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    Holloway's New Look
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    Happy Hampstead's New Shop
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    Harry Younger's Retirement
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    Winter Feeding at Fordmouth
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    Branch and Blackfriars Staff Meet for Dinner
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    Parson Woodforde's...

  • The Directors 03

    THE DIRECTORS send their New Year Greetings and good wishes to each and every member of the J.S. community and to our friends the world over who are readers of this Journal. 1954 was for J.S. truly a year of great...

  • Holloway's New Look 04

    The new all-glass fronts of 18 and 20 Holloway. At 16/20 Holloway this year, two of the shops, numbers 18 and 20, celebrate their diamond jubilee and have just been completely remodelled to look their best for the...

  • Happy Hampstead's New Shop 06

    The new shop in Heath Street. The old shop now has the new all-glass front At Heath Street in Hampstead where very appropriately Mr. Heath is manager J.S. have opened a new shop to deal with the steadily increasing volume...

  • Harry Younger's Retirement 09

    Mr. and Mrs. Younger pose for a farewell picture at Dulwich on October 29t/j last year. O N occasions when Mr. J. B. Sainsbury, Harry Younger and J. E. Clarke find themselves together Mr. John will tell you proudly that they...

  • Winter Feeding at Fordmouth 15

    Kecently adapted steadings at Fordmouth, one of the J.S. Inverquhomery farms in Buchan district of Aberdeenshire, are designed to increase the capacity of the byres and to reduce the handling of winter feed to a minimum. The...

  • Jubilees 18

    IN 1955 four J.S. branches celebrate their Diamond Jubilee. They are 18/20 Holloway, of which there are pictures on other pages, Stockwell, 67 Sutton and 176 Streatham, all of which opened in 1895, a year which was notable...

  • Branch and Blackfriars Staff Meet for Dinner 19

    THE photographs on the following pages were taken on the occasion of a dinner given by the Firm to officials and Branches on November 2nd. The function was not arranged for the celebration of any particular event ; the fact...

  • Parson Woodforde's Pay Days 34

    Jan. 10th, 1787. . . . Nancy a very small matter better in her left knee. To Ben, this Morning for things pd. 3.4.3. To Ben, also for a Years Wages pd. him 10.0.0. To Betty, for things pd. 0.5.8J. To Betty, also for a Years...

  • Stamford Players present Busman's Honeymoon at Toynbee Hall 35

    Lord and lady Peter Wimsey (Anthony Ridgway andjeanette Johnson) watch the approach of Miss Twitterton (Joan Martin), Mr. Puffett (Albert Heaver) and Rev. Simon Goodacre (Derek Tremelling) run through one of the anthems...

  • A Home from Home 38

    Both King Edward and Queen Alexandra were the most considerate of monarchs, and on all state occasions did everything within their power to make their guests feel at home. This was never illustrated so forcibly as at a dinner...

  • At Blackfriars with the Country Sections 39

    A general view of the floor at the Country Sections' Dance. On October 15th the best yet Country Sections' Dance was held, with visitors coming in coachloads from all directions. Over 400 guests were present, dancing to Norman...

  • K, Y and R Dance Together 46

    At Wembley Town Hall on October 25th K, Y and R Sections held a very successful combined dance at which over 700 S.S.A. members and friends were present to dance to Arthur Passmore's Band. On the left Mr. J^amb presents...

  • News of J.S. Staff on National Service 47

    The following are extracts from sowe ejf the letters )ir bare received from our men on iXatianal Service during the last few weeks : M. ASHFORD, Kingsbury. Hong Kong (Army). A Cpl. in the R.A.M.C. Hoped to be home in time for...

  • Staff Movements and Promotions 49

    When Mr. T. R. Welham left Colchester branch to take up his post of manager at
    9/11 Croydon he was presented with a handsome set of smoker's equipment. Miss
    D. Farrell, who has the longest staff service at Colchester, made the...

  • Marriages 50

    Oar very best wishes for their future happiness to the following staff on the occasion
    of their marriage :—
    Miss I. W. Jacknian (Cheam) and Mr. R. Stevens (Cheam) on the...

  • Congratulations 51

    CONGRATULATIONS To the following on the completion of twentyfive
    years' service with the Firm,
    Mrs. J. Churchill. Housekeeper at Addiscombe.
    Mrs. M. E. Cook. First Clerk at 16/20 Holloway.
    Miss L. M. Harris. First Clerk at...

  • Obituary 51

    Since our last issue we regret to record the deaths of the following
    colleagues :—
    Mrs. M. A. Williams, who retired from St. Albans Dormy House in April,
    1948—died 4th October, 1954.
    Mr. E. W. Toynton, who...

  • Retirements 51

    Since our last issue we have said goodbye to the following, and wish them
    health and happiness in their well-earned retirement :—
    W. H. JONES. Engaged in 1908 at Hove. Promoted Manager in 1926,
    and has managed...

  • Lewisham 52

    Symbol of a year of building is this picture of our new branch under construction at Lewisham