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  • Contents 02

    NEWS ROuND-uP ................................................................. 4
    Getting active at Holborn, and we have a quick word with Jon
    Hartland from Coventry store support centre.

  • Upfront 02

    Welcome to the first Journal of 2012 – a year that promises to be a really
    busy and exciting one for our business. I know lots of us make New Year’s
    resolutions to get ourselves healthier and also that by now, many of...

  • Contributors 03

    Jon Hartland
    Coventry store
    support centre
    Always to be a better
    me. Whether that’s as
    a leader and colleague
    in Sainsbury’s or a
    father, husband or
    brother – and to eat
    my crusts!
    • We talk to Jon...

  • Freeze Frame 03

    Meet Mr Wells! We recently launched The Wells
    Challenge to see how our pharmacists can help
    improve the health of UK families over the
    course of a year – and to highlight some of the
    great services we have to offer the ten...

  • Guest editor: Tom Theedom 03

    Guest editor:
    Tom Theedom,
    Guest editor:
    Having been a keen contributor to my
    student newspaper at university and
    now committed to Sainsbury’s, what
    better way to combine the two than
    be guest editor in the only...

  • Gongs for glamour at Beauty Awards 04

    Gongs for glamour at Beauty Awards Hollywood Glamour was the rather appropriate
    theme for our recent 2011 Beauty Awards ceremony.
    The category winners were voted for by
    thousands of our online customers. They received

  • News Round-Up 04

    A look at what we’ve been up to recently,
    what’s new and what’s coming down the line soon... Who do
    you love?
    Who’s Living Our Values
    Every day? • All will be
    revealed from 14th Feb
    • You could win...

  • School sports support 04

    Young students from the City of London
    Academy recently joined Justin and Jeremy
    Hunt (Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics,
    Media and Sport) at Holborn store support
    centre for a spot of table tennis and netball.

  • Who do you love? 04

    you love?
    Who’s Living Our Values
    Every day? • All will be
    revealed from 14th Feb
    • You could win your
    colleague a once-in-alifetime

  • A quick word with… Jon Hartland 05

    The Journal catches
    up with Jon Hartland,
    Director of Non Food Operations
    tell us about our next important
    We want our General Merchandise sales to
    reach £1billion for the first time. They’re
    currently just...

  • Online shopping – check it out! 05

    Our online grocery shopping
    offer is stronger than ever. And
    we want colleagues to take
    advantage of it too!
    Only the freshest goods are
    selected and delivered to your
    door. Other fantastic benefits
    include one-hour...

  • We’re really motoring! 05

    Since we joined forces with fuel
    supplier Greenergy last year,
    they’ve delivered a whopping
    100,000 tankers worth of fuel –
    that’s four billion litres!
    And with 265 filling stations
    currently in our growing...

  • 1,000th Remploy colleague 06

    1,000th colleague to join us through Remploy.
    The charity helps those with physical,
    sensory and mental disabilities to find jobs
    in mainstream employment, and we’ve been
    working with them successfully since 2009.
    To mark...

  • BWS Forum 06

    You can now get expert advice on Beer,
    Wine and Spirits (BWS) on tap, thanks to
    the relaunch of the BWS page on Connect
    (available from the home page).
    The new-look BWS page and
    forum will give you direct access

  • Happy 30th birthday to Sharesave 06

    Happy 30th birthday to Sharesave
    One of our ‘20 by 20’ corporate
    responsibility commitments is to
    increase the number of colleagues
    owning shares in our business by 25%
    by 2020, including those with share
    options under...

  • Get Active 07

    The collection for Active Kids vouchers
    starts on February 15th, so let’s all
    encourage the nation’s children to live
    healthier and more active lives.
    With the help of our Active Kids
    ambassadors David Beckham and...

  • In Brief 07

    Food FoR tHougHt
    How MAny STepS Are you TAKing
    For FAirTrADe?
    Five years ago, we decided only to sell
    Fairtrade bananas. To mark the anniversary
    we’re encouraging colleagues and
    customers to take part in the...

  • The best thing since Tiger Bread! 07

    The best thing since Tiger Bread!
    In our July edition, we reported on colleague Chris King’s reply to three-and-a-half-year-old Lily
    Robinson, who wrote to us saying that our Tiger Bread looked more like Giraffe Bread. Since...

