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    E YEAR
    ES AT LARGE - your wo

  • Essentials move aside for Economy 02

    Essentials move aside for Economy
    The JS Economy range was
    expanded to around 50 products
    last month as the Essential for
    Essentials badging was phased
    with Vitamins and Iron

  • Frontline 02

    You choose
    A free gift with every JS Journal is your very own guide to
    tine top management. It helps to put faces to names and
    you may wish to keep this poster in a handy place for
    What is your choice for Product...

  • JS is favourite 02

    JS is favourite
    For the second year running, JS
    has won the coveted title of
    Supermarket Wine Merchant of
    the year in the Wine Magazine
    International Challenge. JS beat
    off competition by winning over
    150 medals and...

  • JS supports polar explorer 02

    JS supports polar explorer
    In a unique form of
    sponsorship, JS is
    providing food and
    nutritional advice to a
    British polar explorer to
    make a world record
    crossing of the Antarctic.
    Roger Mear plans to
    make the first...

  • Multibuys multiply 02

    Multibuys multiply
    Two hundred stores will soon notice
    offers available to customers.
    new, more complex Multibuy Previously, offers were limited
    along the lines of buy two cans of
    beans, get one free. New
    computer software...

  • How to beat domestic violence 03

    A free helpline for victims
    June 26.
    of domestic violence was launched at Farlington store on
    How to beat domestic violence The 24-hour helpline is a
    joint initiative by Portsmouth
    City Council and
    local support...

  • Partnership bears fruit 03

    Partnership bears fruit
    The start of the English apple season was marked by
    more than just mists and mellow fruitfulness when
    chairman David Sainsbury launched the company's
    Partnership in Produce initiative. The scheme...

  • Unplugged on the dance floor 03

    Unplugged on the dance floor
    It was the end of August, A Level results had just been announced and bright
    young things were converging on one of London's top night spots, courtesy of
    Sainsbury's. The prospective...

  • Delivering the goods to midwives 04

    Delivering the goods to midwives
    JS received a warm welcome from 600 midwives from
    throughout the UK when the company attended the
    Royal College of Midwives' Annual Conference in
    Belfast recently. Senior buyer Avril

  • Feedback from Talkback 04

    Feedback from
    Staff are being asked in a
    wide-ranging questionnaire
    for opinions on topics such
    as their feelings about their
    job, and thoughts about the
    company and the service
    we provide to customers.

  • Hot result for Bridgend baker 04

    Hot result for Bridgend baker
    Michael Maher with his wife receives the runners-up
    certificate from category sponsor Cryovac's Jeff Deighton.
    Bridgend bakery manager Mike Maher swapped his
    whites and boater hat for black tie on...

  • Pictures for schools launched 04

    Pictures for schools launched
    Bernard Perlin, one of the artists featured in the 1995 Pictures for Schools selection, made an emotional visit to the
    launch of the scheme
    on September 21. Bernard (above) had flown
    over from...


    Two new directors were
    announced on September 26:
    IAN BALDWIN is appointed
    director of trading at
    Homebase; EDWARD BONNER is
    appointed director of finance
    and systems at Savacentre.
    A number of board...

  • Great ideas brought together by Helping Hands 05

    Great ideas brought together by Helping Hands
    Eighteen months of hard work by store staff
    culminated earlier last month with the press launch of
    the customer initiative Helping Hands. Work by staff focused
    strongly on...

  • News in brief 05

    News in brief
    Safety first prize
    JS staff from Maidstone
    store and Blackfriars
    worked in conjunction
    with Maidstone Borough
    Council to promote food
    safety at the Kent County
    Show in July. Below,
    Maidstone store...


    This is the first of a new occasional
    feature to keep
    you posted on
    around the Group,
    in addition to all
    the UK Group
    openings we
    include. The new SPS hoarding outside East

  • Homebase opening—Winchester 06

    Opening date: 18 August 1995
    Address: Winnal Industrial Estate,
    Winchester, Hampshire
    Opened by: David Boverhoff,
    head of retailing
    Store manager: Kevin Prince
    Project manager: Eric Hodges
    Staff: 65 (35 new...

  • Branch opening—Dome Roundabout, Watford 07

    The new Watford store incorporates the first JS Pharmacy, located beside the health, beauty
    and baby products. Watches, jewellery, cameras, electrical personal care products and a
    whole range of...

