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  • Classic strawberry season in full swing 02

    Classic strawberry season in full swing
    Classic FM radio's Michael Barry
    celebrated the start of the
    strawberry season on air with a
    delicious new recipe, Strawberries
    and Ginger Creams.
    To coincide with the launch...

  • Contents Page 02

    There is no Text

  • Frontline 02

    Find fame and fortune by entering tlie
    JS Journal Pliotograpliic competition.
    Not only will the winning photographs
    appear in the December Journal but
    there are cash prizes including £150
    for the overall...

  • In the firing line 02

    In the firing line
    One false move... The toggle button on a SABRE handset can
    seriously affect the orders your store gets so the SABRE team have
    come up with a striking reminder to use it properly.
    The 'Toggle - And make my...

  • Countdown to new Savacentre launch 03

    Countdown to new Savacentre launch
    , 4 , 3 , 2 , 1 , Sydenham
    Savacentre is go.
    At least the petrol station
    is. It opened on May 23
    and store director Jon Hartland
    hardly raised an
    eyebrow when the famous
    pink car, FAB 1,...

  • Customers won't be at sea over cooking fish 03

    Customers won't be at sea over cooking fish
    Twenty fish counter stafl' have tipped the scales of
    service to Sainsbury's advantage. They have qualified as the
    first members of the Sainsbury
    Guild of Fishmongers.
    The course is...

  • MBA scheme graduates now number 16 03

    MBA scheme graduates now number 16
    Five more managers have
    graduated from the Management
    MBA scheme.
    Two of them, Sue Donoghue
    and Colin Rye, passed with
    This brings to 16 the
    total graduates of the

  • Pudsey pays a visit 03

    Pudsey pays a visit
    Pudsey Bear and BBC's
    Sue Cook got more than a
    teddy bear's picnic when
    they went down to
    Wandsworth JS.
    Joint managing director
    David Quarmby presented
    them with a cheque for
    £200,000 raised by...

  • Buyers and suppliers meet in Scotland 04

    Buyers and suppliers meet in Scotland
    The four Scottish JS
    stores may soon be
    stocking more locallyproduced
    lines thanks to
    a conference organised
    by Blackball store
    manager David Parker.
    Last month, David...

  • Disabled people gain access to top training 04

    Disabled people gain access to top training
    People with disabilities will soon be participating in courses alongside JS staff in a
    scheme designed to open up the best in management training to disabled people. JS has signed up...

  • New generation petrol station is open all hours 04

    New generation petrol station is open all hours
    The new petrol station at
    Hadleigh Road, Ipswich, is
    the first to have a life of its
    own. In addition to a
    conventional forecourt for
    JS customers, it has a
    separate forecourt...

  • Stores will drive their own sales 04

    Stores will drive their own sales
    A new department just set up will have a short but
    glorious life. The retail sales coordination
    department will
    be around for less than a
    year but its effects will be
    long lasting, as it...

  • News in brief 05

    Sir Tim Sainsbury
    back on board
    Two new non-executive
    directors have been
    appointed to the board.
    The Rt Hon Sir Timothy
    Sainsbury MP rejoins the
    board after leaving the
    company in 1983 to
    become a member of...

  • Queen honours JS director 05

    Queen honours JS director
    Angus Clark CBE
    Angus Clark, who retired
    in April as board director
    in charge of distribution
    and logistics, has been awarded a CBE in the
    Queen's 1995 Birthday
    Honours List. Chairman

  • Vintage Lagondas rally at Staines for anniversary drive 05

    Vintage Lagondas rally at Staines for anniversary drive
    The Staines car park is more used to Volvos than
    vintage cars. But on June 14 it was graced with 119 old
    Lagondas. The store is built on the
    site of the old Lagonda...

  • Over the water JS into Northern Ireland 06

    Over the water JS into Northern Ireland
    'The move into Northern Ireland may well be a small step for
    mankind, but it is truly a giant step for Sainsbury's', said chairman
    David Sainsbury.
    Plans to open the finest food chain in...

  • Peter's private view 07

    Peter at work in his studio in London's National
    .eter Blake is probably best known for creating
    the cover of The Beatles' concept album
    Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. As
    such, his image, is firmly rooted...

  • Writelines 08

    Bob Cheek, Campaign for
    Dark Skies, Suffolk.
    Your effort and understanding
    of the light pollution
    problem at Warren
    Heath has been much
    appreciated and has been
    concluded in a very satisfactory
    manner. How...

  • Market Report — Potatoes 09

    You may consider the humble spud as a stable-priced staple
    but recent months have seen the price go through the roof.
    Visits to the local chippy will no doubt have borne witness to the price
    changes. The price per tonne for...

  • Good food still costs less at Sainsbury's 10

    Good food still costs less at Sainsbury's
    Two piles of shopping of directiy
    equivalent products bought at
    JS and Tesco.
    Which costs less?
    If you said the Tesco products then you
    may be surprised to hear that the total

  • Jane judges your cake creations 11

    Jane judges your cake creations
    This competition was no piece of calie so all credit to the creative cooks who came up with some wonderful designs.
    Jane Asher and Rachel Kingsley, product development, cake,
    bakery and biscuit...

  • The ingredient for success... you 12

    The ingredient for success... you
    ents to Ci
    They are based on customer research -
    the Problem Detection Study - conducted
    18 months ago and acted upon,
    particularly with training. These prompted
    various new...

  • Long may they help us 14

    The name may be new but the
    idea is tried and tested, and
    certainly trusted. The
    departmental district advisers,
    whose role evolved from the
    Centres of Excellence set up in 1994, now
    number 586 across the country.

