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  • Contents 02

    ................................................................. 4
    We take a look at our new MP3 download service, and learn about
    Turning the Park Orange.

  • Upfront 02

    The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games are almost here and inside
    this issue of The Journal, in a special pull-out centre spread, we’re focusing
    on how our colleagues right across the business are involved. From our...

  • Contributors 03

    Vicky Bowen,
    “It’s a tough question!
    I think I’d get a personal
    shopper and head to
    Bond Street!”
    • We met Vicky at the
    Jubilee Family Festival,
    more on page 10.
    Elaine Whittaker,

  • Freeze Frame 03

    Take a look at this amazing
    picture of our barges on
    the River Thames during
    the Jubilee Royal Pageant,
    provided by colleague
    Sarah Trowbridge. Find out
    more about our Jubilee
    weekend on page 10.

  • Guest Editor: Joe Hunt 03

    Guest editor:
    Joe Hunt
    Milton Keynes Shenley
    Church End Local
    Guest editor:
    Having worked over the past
    seven years from a student to a
    convenience store manager,
    I am delighted to have the chance
    to write for the...

  • Great deal for farmers 04

    Great deal for farmers
    We’re making a real commitment to our
    dairy farmers to secure their financial future.
    Since 2007, we’ve had a dedicated group
    of 324 dairy farmers who supply us with our
    liquid milk. The group was...

  • News Round-Up 04

    A look at what we’ve been up to recently,
    what’s new and what’s coming down the line soon... Have you got news for us?
    Please send your thoughts
    and views to: thejournal Nectar at Tamworth:

  • Raising animal welfare standards 04

    We’re proud of our work in promoting
    Freedom Food – that’s why we’ve become
    the sponsor of Farm Animal Week 2012, a
    week of activity to raise awareness of our
    products and welfare standards.
    Did you know the Freedom...

  • Spreading the Nectar knowledge 04

    The Nectar loyalty scheme will be ten years
    old in September and we want everyone to
    help celebrate.
    The next Knowledge Week, from
    September 16th to 22nd, will give
    you top tips on how to promote
    Nectar in your store. Keep...

  • Big Stats 05

    The number of coaches
    booked to get colleagues
    to the Games.
    The number of flights
    booked to get colleagues
    to the Games.
    The number of spectators
    on the day.

  • Clearly cleaning will be a lot simpler 05

    Clearly cleaning will be a lot simpler
    Cleaning in our stores is
    becoming a whole lot simpler.
    Following an extensive trial, we
    completed a roll-out in July of
    an improved range of Diversey
    colleague cleaning...

  • Time for your pension decision 05

    If you’re not already in one of our pension
    schemes, listen up!
    From October, companies must, by law,
    start to sign employees up to a pension
    scheme automatically. So, if you are aged
    between 22 and state pension age,...

  • Turning the Park Orange 05

    Fever pitch: our colleagues will get to experience live wheelchair basketball and other Paralympic sports.
    The excitement is now at fever pitch for
    the London 2012 Paralympic Games – and
    5,000 lucky colleagues will be...

  • New products 06

    We are offering one lucky colleague the
    chance to send their kids back to school
    with a proper head start. Thanks to our
    friends at Cathedral City, your child
    could be sailing through homework via
    the brand new (2012) black...

  • Jubilee weekend 08

    Our Royal
    The country was decked out in red, white and blue as the nation celebrated
    The Queen’s 60th year on the throne. Our colleagues joined in, from
    activities instore to events such as the Jubilee...

  • Local News: West 10

    A crowning achievement ➔
    Farlington had a royal visitor in its entrance – no, not
    Will or Harry, but a giant crown! Made by pupils at
    nearby Admiral Lord Nelson School, the store in
    Portsmouth exhibited the giant crown...

  • Spotlight: Vision and Values 11

    They told Justin –
    and look what they won!
    We are all Making It Happen with our bright ideas and by living our values
    every day. On these pages, we showcase some special colleagues who are
    really helping us on our way to...

  • A Day Like No Other 14

    David surprises our
    colleagues as part of
    their day like no other. When 16 colleagues received a
    phone call and were asked to
    come along to Holborn store
    support centre the following week, they’d
    no idea that it would be a...

  • Day in the life 15

    Day in the life
    We do like to be
    beside the
    Day in the life
    beside the seaside Whether the sun’s shining or not, both tourists and regular customers
    receive a warm welcome in every store within Julie Morton’s...

  • Carers Week 16

    our We care our carers
    We care colleagues need. By working
    with Carers UK, we’re making
    sure that this is a great place to
    work for all of our carers.”
    Our Diversity
    Champions were
    appointed more than
    a year ago and...

  • Local News: East 18

    Spalding’s have-a-go hero ➔
    When colleague Stuart Boswell from Spalding came across a man who’d been
    attacked one night, he made a split second decision to do what he could to help.
    He apprehended the attacker as he tried...

  • Local News: Logistics 19

    When Maurice Janaway from Basingstoke
    Depot discovered that the charity
    Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance
    needs £3,600 a day to run, he wanted to
    do his bit to help.
    “They operate without any government or lottery...

  • Summer Holidays 20

    NOW, SHE’S
    TO MAKE. With the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer,...

  • Local News: North 22

    Star PR Ambassador Award: national winner ➔
    Not one! Not two! We actually have three Star PR Ambassadors for you this issue. Having
    worked together to promote Sainsbury’s through their local paper, the Huddersfield...

  • Local News: Convenience 23

    Raynes Park
    They say Friday the 13th is
    unlucky for some – but clearly
    not for new colleagues at Raynes
    Park Worple Road Local.
    The new store opened in
    London on Friday 13th April to
    crowds of eager customers. It

  • London 2012 Paralympic Games 24

    ON THE BALL We’ve entered the final straight! With the London 2012 Paralympic Games just weeks
    away, Holly Jackson rounds off our series on Paralympic sports by speaking to Kylie Grimes,
    only the second woman ever to be...

