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  • INSIDE 02

    Davinder Madaher from Coventry store support centre helped us model our Back to School
    ideas with the help of his kids, Naomi and Caleb. “When you have two kids at school the cost
    can mount up, so finding school uniforms that...

  • Quick word 02

    As you’ll have seen last month we launched our new Mobile by Sainsbury’s phone network. I hope you all
    received your voucher so you can try it out for yourselves. You can also read more about the service on P6-7. This autumn,...

  • Timewatch – Back to School from years gone by * 02

    1993 – We helped to inspire a generation of bookworms, thanks to our donation scheme in
    this year. Each store received £100 to donate to two schools of their choice, meaning a fantastic £30,000 worth of books was donated to...

  • Hello 03

    It’s been nine months
    since colleagues at
    Coventry store support
    centre moved into their
    new offices at Ansty
    Business Park. Here,
    Kate Squires talks
    about settling in and
    welcoming new members
    of the team… The new...

  • Why are we investing in our Tu brand? 03

    We’ve just made the biggest brand investment in our Tu range since its launch
    in 2004. Improved products that are all about you and a more contemporary
    logo will be bolstered by a promise to reinvigorate lines every six weeks...

  • Ten things YOU NEED TO KNOW IN AUGUST 05

    04 Journal Ten things Healthy recipes for your kids, a slice of the athletics action and a liberal
    sprinkling of talented colleagues – just some of the big things you need
    to be aware of in August and September.
    you need to...

  • Who are you going to call ? 07

    There’s great news for colleagues and customers, with the launch of our Mobile by Sainsbury’s pay as you go service last month. It’s simple to use and gives you stand out value on calls, texts and data to keep in touch with...

  • Why we Love Aug/Sept 08

    Why weAug/Sept What’s coming up online and instore
    during the next 60 days
    Back to school
    As the new school year
    approaches, we’re taking all the
    hassle out of sending your kids
    back to school.
    Our new Back to...


    Full-size PDF of the Why we June pages so you
    can print it out and put it up around your work place

  • At a glance Your month in numbers 10

    in Tu sales since 2004.
    disposable BBQs sold
    in the week starting
    3rd June, that’s one
    every five minutes.
    new jobs created by opening
    our new Thameside Depot.
    retweets in our...

  • Your news News and pictures from around the regions 13

    Let it rain! The team at Castle
    Boulevard has recently marked the
    end of its partnership with Local Charity, the 1st
    and 2nd West Bridgeford Scouts, by helping to
    repair the Scout hut roof.
    Colleagues raised a magnificent...

  • Take a break 14

    6. Farrow, the actress who appears in
    many Woody Allen movies (3)
    8. One of Andy Murray’s biggest tennis
    rivals (5,8)
    9. The Central Intelligence Agency, in
    short (3)
    10. ‘Blue Hawaii’ is one of this...

  • Our People 15

    Philippa Ainsworth, Sittingbourne
    (18 yrs). Marilyn Akrigg, Burnley (13 yrs).
    David Allen, Shrewsbury (8 yrs).
    Dennis Bancroft, Holborn store support
    centre (24 yrs). Allan Beckwith,
    Edenthorpe (8 yrs). Ronald...