cheese, celery and onion salad
    is one of the latest additions to the
    delicatessen range at JS following its success
    as a 'salad of the month'. It is a fresh
    salad recommended for eating on its own

  • Dressing for dinner 08

    Dressing for dinner
    SNAP UP the new tastes from JS's
    'dressings' range quickly because, if you
    don't someone else will!
    Thousand Island, a piquant dressing
    permeated with gherkins, onions and
    peppers, promises to be the...

  • Featured flavours 08

    Featured flavours
    REGULAR YOGGERS will not have
    failed to notice that every month for the
    past two years JS has introduced a new
    flavour into its range of own-label yogurts.
    The last six months has seen the

  • July delight 08

    July delight
    France when for £2.35 you can
    conjure up all the sun and sea
    you want with the help of a glass
    of JS's own-label Cotes de
    Provence Rose.
    The wines of Cotes de
    Provence come from...

  • Neapolitan taste 08

    Neapolitan taste
    BIG isn't always beautiful looking at
    the ever increasing sales of litre packs of
    JS own-label ice cream.
    Larger tubs (4 ltr) are slowly being outrun
    by the conveniently shaped 1 litre pack
    of ice cream, and...

  • Piefect 08

    FRESH PUFF and Shortcrust pastrywhich
    tastes 'just like mama used to
    make'! —have been launched this
    month by the dairy buying department.
    These smart new packs, contain
    perhaps the most manageable readymade

  • Family Day '82 09

    THIRTEEN might traditionally be unlucky for some, but Sunday June 13 was a
    happy and extremely lucky 'fun day' for the many thousands of Sainsbury's
    staff, families and friends who converged on Dulwich for Family Day '82.

  • Co-op Congress 17

    Co-op Congress
    THE CO-OP CHIEFS recently enjoyed
    marvellous weather at their annual
    Congress in Brighton. But are there clouds
    on the horizon? Of the 160 individual retail
    societies 72 are now making losses. Twenty
    have had...

  • Gulliver's travels 17

    Gulliver's travels
    THEY WONT EVEN have to change the
    number plate on the Chairman's car!' —
    that was the verdict when James Gulliver
    announced that his Argyll Foods company
    was going to purchase Allied Suppliers
    from his...

  • The story of Truelove 18

    The story of Truelove
    Sainsbury's and Trueloves School for the
    physically handicapped has lasted many
    years but, sadly, its days may be numbered
    The 'tradition' of giving aid to...

  • A successful year 19

    A successful year
    two-fold celebration on their plates!
    Firstly, the Association of Home
    Economists has recently been granted
    institute status and now becomes the
    Institute of Home Economics...

  • Chairman Spence 19

    Chairman Spence
    WENDY SPENCE, JS's senior hygiene
    officer, was recently appointed chairman
    of the Society of Food Hygiene Technology
    She was one of the principal founders
    of the society and voted vice-chairman...

  • ABC of fruit and veg 20

    ABC of fruit and veg
    WHAT DO you do to a library to brighten
    it up and give it extra purpose? 'Fill it with
    tropical fruit and vegetables' was the
    answer given by Chris Avery, the librarian
    in Rennie House at Blackfriars.

  • No trouble at mill 20

    No trouble at mill
    IN THE FOOTSTEPS of last year's
    Business Enterprise Award, presented to
    JS for having been the company making
    the most significant contribution to job
    creation that year, it's nice to know that
    the company...

  • Run for it 20

    Run for it
    A SPECIAL AWARD of £100 was
    recently presented to John Perry, a 19-
    year-old tradesman at Luton Central
    John was hailed a hero and given the
    award as a token of the public's appreciation
    after he chased...

  • Victory at Calne 20

    Victory at Calne
    between JS and Harris of Calne, played
    on June 5 at Calne, resulted in a win for JS.
    This match, one of the highlights of the
    JS cricketing season, celebrated its 35th
    birthday this...

  • A crash course 21

    A crash course
    Lexden staff went out in force to
    Colchester army barracks and took part
    in an assault course in aid of the National
    Grocers' Benevolent Fund.
    The course was a difficult...

  • Cancer round-up 21

    Cancer round-up
    DETERMINATION is what its all about
    when it comes to raising money for
    Cancer Research, and this month has
    been no exception!
    Southend decided not to hide their
    light under a bushel and set out on...

  • I wish... 21

    I wish...
    TO BE OR NOT to be, a wishing well,
    was the question, facing Terry Nicholson,
    manager of Homebase at Leeds (now
    manager at Nottingham).
    The problem arose when a small pool
    was built in the store, near...

  • Luton walk 21

    Luton walk
    FROM LUTON Central a few of the
    more intrepid members of staff collected
    300 for Luton and Dunstable maternity
    special care unit for premature babies.
    The money was raised by a ten mile
    sponsored walk organised by...

  • Wining and dining ideas 21

    Wining and dining ideas
    NEW ZEALAND LAMB is featured in
    one of the latest full colour leaflets available
    in Sainsbury's stores.
    These 'mini food guides' are displayed
    adjacent to the products that they are
    promoting and...

  • Feedback 22

    Letters are welcome
    and should "be
    addressed to the editor Bike park?
    From: Tony Gayfer, distribution division,
    While waiting for my medical examination
    recently, I picked up the Health

  • Photographic Competition 22

    TWO £75 PRIZES are waiting for the lucky winners of the 1982
    IS Joumal/SS A Photographic Competition.
    This year there are two themes open to your interpretation
    —Summertime Blues and Nostalgia—so get your
    imagination into...


    Alfred Hubbard, warehouse/reception
    manager at Reading, has completed 40
    years' service with JS.
    He joined the company at Barking
    branch and moved to his present position
    in 1965.
    Colin 'Col' Hunt, meat manager...


    Nora Denyer, canteen supervisor at
    Dunstable, died on May 16, aged 58.
    She began working for the company in
    1968 and had worked at Dunstable since
    Helen Nicholson, skilled supermarket
    assistant at Corby, died...


    Robert Bourner, meat manager at
    Chatham, has retired after 43 years with
    He began his career with the company
    as a butchers' learner, at Tonbridge. A
    year later he moved to Leatherhead as a

  • Margarine memories 24

    Margarine memories
    BEFORE THE DAYS of machine
    packaging, the shop assistant's job demanded
    a number of skills now obsolete.
    A 'rule book' for JS branches, recently
    donated to the archives by Derek Harker,
    branch operations,...