  • Writelines 08

    Patricia Green, personnel manager, Stanway
    This is how some of our more regular customers dress while shopping at
    Stanway. Carol Hughes' husband suffers from multiple sclerosis and recently she
    asked her friends to pledge money...

  • Virtual Reality in store 10

    Is this some sort of futuristic vision? Yes,
    but it's here today in the form of the
    computer model of Salford being used to
    help design the store of tomorrow.
    Salford store has been painstakingly recreated
    on a computer in...

  • You vote for your FAVOURITE INGREDIENT 11

    You vote for your FAVOURITE INGREDIENT Which do you think is the best
    of the hundreds of product hnes
    launched into stores in the last
    year? This is your chance to pick your product of the
    year and win £100. You, the staff,...

  • Long, hot summer 12

    It was a sweltering summer and as temperatures rose
    so did the sales of many of our products. At the same
    time, some products languished in warehouses. The
    Journal looks back on a long, hot summer.
    . England and Wales...

  • Side by Side we can work wonders 13

    Side by Side we can work wonders
    From creating a
    reminiscence room for
    elderly patients at
    Basingstoke to fun days out
    for children with disabilities
    In Plymouth, staff at 24 JS
    branches have already
    discovered what it...


    The new audio and video entertainment department at Banbury Is something to sing and dance about, as Michelle Gayle,
    former Eastender and rising pop star, found out. Singer Michelle Gayle with a young fan...

  • Videos and albums to win 14

    Videos and albums to win
    If you would like to take home some of the top forty videos and
    albums then this competition Is for you. We have five videos and
    albums (tape or CD) for the first prize winner, three of each for...

  • Personnel and Labour Management System 15

    Personnel and Labour Management System
    Departmental managers are getting a helping hand with staff
    scheduling from a new system called PALMS. PALMS is helping to solve an age-old
    challenge - how to make sure we have the

  • Fast response to fire 16

    Fast response to fire
    Kingsbury and New
    Kenton branches gave a
    helping hand to a mother
    of four left homeless after
    fire swept through her
    All Denise Jackson's
    furniture was ruined in the
    blaze and, as she had...

  • Pennies for them 16

    Pennies for them
    Camden store donated
    £550 from Penny Back to
    the Camden Family Service
    Unit in order to set up a toy
    and equipment library.
    Bob Oliver, deputy services
    manager, and Fionnuala
    Mclntyre, district quality...

  • Special delivery to Romania 16

    Special delivery to Romania
    Wolverhampton store came
    to the help of the Royal Mail
    and the children of Siret in
    Romania when they donated
    £270 of stock to Anneka
    Rice's own charity, The
    Romanian Challenge

  • We've got the power 16

    We've got the power
    When colleagues of
    Charlton driver Shaun
    Fitzgerald heard his
    mother had suffered a
    stroke and needed an
    electric scooter, they
    decided to pull together.
    Seven weeks of
    fundraising included a...

  • Meet the gang 'cos the depot's here 17

    Meet the gang 'cos the depot's here
    Basingstoke depot and
    driver Steve Tossle are
    the Basingstoke Scout
    Gang Show's favourite
    ingredients. They came to
    the rescue with a service
    considerably beyond 'carry
    to car'.

  • We're on a road to clean air 17

    We're on a road to clean air
    It may not be aviation fuel but City Diesel has really taken off. By the end of
    October, it will have been extended to 75 JS petrol stations following the initial
    launch onto London
    forecourts in...

  • Mad Manx 18

    Mad Manx
    Russell receives the sponsorship cheque from Texas Installations regional
    sales manager Mike Romaines as Leighton Buzzard general store manager
    Steve Jones admires the machinery. Russell Waring rides at 150 mph

  • Newton knocks 'em out 18

    Newton knocks 'em out
    It was a definite knockout defeat for major retailers in
    Newhaven when the JS Newhaven team took top
    honours at the Somerfield It's a Knockout Challenge.
    Andy Reams, Carl Barbosa, Malcolm White,...

  • Now we are one 18

    Now we are one
    It was steak, chips and
    champagne for all when Harlow
    store celebrated its first birthday.
    Staff were treated to a three
    course lunch followed by a disco
    and birthday cake at tea time.
    Each paid £1.50 for...

  • Portrait of the artist 18

    Portrait of the artist
    Leonard Dayle is a supermarket
    worker by night but an artist by
    day. A member of the Crystal
    Palace night shift, Leonard has
    long subsidised his first love with
    work at JS. But he is gaining


    Touching tales have
    been pouring into our I
    offices since we asked
    staff last month for their
    love stories. It may be the
    prize of a luxury romantic
    weekend including Orient
    Express trip, top hotel stay...

