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  • Contents 02

    NEWS ROUND-UP ................................................................. 4
    We take a look at what you’ve all been doing for Sport Relief,
    including Roger Burnley’s mammoth 571 mile cycle.

  • Upfront 02

    As the country gets ready for The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, we’re gearing up to
    play a big part in the spectacular celebrations, with our Jubilee Family Festival
    in Hyde Park and our partnerships with The Queen’s Diamond...

  • Contributors 03

    Gary Poole,
    West Green
    “I was taught and
    performed a routine
    from the Stomp West
    End show on the streets
    of Barcelona! Not what
    you’d expect from a
    • Read how Gary and
    Rosie have been

  • Freeze Frame 03

    It’s not every day you come to
    work and save someone’s life. But
    that’s exactly what happened to
    colleagues like Natalina Grant.
    See how our hero colleagues are
    being honoured at the Paralympic

  • Guest editor: Sue Hunter 03

    Guest editor:
    Sue Hunter,
    Hedge End
    Guest editor: Hedge End
    For the past 17 years, I have
    worked part-time at Hedge End,
    as a member of the Petrol Station
    team. I love reading The Journal,
    and have done since...

  • Apples of her eye 04

    It all began when she won an
    orchard of apple trees in a
    raffle, and Theresa Huxley, our
    Apple and Pear Technologist,
    soon found the perfect place
    for it – the grounds of Pershore
    College in Worcestershire.
    The orchard...

  • It’s a bit of all Wight 04

    How often do you get the chance to name a fruit? Well, one lucky
    customer did in a special competition. Isle of Wight resident Jayne
    Draper came up with ‘Island Beauty’ for a new medium-vine tomato
    – which is exclusive to...

  • News Round-Up 04

    A look at what we’ve been up to recently,
    what’s new and what’s coming down the line soon... Have you got news for us?
    Please send your thoughts
    and views to: thejournal Our Sport Relief stars Our...

  • Our Sport Relief stars 04

    Our Sport Relief stars
    After all your hard work for Sport Relief, we hope you’re now putting your
    feet up and giving yourself a big pat on the back. And so you should – in
    total, you helped to raise a colossal £5.5...

  • Big Stats 05

    …will spend a day at the
    Olympic Park in September
    at our ‘Turning the Park
    Orange’ event.
    ... boats, including the
    Royal Barge, will join the
    Thames Diamond Jubilee
    pageant in June.
    …we have 719...

  • By Royal appointment 05

    By Royal appointment
    Prince Charles made
    another royal appointment
    recently – to present us
    with a ‘CommunityMark’ in
    his role as President of the
    national charity, Business
    in the Community (BITC).
    The award, which...

  • Roger and crew push the pedals 05

    Roger Burnley and members of his team
    got on their bikes for Sport Relief – and
    raised an amazing £6,000 by cycling the
    length of the country.
    The intrepid group set off from Kelso in
    the Scottish borders and cycled nearly...

  • Thanks a million 05

    Thanks a million
    Who wants to be a millionaire? Well, Richard
    Roadley, below, from Perry Road must have
    done, because he entered a recent colleague
    competition and became one million Nectar
    points richer!
    “I was waiting...

  • The Hot Topic 05

    Thanks a million
    It’s something everyone’s
    looking forward to: a
    sunny day in the garden with
    a few Taste the Difference sausages, a
    couple of bread rolls and a disposal BBQ.
    But have you ever stopped to wonder

  • Getting our kids activated 06

    Getting our kids activated Tom nails it
    HRH Prince Harry of Wales has become President of the
    Sainsbury’s School Games, which we are backing with a
    £10m package over the next four years.
    The School Games is a new...

  • Great start to the day 06

    Great start
    to the day
    Our FreeFrom
    Oaty Granola
    cereal is an
    award winner!
    The cereal
    took first place
    in the Best
    at the
    Awards, the UK’s only industry
    award for FreeFrom...

  • Tom nails it 06

    Tom nails it
    Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau recently
    popped into Holborn SSC to showcase his
    new Stylfile 2012 Collection, which has been
    launched exclusively through our stores.
    “To get a free sample, colleagues had...

  • Why not make a fresh discovery? 06

    Did you know that all online produce now features a new freshness icon
    that tells customers the expected life of the product?
    Click on the icon and you’ll be taken to a newly launched area of our
    website that features our...

  • A quick word with … Wendy Davies 07

    Wendy Davies from the Pensions
    team talks about some important
    changes coming in later this year.
    What’s new in pensions?
    There are some big changes on the way
    for anyone not currently in one of our
    pension plans. The...

