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    In the news
    3 Active Kids has been a huge
    Your news
    4 Setting up camp for the Scouts
    5 Camden colleagues star in Jude
    Law movie
    6 Safety boost for Oldbury
    7 Football champs up for the...

  • Up Front 02

    M MI hope you have had a great summer
    M M and you enjoyed yourself! I am pleased
    that so many of you took advantage of the extra
    15 per cent colleague discount and some of the
    great deals we had in store this summer.

  • Active Kids is in great shape 03

    Schools across the country are
    gearing up for delivery of their
    new Active Kids equipment this
    Active Kids has been a huge
    success. Over 80 per cent of the
    total number of primary and
    secondary schools in the...

  • Kelly gets active in Urmston 03

    Six-year-old Sarah Case from
    Urmston near Manchester got
    a very special PE teacher for
    her school when Kelly Holmes
    visited Highfield Primary
    School in July.
    Sarah was the lucky winner
    of a CiTV competition and
    Kelly came...

  • Sainsbury's acquires nine stores from Morrisons 03

    Sainsbury's has acquired a
    further nine Safeway-branded
    stores from Morrisons. Eight
    are located in the south of
    England and one is in
    These stores give over
    175,000 sq ft of new space.
    and have an average size...

  • In case of emergency 04

    The store business continuity plan has been \
    relaunched in the light of the recent terror
    attacks, providing an action list for management
    to use following major incidents. It also gives all
    colleagues access to a freephone...

  • Learning's a matter of course 04

    Colleagues at Rugby depot have
    been brushing up on their skills
    for life with two lifelong learning
    The programme was started
    thanks to a unigue partnership
    between Sainsbury's, IDG,
    Warwickshire College and...

  • Super-Marquee 04

    Springfield store and
    colleagues from stores
    around the region worked
    around the clock to make the
    2005 Scouts EuroJam (29
    July to 10 August) a success.
    Sainsbury's built a huge
    tent stocking over 700
    products, from milk...

  • Hot off the Press - Sainsbury's Magazine 05

    Check out the new-look Sainsbury's
    Magazine. The October issue has a
    fresh new look - and it's still full of
    delicious recipes and quick and
    easy meal ideas to suit every
    purse and palate.
    Featuring lots of your

  • Pupils get active and get cooking 05

    Thirteen schoolchildren cooked up a treat for colleagues when they
    celebrated their wins in the Taste of Success, 'Get Active - Get
    Cooking' challenge. This year's challenge was open to ail schools
    throughout the UK and...

  • Sainsbury's Swoons 05

    Colleagues at Camden were
    turned into movie stars for the
    day when Jude Law, Juliette
    Binoche and Anthony
    Minqhella used their store as a
    film set.
    Sainsbury's tightened
    security for the filming,
    checked bags for cameras...

  • Customer Corner 06

    QWhy are your boxes of
    washing powder getting
    AThere is a Europe-wide
    initiative to reduce the
    amount of chemicals and waste
    packaging released
    into the
    environment. We
    have made the
    powder more

  • Nectar programme is still growing 06

    Talk Talk and Dollond & Aitchison
    (D&A) are two of the latest
    companies to join the Nectar
    From September you'll be able
    to earn two points for every £1 you
    spend with Talk Talk, the landline
    company from the...

  • Safety boost in-store 06

    Oldbury customers can now get safety advice along with their
    shopping thanks to a new community safety centre which has
    opened in the local Sainsbury's store.
    The safety centre has been set up jointly between Sainsbury's,

  • Trolley good idea 06

    What do you do with old
    shopping trolleys? Well, if
    you're design student, Colin
    Lovekin, you turn then into
    Colin came up with the idea
    of making furniture from scrap
    trolleys for his final year
    project and...

  • All credit to you 07

    There's a new credit card
    available from Sainsbury's
    Bank - and it offers 0 per cent
    on purchases for 10 months
    plus discounts in Sainsbury's.
    The offer of 0 per cent on
    Introductory purchases for 10
    months is one of the...

  • Analyse this 07

    Hams Hall depot and Cantey
    store played host to members
    of Sainsbury's operating board
    and 42 analysts and fund
    managers in July.
    It was a chance for them to
    availability in action and
    actually to see the
    improvements made...

  • Football champs are up for the cup 07

    Sainsbury's gave four young football teams the chance
    to emulate Premiership champions Chelsea with a
    triumphant open-top bus tour of their home towns.
    The youngsters were all winners in the Under lis
    England Schools Football...

  • Looking good in Oldham 08

    Immaculate standards are also
    critical to success for the general
    merchandise team of the year at
    Oldham. Department manager Jo
    Hayes insists that customers
    shouldn't have to walk around a
    store that looks cluttered and...

  • Setting great store by communication 08

    on Holmes, personnel and
    ing manager at Worksop, is
    lant that the HR & Admin
    I of the year award won by
    itore was as much a tribute
    je store's management as it
    |o the behind-the-scenes
    It she and the admin
    iager put...

  • After Hours 09

    Three of the senior
    team went back
    to the floor at
    Sydenham to find
    out what life is like
    on the night shift Night shift colleagues at
    Sydenham, Springfield and
    Stanway got a surprise when three
    new colleagues...

  • Values mean business 10

    Sainsbury's has been named as the most responsible retailer
    in Britain - and now there are 12 priorities for the future Did you know that Sainsbury's is
    one of the world's 100 most
    sustainable companies? And it's
    the only UK...

  • Fresh look for Organics 11

    organics now
    has a new look
    -and more
    products available
    in every store
    Did you know that the organics
    market is growing at 15 per cent?
    Customers are asking for more
    organic products and Sainsbury's

  • Tell Justin 12

    When Tell Justin launched, chief executive Justin King knew that colleagues
    were just brimming with good ideas. One year on, here's the proof It's a year since Tell Justin was
    launctied back in September
    2004. In ttiat time,...