  • Get into the theme 15

    Get into the theme
    The Journal has come up with offers and competitions to help the
    family fun along over the summer holidays. You have a chance to
    win trips to two family theme parks and you can take advantage of

  • And now for the sports report 16

    • 1
    Most people's out-of-work
    relaxation involves using a knife
    and fork, and Buntingford
    depot's Andy Gilder is no
    exception. But he uses his
    dinner knife to scrape dirt off a
    giant roller, and...

  • Baby direct 18

    Baby direct
    Malcolm w i th Baby Robert.
    Malcolm Bull, meat manager at
    Lordshill, proved his talent at
    home delivery when he acted as
    midwife for his own baby.
    Malcolm delivered Robert 9lbs
    7oz unaided when his wife

  • Deaf and determined 18

    Deaf and determined
    Congratulations are due to all staff
    who achieved NVQ certificates but
    special congratulations are in
    order for Andrew Readman, meat
    assistant at Middlesbrough.
    Andrew is totally deaf and is
    unable to...

  • Hearty congratulations 18

    Hearty congratulations
    Three stores have been awarded
    for fighting the good fight - battling
    against the killer heart disease
    and wiping out germs in their
    coffee shops and staff
    Torquay scored a hat-trick...

  • When you need a cunning plan 18

    When you need a cunning plan
    Tom Browne, space allocation
    manager, Blackfriars, faced the
    ultimate executive challenge
    recently on a Territorial Auxiliary
    'executive stretch' weekend.
    The course involved 100

  • Big Breakfast is good for everybody 19

    Big Breakfast is good for everybody
    JS staff across the country
    raised thousands of pounds for
    cancer research when they
    tucked into Big Breakfasts.
    Kettering was typical of the
    kind of involvement. There the
    Big Breakfast...

  • Follow the green and purple road 19

    Follow the green and purple road
    Customers in
    Exeter need no
    longer squint at
    approaching buses
    to ensure they
    catch the right
    number bus for JS.
    They have a
    new fleet of colourcoded
    buses and
    all routes led to

  • Let there be Lighting 19

    Let there be Lighting Brownies, Scouts, Guides and
    Beavers at Panfield, Essex, as
    they get switched on thanks to
    lighting equipment donated by
    Braintree. The lighting, to be usea in a new scout nt
    being built in the village,...

  • Life-saving pennies 19

    Life-saving pennies
    Customers at Middlesbrough can
    now buy life saving equipment -
    by donating Penny Back cash.
    The store's chosen charity is the
    Cleveland Ambulance CARE
    appeal, which will use the cash to
    update equipment...


    As global Internet surfers keep
    reminding us, the world is becoming
    ever smaller and nations are getting closer. With
    this ocean-evaporating thought In mind we offer a few
    highlights from Market Action, the newspaper for...

  • SSA OFFER 20

    Beat a path to the Cdinburgh Jlilitary l^attoo
    Friday August 25 to Sunday August 27
    If you like your pomp and splendour complete with a sporran then head north of the
    border with the SSA. Following the success of last year's...

  • Everything under the sun 22

    Everything under the sun
    It's barbi time and, rather than
    being swamped with sausages or
    bombarded with burgers, many of
    us prefer a little of everything on
    the griddle. The new Sainsbury's
    Barbecue Party Pack contains...

  • Getting this lolly business licked 22

    Getting this lolly business licked
    Classic Cola on a stick? Yes, Sainsbury's Classic Cola and Gio
    continue their expansion, this time into the ice lolly market. Gio and
    Classic Cola lollies have been introduced into stores in...

  • Going by the book 22

    Going by the book
    If you want some ideas on cooking the contents of
    the Barbecue Party Pack, look no further than the
    new Sainsbury's book. Barbecues (£1.95) by Jim
    Marks. Also new are Sainsbury's Special Diets

  • Net value 22

    Net value
    We like nothing more than fishy in a
    dishy but the best fish dishes are a
    bit time-consuming to prepare. Now
    we've fallen hook, line and sinker for
    a new range of four frozen ready
    meals. Fish crumble

  • Novon image has come up like new 22

    Novon image has come up like new
    Novon is now the country's fifth largest detergent brand
    To maintain this phenomenal success, the current
    concentrated powder range is being replaced (except
    for 2kg bags which will continue)...

  • Pick your own 22

    Pick your own
    Summer fruits have just been delivered to stores with the addition this year of the
    summer berries selection including strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. Other
    selection packs are Mixed Currants, Mixed...


    Employees who have
    completed 40 years' sen/Ice:
    Derek Macaree, perishable
    warehouse assistant,
    Buntingford depot.
    Employees who have
    completed 25 years' sen/Ice:
    manager, Lordshill....


    Length of service appears in
    JEANN ELLISS, a customer
    service assistant manager at
    Stockport, died after a short
    illness on June 5. She was
    49 years old (lOyrs). LYN
    at the...


    RITA ALLEN, checkout/
    replenishment assistant,
    Kidlington (4yrs). EMMANUEL
    ATU, fresh food replenishment
    assistant, Camden
    (7yrs). BERYL AUSTIN,
    assistant, Haywards Heath
    (21yrs). JEANNE...


    Congratulations to ALISON
    CARVELL, wages clerk at
    MARSHALL, resident technician
    at WEST GREEN and
    CRAWLEY town centre
    branches, who were
    married on May 20. The wedding in...


    Back in 1869, when John James and Mary
    Ann Sainsbury set up their little shop in
    Drury Lane, London, their sights were set
    not upon establishing a world-class
    business, or even a national multiple,...