  • Check it out! 07

    CHECK IT OUT! Our new Brand Match coupon has just been launched and
    is being handed out in stores. We’ve been listening to what you’ve been saying
    about our coupons. You told us that customers didn’t notice the...

  • Rural shows given some wellie 07

    wellies and hitting the
    countryside this summer.
    As part of our
    commitment to UK
    farmers and suppliers,
    we’re once again going
    on display at a series of
    agricultural shows across
    the UK.
    “We work closer
    with our...

  • Sweet charity time! 07

    Sweet charity time!
    You’ve filled in the forms and nominated
    good causes. Now it’s time to get creative
    and raise lots of money for your new Local
    Charity – due to be revealed on June 13th.
    “Once again it’s time to...

  • New products 08

    If you love to cook from scratch, why not try
    our by Sainsbury’s Tikka Masala Curry Kit
    Part of our Ingredients for Cooks range,
    the kit contains all the spices and seasoning
    you’ll need, as well as instructions...

  • Spotlight: Vision and Values 10

    Who did
    they love?
    they love?
    Who did If we don’t look after our customers, someone
    else will. That’s why one of our colleague values
    is ‘We are Delivering Great Service, Driving Sales’.
    A smile, a friendly...

  • Local News: North 12

    Let them eat Sport Relief cake
    Now that’s what we call having your cake and eating it! Feast your eyes on this
    fantastic Sport Relief cake, made by our very own counters colleague, Rebecca
    Shorthall from Culcheth. Rebecca...

  • Local News: Convenience 13

    When our colleagues took part
    in the Sport Relief Mile, not
    everybody did it the easy way.
    Dean Lewis from Stapleford Local
    decided to do his vertically.
    At 3.6 miles above sea level, the peak
    of Mount Kilimanjaro proved the...

  • Summer Special 14

    A summer
    A summerA summerlike no other We’re looking forward to some amazing occasions
    us proud to be British. We’ve got everything instore to help your party go with
    a swing – so join us on our journey through a summer...

  • Local News: West 18

    Region 49 visits the Olympics
    Region 49 colleagues recently took a sneak peek at the Olympic
    and Paralympic site. Set up through Mary Walker, a store manager
    who is seconded to the Olympic management team (see back

  • Home Baking 19

    steady, bake!
    Have you checked out our new Log on to www.sainsburys. to find tips
    and advice and recipe ideas.
    The site is chock full of
    stories about our products,
    and celebrity baker Dan
    Lepard will...

  • Youth Can 20

    This is a great place to work – and some of our 50,000 colleagues
    aged under 25 want to tell the world all about it. They told
    Justin at the National Youth Forum that they want other young
    people to see the opportunities...

  • Local News: Logistics 22

    let us in on all YOUR news
    WRITE TO: The Journal, 44 Communications,
    Clarendon Place, Royal Leamington Spa, CV32 5QN.
    TELEPHONE: 01926 888776
    TEXT FREE TO: 80800 –
    start your text...

  • Local News: East 23

    Lenny the Lion – Spilsby’s very own Sport
    Relief mascot – certainly deserves his title
    as ‘King of Sport Relief’ after doing his bit to
    raise money.
    Along with the Sport Relief Mile and
    visits to local schools,...

  • London 2012 Paralympic Games 24

    The final push
    Holly Jacksonon With less than 100 days until the Paralympic Torch arrives at the Opening
    Ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympic Games, Paralympic athletes up and down
    the UK are gearing up to take part in one of...

  • Flame Festivals 26

    Cheering on our heroes All over the country our colleagues are
    helping others. Sometimes in life or death
    situations. It’s time to recognise some of
    their most heroic efforts… They say heroes can be
    found in all sorts of...

  • Local News: South 28

    Star PR Ambassador Award: national winner
    Our Star PR Ambassador for this issue is Shahin Ahamed. Shahin who, despite only starting
    the role late last year, has achieved 19 different pieces of coverage, including stories in...

  • Local News: SSC 29

    Our call
    to action
    Alongside our fantastic fundraising efforts,
    many of our colleagues supported Sport Relief
    by volunteering to be a part of our call centre
    teams in both Manchester HR Services and
    Holborn store support...

  • A true work of art! 30

    Da Vinci may have had the Mona Lisa as his muse, but Colombianborn
    artist Camilo Echeverri has been getting his inspiration from
    our very own stores and signage. Part of the ‘SuperWomen’ series,
    the notes to the striking...