  • What a lotto good news! 07

    Our customers have been feeling
    lucky! And as a result, they’ve raised an
    amazing £1 billion for National Lottery
    Good Causes since it all started in 1994.
    To celebrate our billion-pound
    milestone, Dianne Thompson,...

  • New Products 08

    A month-long instore cookery event is inspiring our
    customers – and colleagues – to get in the kitchen and get
    inventive. Hundreds of products in the cookware and kitchen
    electrical ranges will be a third off, with new...

  • Vision and Values 10

    Trust is the foundation
    behind all our new
    values. We’ve been
    working on trust and
    things are definitely
    ting to happen.
    Trust is the foundation WHEn YoU folloW the journey of a
    product – from development into the...

  • Local News: North 12

    Newcastle-under-Lyme ➔
    It’s been an exciting time recently for Newcastle-under-Lyme’s Sharon Fieldhouse.
    A well-known face locally, she picked up an award on behalf of Sainsbury’s for
    ‘Business in the Community’ at...

  • Local News: Convenience 13

    Region 67
    Region 67
    raises a smile
    The management team from Region 67 put
    on some colourful wigs and set off through
    the streets of London with the challenge of
    making as many people smile as possible.
    It was all part of...

  • Local News: West 14

    Star PR Ambassador award: national winner ➔
    Congratulations go to Brenda Lamb who works at Bitterne and Bitterne
    West – our first Star PR Ambassador of 2012. In just one year Brenda
    has managed to get 260 pieces of media...

  • Brand Match 15

    Match Point Brand Match has been an amazing
    success since its launch in our
    supermarkets last October, so much so
    that we’ve extended it into 2012.
    In December alone, we gave out 20.7
    million coupons and over 50%...

  • Spotlight: by Sainsbury’s 16

    moments We’re more than half way through the rollout
    of our by Sainsbury’s range with over 3,500
    products now on the shelves, and many more to
    come. To keep spreading the message that our
    core products are fantastic...

  • Local News: Logistics 18

    Daily Mail visits our unsung heroes ➔
    We know they did a great job – and now Daily Mail readers know it, too.
    The national newspaper ran a feature about our Waltham Point depot and
    how colleagues were fulfilling the...

  • Local News: East 19

    Hoddesdon colleagues Ben
    Pearce and Vicky Peck will
    both have a big part to
    play in the London 2012
    Olympic Games.
    Ben is to join the
    England Basketball Squad,
    while Vicky has been
    chosen to dance in the

  • London 2012 Paralympic Games 20

    2012 has finally arrived! The London 2012
    Paralympic Games will soon be upon us,
    so our Paralympic reporter Holly
    Jackson caught up with three
    more hopefuls as they step
    up their shooting and
    table-tennis training.

  • Sport Relief 22

    Go the extra mile We’ve supported the charity Comic Relief
    through Red Nose Day and Sport Relief
    since 1999 and have raised over £60
    million to date. From 23rd to 25th
    March, the nation will be uniting
    to raise money for...

  • Local News: SSC 24

    Community Chest
    Community Chest
    Colleagues from Coventry
    have helped a local school
    reward pupils for good attendance.
    They donated a new laptop and
    toys to Stoke Heath Primary, to
    reward the kids who registered...

  • Local News: South 25

    Colleagues at Wickham High Street
    have been celebrating the store’s
    fifth birthday with three cakes, a lot
    of balloons and a bit of bucks fizz!
    Customers also joined the party and were
    offered champagne and orange juice...

  • Art support 26

    Art support
    This fantastic watercolour from Matlock colleague
    Simon Hollings is not only a great painting, but it’s
    supporting a great cause.
    By selling prints instore Simon hopes to raise
    money for their Local Charity –...

  • Take a Break 26

    We love doing a bit of celebrity spotting at the Journal,
    thanks to colleagues who’ve been sending in their snaps.
    Actress Tilda Swinton (The White Witch from the
    recent Narnia films) visited our Nairn store just...

  • Watch out! Celebs are about! Celebs are 26

    We love doing a bit of celebrity spotting at the Journal,
    thanks to colleagues who’ve been sending in their snaps.
    Actress Tilda Swinton (The White Witch from the
    recent Narnia films) visited our Nairn store just...