  • 'Get you Kit On' Winners 25

    Kate Rowbottom (far
    left) and Kerry O’Malley
    (far right), from Holborn
    store support centre join
    our winners. We invited you to get creative and come up with a design
    to be worn for the London 2012 Paralympic Games by...

  • Local News: South 26

    A helping hand at London Colney ➔
    As the saying goes, ‘you can always rely on the kindness of strangers’. This was
    certainly true when online delivery driver Roger Meryrick, from London Colney,
    came to the aid of an...

  • Local News: SSC 27

    It’s all been going on at HR Services, Manchester.
    The team has been working hard all year to raise
    money for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.
    After a 10K run, a number of raffles, a football

  • Go to the Games! 28

    Go to the Games!
    Win 1 of 45 Family Tickets (sets of 4) to the London 2012 Paralympic Games. Win 1 of 45 Family Tickets (sets of 4) to the London 2012 Paralympic Games. Win 1 of 45 Family Tickets (sets of 4) to the London 2012...

  • Take a Break 28

    Go to the Games!
    Win 1 of 45 Family Tickets (sets of 4) to the London 2012 Paralympic Games. Win 1 of 45 Family Tickets (sets of 4) to the London 2012 Paralympic Games. Win 1 of 45 Family Tickets (sets of 4) to the London 2012...

  • Codeword 29

    22 25 20 26
    13 24
    14 21
    26 25 6
    14 3 22 24
    21 15
    1 7 26
    2 19 26
    12 14 20 2 2 7
    15 22 3
    10 7 1
    21 12 21...

  • Express yourself 29

    When Daniel Thornton decided to enter the Madonna
    competition in our March/April issue – he made sure to do
    it properly.
    Daniel staged a recreation of the famous album cover
    for the soundtrack to Madonna’s 1990’s film...

  • Family Values 29

    No Text Available

  • Last issue’s winners 29

    Congratulations to Juliette Jahaj,
    Holborn store support centre, our
    Sure Maximum Red Letter Day
    winner. Details of all the winners
    in our Disney Muppets Movie
    competition are available on www.

  • Mailbox 30

    Dear Journal,
    I just wanted to share this
    wonderful picture of the very
    handsome Alan Brenkley with his
    beautiful new bride Jo. Alan is a
    team leader in our bakery, and Jo
    is an online driver.
    We wish them the very best...

  • Gloucester’s new look 31

    Our Gloucester store has
    recently undergone a welldeserved
    Opened in 1970, the store
    on Northgate street has
    been a fixture in the city
    centre for more than 40
    years! Described in the
    March 1971 issue of...

  • Our People 31

    Keeping you up-to-date
    with your colleagues Meet Andover’s longest serving colleague, Anita
    Pickard. A much-loved member of the team, she
    has just completed her 40 years long service.
    “She started working with us in...

  • Our People: A well-loved colleague 31

    Meet Andover’s longest serving colleague, Anita
    Pickard. A much-loved member of the team, she
    has just completed her 40 years long service.
    “She started working with us in 1972,” said Paul
    Beesley from the store. “She...

  • Our People: Long service 25 years 32

    Colin Adesokan, ROM Region 27.
    Diane Allen, Alcester Road Local.
    David Avis, Sittingbourne. David
    Balfour, Cameron Toll. Marie Ball,
    Throckley. Ann Bartlett, Bletchley.
    Claire Bateman, Chester. Patricia
    Beadles, Arnold....

  • Our People: Retirements 32

    John Adams, Drumchapel (10 yrs).
    Munima Ahmed, Chiswick (22 yrs).
    Sarah Aitken, Partick (13 yrs).
    John Allen, Queens Road (23 yrs).
    Doreen Althorp, Tunbridge Wells
    (12 yrs). Gaye Bain, Great Yarmouth
    (25 yrs)....

  • Our People: Exceptional Colleagues 33

    Colleagues recognised for
    outstanding service during
    MCM visits.
    Alastair Brown, Cobham. Raj
    Dantanarayana, Stafford. Jan
    Gittins, Stamford. Christine Harley,
    Partick. David Lawrence, St.Albans.
    Muhktar Miah, Berryden...

  • Our People: Long service 40 years 33

    Paul Barber, Osmaston Park.
    Stephen Fryer, Holborn store
    support centre. Stephanie Graham,
    Court House Green. Ray Kuschel,
    Holborn store support centre. Barry
    Mcclean, Tadley. Geoff Mears,
    Cannock. Elaine Northrop,...

  • Our People: Obituaries 33

    Anthony Aughton, 33, Chesterfield
    (8 yrs). Zoe Bird, 30, Chaddesden
    (4 yrs). Roger Broadbent, 64,
    Barkingside (21 yrs). Patricia
    Cullimore, 60, Canterbury (23 yrs).
    Philippa Dean, 21, Shorehead (1 yr).
    Patricia Dobson, 61,...

  • Our People: Promotions 33

    Mostaque Al-Azad, Stratford
    Romford Road Local. Pritpal
    Bhogal, Sloane Avenue. Mahadi
    Bhuyan, London Holloway Road
    Local. Chris Biggs, Holborn store
    support centre. Mark Botten, Rye
    Park Depot. Anna Brown,...

  • Big Bake Off 34

    A year and a half ago, Keighley baker Mike
    Armstrong threw his hat in the ring for our Big
    Bake Off contest along with thousands of other
    colleagues. His winning cheese and beer bread
    launched instore last month, and we spoke...