  • Codeword 30

    18 17 20 23 6 4 13 20 20 10 14 7
    18 3 11 2 13 20
    17 26 3
    23 9 8 18 23
    13 26 16
    13 3...

  • Take a Break 30

    Win the new
    Muppets Movie on
    DVD or Blu-Ray
    “It’s time to meet the Muppets”
    Join the celebrations and tell us which
    Muppet you’d like to be – the crazier the
    better – and you could win a copy of the

  • Win the new Muppets Movie 30

    “It’s time to meet the Muppets”
    Join the celebrations and tell us which
    Muppet you’d like to be – the crazier the
    better – and you could win a copy of the
    new Muppets Movie on DVD or Blu-ray.
    “It’s time to...

  • Family Values 31

    No Text Available

  • Last issue’s winners 31

    Congratulations to our Amazon
    Kindle competition winner, Sean
    McNamee from Stroud.
    Also, well done to all the winners
    of our Hotpoint washing machine
    competition: Simon Marriner,
    Christchurch. Debbie Mills, Witney.

  • Win a Red Letter Day! 31

    With so many opportunities to get active this year, it’s
    great to know that you can stay fresh and confident
    whatever you get up to.
    Sure’s new Maximum Protection antiperspirant is
    two times stronger than the leading...

  • Mailbox 32

    Tell us all about what’s going on... Dear Journal, You may be interested to know that here at
    Victoria Road store we’ve had something
    of a baby boom.
    Over the past two years, 12 of our
    colleagues have either been...

  • Our Olympic history 33

    Back in 1948, the name Jack
    Golroy Dearlove went down in the
    history books, as mentioned in the
    March 1949 Journal (see picture).
    Jack, who was Sainsbury’s
    Assistant Secretary at the time,
    had a talent for rowing.

  • Our People 33

    Keeping you up-to-date
    with your colleagues
    journal 33 journal 33
    40 golden years for Nigel
    Nigel Holloway from Horsham has just clocked up
    40 years’ service making him one of our longest
    serving trolley...

  • Our People: 40 golden years for Nigel 33

    40 years’ service making him one of our longest
    serving trolley colleagues.
    A favourite among Horsham customers, he’s
    been seen at the store for the past 15 years,
    working previously at Plymouth and Purley Cross

  • Our People: Long service 25 years 34

    Long service
    25 years
    Alison Hart, Kingsway, Derby. Paul
    Heyes, Horwich Local. Sally Hill,
    Kingsway, Derby. Lorna Hindle,
    Deepdale. Robert Holloway,
    Holborn. Carol Holyoake, Newport.
    Lynne Honeychurch, Clapham

  • Our People: Retirements 34

    Margery Allison, Ipswich (38 yrs).
    Saroj Amin, South Ruislip (23 yrs).
    Desmond Anderson, Springfield
    (40 yrs). Joan Antrobus, Rayleigh
    Weir (16 yrs). Timothy Axtell,
    Badger Farm (1 yr). Barbara
    Baggs, Barnwood...

  • Our People: Exceptional Colleagues 35

    olleagues recognised for
    outstanding service during
    MCM visits.
    elly Aldred, Kelso. Alex
    Anderson, Fosse Park. Robin
    ollier, Water Lane. Hannah
    oppen, Bristol Dingles.
    ue Freelove, Faversham....

  • Our People: Long service 40 years 35

    Long service
    40 years
    Robert Chandler, Luton. Arthur
    Downton, Telford. Michael Eckloff,
    Rye Park Depot. Ann Fields, Goole
    Local. Noel Gordon, Walthamstow.
    Stephen Hall, Sidney Street.
    Alan Hollis, North Finchley.

  • Our People: Obituaries 35

    avid Awcock, 50, Haywards
    Heath (9 yrs). Elizabeth Barker,
    59, Middle Warren Local (3 yrs).
    erry Biggs, 59, Newton Abbot
    9 yrs). Lee Bonsall, 24, Tenby (7
    mths). Jean Bury, 58, Hereford (9
    yrs). Jacqueline Carmichael,...

  • Our People: Promotions 35

    Tracy Allan, West Wickham. Philip
    Allen, Holborn store support
    centre. Shahid Ansari, Holborn
    store support centre. Carol Apps,
    Tonbridge Local. Stephen Archer,
    Bury St Edmonds. Valerie Atwill,
    Trowbridge. James...

  • Our Values: Making it happen 36

    champion From scanning to mobility scooters, shift rotas to health and safety
    training, Mary Walker’s skills and experience as a store manager
    have come into their own in an exciting new role. Store manager Mary...