  • Wordsearch 26

    M A A H R R G B V C M Q R T I
    B V T M Y C M P R T M W Q O P
    Y K L R S C T N I K B S A L M
    B H N I E E E I A N T U U I P
    S C O S U B K A P S E P F A Y
    A E X Y E O R O I O E R A U L
    I B I T T S J A U L A I Y Q A
    N D...

  • Family Values 27

    No Text Available

  • Fit for action 27

    1. What
    tell their
    than their
    a. One
    b. One
    c. One
    2. Is the
    a. True
    b. False
    If 2012 is the year when you plan to
    get fitter and healthier, then you may
    want to get things off to a flying start

  • Last issue’s winners 27

    Congratulations to Vera Potter
    from Stroud store, who won our
    Virgin Experience competition.
    Also well done to P Wickham
    from West Green Store, for
    winning our Gok Wan voucher
    Last issue’s winners...

  • Our People 28

    Keeping you up-to-date
    with your colleagues
    When the new Welwyn Garden
    City store opened last year,
    the team was joined by
    Sainsbury’s retirees Bernard
    and Sylvia Worron, who had a
    special story to...

  • Our People: A match made in Essex 28

    When the new Welwyn Garden
    City store opened last year,
    the team was joined by
    Sainsbury’s retirees Bernard
    and Sylvia Worron, who had a
    special story to tell.
    “Sainsbury’s holds many
    great memories for my wife

  • Our People: A big win for Barbara 29

    Archer Road colleague
    Barbara Clack admits
    she was stunned after
    discovering she’d won more
    than £100,000 on the
    Every Saturday morning,
    Barbara would buy a lottery
    ticket from the kiosk before
    work and get...

  • Our People: Exceptional Colleagues 29

    Mark Jones, Plymouth. Susan
    Timms, Farnham. Valerie Illman,
    Leatherhead. Anjay Arish, Fosse
    Park. Jessica Woolen, Archer
    Road. Joe Martin, Tadley. Dot
    Galloway, Dundee. Keith Glashen,

  • Our People: Long service 25 years 29

    Long service
    25 years
    Christine Allman, Chester. Janice Anson, Edgware. Gaye Bain, Great
    Yarmouth. June Barton, Dorking.
    Jane Biggs, Chesham. Susan
    Bull, Derby. Clive Burrow, Holborn
    store support centre. Lorraine

  • Our People: Long service 40 years 30

    Long service
    40 years
    Marie Bird, Haywards Heath.
    Simon Keeffe, Newton Abbott.
    Anita Pickard, Andover.
    Mike Powell, Broadcut.

  • Our People: Promotions 30

    Carla Ashmore, Holborn store
    support centre. Gemma Beeney,
    West Hove. Kirsty Broad, Holborn
    store support centre. Charles
    Cox, Holborn store support centre.
    Stephen Dickinson, Farlington.
    Michelle Dix,...

  • Our People: Retirements 30

    support centre.
    Dolores Arrojo, Macclesfield
    (19 yrs). Judith Bailey, Milton
    Keynes (3 yrs). Stella Banham,
    Leatherhead (25 yrs). Ann Baron,
    Macclesfield (28 yrs). Patricia
    Barton, Bramingham Park (27...

  • Share your Live Well for Less moments 30

    Share your Live Well
    for Less moments
    Did you know we’ve got our own
    special app on Facebook where you and
    our customers can share ideas on how to
    Live Well for Less. We’re changing the topic
    every two weeks – one of...

  • Our People: A fond farewell for Bridie 31

    West Ealing colleagues
    have bid a fond farewell
    to Bridie Fitzgerald,
    who after starting with
    Sainsbury’s in 1989, has
    recently retired just a few
    weeks short of her 92nd
    “She’s been a real
    character in...

  • Our People: Obituaries 31

    Graham Allen, 70, Stoke on Trent
    (8 yrs). Chantel Bateman, 53,
    Fairfield Park (9 yrs). Arthur Biles,
    66, Witney (8 yrs). Jacqueline
    Brewer, 50, Denton (17 yrs).
    Marilyn Bryant, 61, Boscombe
    (21 yrs). David...

  • Our Values: Tell Justin 32

    Tell Justin and go
    to the London 2012
    Paralympic Games!
    go to the Tell
    Justin page
    TJ to 80800 (it’s free! Don’t forget to tell us your
    employee number so...