  • Fame but no fortune! 19

    Fame but no fortune!
    Glna (left) and Chris with the show's host Dale Winton. You would have thought that when
    night shift display assistants Gina
    Weedon and Chris Burroughs
    from Beckenham entered the
    television show...

  • NVQ qualifiers celebrate 19

    NVQ qualifiers celebrate
    Durham and Whitley Bay staff with the Right Worshipfui iVIayor of Durham,
    Councillor Terry McDonnell, Maureen Ciaraldi, Mary Duncan, Sharon
    Ellison, Sarah Foreman, Pauline Hutton, Julie Hailes, Marie...

  • Competition 20

    You could be the proud
    owner of a brand new CD
    ROM Apple Macintosh
    Performs that comes with
    17 CD ROM packages
    worth well over £1,000.
    Not only good for the kids,
    but great for Mum and
    Dad too. Just answer...

  • Get your paws on a new computer 20

    Get your paws on a new computer
    Our four-legged friends now have
    their very own JS sub-brand with a
    new range of pet foods launched at
    the beginning of October.
    The Paws cat food range and Scout's
    dog food range are much...

  • Give chocs away 20

    Give chocs away
    The Christmas countdown has
    begun and festive chocolates are
    beginning to appear on the shelves.
    This year's confectionery range is
    expanded with chocoholics young
    and old finding something to tempt

  • Cereal thrillers 21

    Cereal thrillers
    The cereal department has three
    new lines in stores. Multi-Grain
    Puffed Cereal (160g) and Balance
    (500g), a breakfast cereal like
    Kellogg's Special K.
    Multi-Grain Puffed Cereal is a
    blend of barley, oats,...

  • Chew this one over 21

    Chew this one over
    Does your chewing gum lose its flavour on the bedpost
    overnight? If so, chances are you're not chewing the new 66
    Chewing Gum. 66 comes in three varieties, sugarfree
    spearmint and
    peppermint flavours,

  • Fancy finales 21

    Fancy finales
    Complementing the existing range
    of Mini Fruit Tartlets, introduced
    last Christmas, are Pecan Nut
    and Mincemeat Mini Tartlets.
    Sold in boxes of 12, the
    tartlets retail at £2.95. They are
    ideal to serve as a...

  • Quality housing for plants 21

    Quality housing for plants
    Homebase has launched a new range of greenhouses, accessories and
    optional extras.
    The wide range includes shelving, staging, automatic ventilator
    openers and cold frames: everything you need to...

  • Soft drinks go wobbly 21

    Soft drinks go wobbly
    Taking the soft drink range into a
    new dimension is the introduction
    of Classic Cola, Cool Crush and
    Gio jellies.
    Made with the same
    concentrate as the soft drinks,
    the jellies are available in...

  • SSA OFFER 22

    The London Toy Model Museum 21-23 Craven Road, London W2
    The London Toy Museum was founded by a
    private collector and opened to the general
    public in 1982. It houses over 7,000
    amazing old and spectacular working
    models. A...

  • A REMINDER: 23

    retirennents and long
    service sections are
    compiled from information
    received centrally. You
    should notify the JS
    Journal direct if you would
    like us to feature a
    v»/edding (both partners
    must work for...


    Employees who have
    completed 25 years' service:
    TED ANDREWS, transport
    supervisor, Basingstoke
    depot. IAN BILHAM, warehouse
    assistant, Chichester. RITA
    BORRAS, frozen foods
    assistant, Bitterne. ROSE


    Length of service appears in
    IRENE BESAGNI, dry goods
    reductions controller at
    Muswell Hill, aged 63, died
    after a long illness on August
    4 (Syrs). PATRICIA DUNLOP,
    checkout assistant at High


    DOROTHY BENNY, restaurant
    assistant, Nuneaton (8yrs).
    PAUL BUTLER, Northwich
    assistant, Brentwood (12yrs).
    ALAN CHAMPION, kiosk
    assistant, Bournemouth


    Rustington senior baker
    PAUL LEE and photo lab
    assistant LOUISE DOWDALL
    were married at the
    Rustington Parish Churcli on
    August 19. Things went
    almost perfectly. Half way
    through the service, the
    page boy, Paul's...


    If all my branches gave me the same pleasure as Watford, my task would indeed be light. /
    These words of praise were received by Edward Tupman, manager of the Watford store, in a
    missive from George...