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    What's been Going on at Ballards Lane?
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    Pest Control
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    Chicken by the Million
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    Griffin Gala at Manor St. Baths
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    Productivity and Biscuits
    Page 21
    Making Biscuits in a Modern Factory

  • What's Been Going on at Ballards Lane? 03

    The conversion of Ballards Lane to selfservice will be complete by the time these pictures appear. They are a record of some of the work put in and of progress in the conversion. As can be seen by comparing these pages...

  • Pest Control 10

    NOVEMBER 16th. 1782 Cobb of Mattishall a Rat-Catcher and whom I formerly employed came to my House this Morning by Order, and I engaged with him for to kill all my Rats at one Guinea Per Annum and likewise to kill all my Mice....

  • Chicken by the Million 11

    A view of one of Geoffrey Sykes' buildings. These chicks at three weeks average nine ounces each in weight. Roof of these buildings is insulated to retain heat and thus keep down the quantity of food required by the chicks. ...

  • Griffin Gala at Manor St. Baths 16

    The Griffin Club Swimming Gala at Clapham Manor St. Baths was held on September 20th and attended by about 350 members and friends. Out-of-town competitors came from Leicester, Southampton, Brighton and Tunbridge Wells. ...

  • Productivity and Biscuits 20

    B.T.Ramm summarises a report of the British Productivity Council on the cake and biscuit baking industry, PRODUCTIVITI- generally, that is the quantity of goods produced by each worker, is lower today than it was before the...

  • Making Biscuits in a Modern Factory 22

    At McVitie & Price's Harlesden factory, one of the most up-to-date in the world, supplies of flour and sugar are delivered in bulk wagons. These wagons are coupled to the pneumatic pumping system and their contents blown out...

  • Push-Ups 31

    single-cylinder triple ram close-coupled pneumatichydraulic goods lifters W. T . E g l e s e of Development Engineers, writes about the design and the making of Push-Ups in J.S. branches PUSH-UPS, or to give them...

  • The Country Dances at Blackfriars 39

    The Staff Canteen on Saturday, October 1st, was the scene of the Country Section's Dance for 1955. Parties arrived early from Weybridge, Boreham Wood, Tunbridge Wells, Bedford, Luton, Folkestone, Watford, Brentwood and...

  • Caterers' Supplies 45

    Experiments have been carried out recently in Stamford House for packing 7 to 14 lb. bags for Caterers' Supplies. The supplies arrive in bulk from the second floor in the tube on the left of the photograph below. A...

  • Table Tennis 46

    Another table tennis season is under way. Pictures show opening night at Blackfriars. New members from the branches were made welcome this season and the section hopes to have still more as the weeks go by. The League...

  • Going Places 48

    Above : Margate was the destination of this party from Marylebone branch who spent Sunday, September 25th, there and had a lot of fun. Left : Two of the party from Potters Bar at Brighton where staff and families spent a...

  • Marriages 49

    Very best wishes for their future happiness to :—
    Miss V. IX Gillespie and Mr. R. H. Cox of Coventry.
    Miss J. Brewer of 67 Sutton and Mr. A. Lumber of 122 Croydon.
    Miss K. E. Kingham...

  • Staff Movements and Promotions 49

    We are pleased to record the following promotions to Management:—
    G. A Jones of Forest Hill to Lee Green
    B. S. S. Lewis of Coventry to Kettering
    K. Gloster of 66 Brighton to 3 Hove
    The following...

  • News of J.S. Staff on National Service 50

    The following notes are from some of the letters we have received from our men
    on National Service since our last publication :—
    L. TURNEY, Colchester. Gibraltar (R.A.F.). Still working...

  • Retirements 50

    We wish health and happiness to the following colleagues who have retired
    A. G. Butcher who joined the Firm in 1913 at 193 Catford, He served in the
    1914-18 War and went to 51 Ipswich when demobilised....

  • Southampton's 1st Anniversary Dance 51

    On September 1st Southampton S.S.A. celebrated its first birthday with a very well-attended and lively dance. Visitors came from several other southern Sections. On the left, above, is a party from Bournemouth. Below, left,...