  • Tell Justin: Full of bright ideas 13

    John Clive (right) from Brighton's
    Lewes Road store is never short of
    good ideas. He's constantly
    thinking if things could be done
    better. So far, he has sent more
    than 80 suggestions in to the Tell
    Justin scheme - and...

  • Metallic magic 14

    The new general merchandise homeware range has something for
    every home this winter - all in glamorous metallic shades.
    Organic bronze ceramic vases (left) make a stylish statement.
    And at only E5.99/E9.99, why not add a couple...

  • New dawn for English apricots 14

    The very first crop of apricots to
    be grown commercially in
    England has already gone on
    sale at Sainsbury's.
    The announcement could
    herald the start of a new apricot
    industry in Kent, reducing the
    amount of fruit imported...

  • Solving a thorny problem 14

    A specialist team of plant breeders has finally
    solved a thiorny problem in the world of roses.
    They've become the first growers to develop a
    spray rose with a reliable vase life - and in a wide
    variety of colours other than...

  • "We went organic" 15

    The new look
    organic range
    gets taste tested
    The Tell Justin scheme celebrates
    its first birthday this month. To
    celebrate, we asked members of
    the team to try out products from
    the relaunched Sainsbury's's SO

  • Shining stars: Adding even more shine to the scheme 16

    Following feedback from
    colleagues. Shining Stars is
    set to get even better. Retail
    director Ken McMeikan
    recently announced
    improvements to the scheme
    in time for its first birthday in

  • Shining stars: Carol's a shining example 16

    Life got very busy for
    Haydock's Carol Birmingham in
    August. Within five months of
    starting as HR assistant at the
    depot, two of her colleagues
    went on holiday and another
    went on maternity leave. That
    left Carol manning...

  • Shining stars: Organics sales competition 16

    Don't forget, the store with the biggest percentage sales uplift on
    organic products between 31 August and 12 October (against 22 May and
    2 July 2005) will receive 100,000 Shining Stars. There will also be four
    prizes of 50,000...

  • Shining stars: Stop, thief! 16

    Trolley collector Barry Cheeton was
    just doing his job in Denton store
    when he spotted someone acting
    suspiciously at the other end of the
    Barry explained: "I saw a young
    lad pushing a trolley. He seemed to
    be in a...

  • Go team Sainsbury's 17

    Two teams, one male, one female, took part In the Microsoft
    Challenge which involves teams from 122 companies taking part
    in activities including runs, kayaking and solving puzzles all
    against the clock. Karen Kirner, senior...

  • "I've got the knowledge" 17

    colleague Lilian
    Juliet travels
    in style Lilian Juliet knows exactly where
    she's going. She needs to: the
    Harringay admin manager owns
    her own London taxi and has been
    a licensed cabbie for four years.
    She's so...

  • Simply the breast 17

    Mansfield checkout operator Julie Ward
    completed the 26.2 mile Moonwalk on 18
    June. She started at 11.40 pm and arrived
    back in Hyde Park, at 9.05 am raising
    around £900 for Breast Cancer Care, and
    sponsored by Local Heroes....

  • Cycle for Bryn 18

    When drivers at Stoke depot heard that their colleague Bryn
    Morse was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease they cycled
    50 miles around the Peak District for the Motor Neurone
    Disease Association on 3 July and raised over...

  • Left, right, left, right, left! 18

    Burpham night shift assistant James Johnson
    has a double life. While at Sainsbury's he may
    be replenishing shelves by night, at the
    weekend he is training to defend the country.
    Private James Johnson started his...

  • "We all get old some time" 18

    colleagues show
    how to look after
    your elders Colleagues at Gloucester are
    campaigning to keep The Raven
    Centre, a local meeting place for
    the elderly, open. The centre,
    which provides lunches and teas

  • Briefs 19

    Newcastle-under-Lyme deli CIS
    Laura Harvey has landed the lead
    role in the UK premiere of Jane
    Eye The Musical, at the Regent
    Theatre in Stoke-on-Trent, from
    September 20-24
    • TAKING A LOAD...

  • Doing the Wight thing 19

    Isle of Wight colleagues took part in the "Walk the
    Wight" challenge raising over £1,000 for the Earl
    Mountbatten Hospice and walking over 13 miles.

  • Good sports 19

    Red Bank Road colleagues Karen Pearce, Frances
    Burke, Jean Hamilton, Ann Hopwood, Kathleen
    Wilkinson and Teresa Hodgkinson raised £1,000
    for the Brian House Children's Hospice by taken
    part in a 10k fun run for the third year...

  • Race of their life 19

    Lyons Farm colleagues, Jean Francis, Joyce
    Bartlett, Carol Poole, Louise Lyons, Janice
    Courtnage, Pauline Lenton, Helen Brooks, Julie
    Rogers, Sue Foote and Christine Wenham, took
    part in the Race For Life in aid of Cancer...

  • Starting them early! 19

    Colleagues at Bagshot Road
    invited children from a local
    nursery to a tour of the
    store. The children were
    working on a project called
    Food from Source to Plate.
    The day consisted of a
    talk on "Five a Day", a look
    at some...

  • Dog's dinner 20

    Masterfoods is launching new Pedigree^
    Complete! The recipe has been specially
    improved which means dogs will love it even
    more! Look out for pictorial fins and barkers,
    features in Sainsbury's Magazine, sampling
    and a...

  • Win one million Nectar points 20

    To celebrate the launch of
    three new sponsors to the
    Nectar programme, Journal
    readers have the chance to win
    one million Nectar points to
    spend on whatever you wish.
    To win, just answer this
    question on the entry...